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Race with Time 9 with Karen Hudes | Is Gold an Answer to being independent from the NWO?

Race with Time 9, special Guest is Karen Hudes - with Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald & James Horak on WolfspiritRadio hosted by David Corso | Feb-28-2014

At this time in history we are at crossroads significant to our very survival. A wrong turn and our extinction is likely. Criminals, violating oaths of office, international law and all forms human decency can take are far too involved in setting policies by betraying nations for the sake of setting free corporate structures of the elite from restraints nations have set to protect their peoples from the blind greed invariably counterproductive to all but an abstracted “bottom line”. This has grown to become madness as attested by both what BP has done to the Gulf of Mexico and what the nuclear industry has allowed in Fukushima and in Carlsbad, New Mexico...to name but a few examples of what corporate blindness is capable.

Is it plausible that fastening on “wealth” as gold and returning it to those peoples from which it has been looted through one scheme or another, will or can change the landscape we are now facing? Or, is there far more to be done to engage the change we so badly need and that has been denied us, both in the pursuit of new forms of energy, in enforcing oaths of office and in abiding what international laws that respect both human rights and environments? JCH

  • Power Transition Model: Rule of law vs. corruption
  • Current state of global financial and corporate corruption
  • Debt slavery and bankers extracting wealth of peoples and nations
  • Complicity of main stream media in corruption
  • Network of Control: Secret conglomerate appointing the same board members to multiple corporations (including banking and media)
  • Faction 2: Multiple agendas within government & military; prevention of US nuclear false flag
  • US Military told to stand down on containing Fukushima meltdown
  • The consequences of not changing directions
  • Critical positions in the military now being filled by traitors
  • Axis of Evil and General Wesley Clark on attacking 7 countries in 5 years—all countries without central banks
  • Antal Fekete’s alert on a trend analysis indicating a major financial crash without change
  • Restoring the people’s wealth: A good time to hit the reset button and cancel all debt?
  • World Bank’s role in moving towards a cashless society
  • The Dinar: Just another scam?
  • The Ukraine flap and WW3 (MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction and Israel’s Sampson Option)
  • Recent Banker suicides
  • Iceland as a model
  • Article 5 & Constitutional Convention (2/3 requirement met in 1929)
  • The second (secret) Constitution: When Admiralty Law replaced Common Law and Vatican started getting out tax money
  • Putting the people back in charge and letting countries decide their own directions
  • Local currencies and bartering
  • True freedom requires the oppressors and corruption to get out of the way
  • The importance to building coalitions and networks
  • Humanity is at a major turning-point and fork-in-the-road
  • Why excuses, blame-shifting and “just following orders” won’t cut it anymore
  • The importance of self-responsibility and getting involved
IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CORRECTION: During the show I misspoke and stated Karen was part of the corruption, rather than stating Karen was part of *exposing* the corruption.  It was a very informative show and I’m personally grateful for Karen’s participation in bettering the human condition.  – Crystal Clark

Website of Karen Hudes

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: Wolfspirit Radio

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  1. James the skulls in South America dont have the three places that they join together like us but only two.

  2. Yes, I know, Anon, there were ETs visiting pre-Columbian cultures and made such an impact on the Mayan that they emulated the shape of the head by placing their children in head presses.
    Many more elongated skulls are found with human sutures than otherwise for that reason. Just like the second dynasty in Egypt following the unity of the Upper and Lower Nile into empire produced a Pharoahnic line that had the ET characteristics. Cone heads don't actually emerge until the middle ages in Europe and actually had cone shaped heads, not the elongated ones representative of ET. When they started grouping into sects since they were shunned by others who thought their micro-encephalic foreheads were a sign of the devill, the Vatican had them massacred. The last of them were executed during the Huguenot Massacre in Paris in the 16th century. Paintings of that period exist that show cone heads at the stake. The dunce cap was a representation of the cone shaped head that was worn by those "being put the question" during the first and second Inquisition. JCH

  3. James: Can a Consitutional Convention open the door for a frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment?

  4. James, I think I found some of the answer already. Please disregard, unless of course you wish to comment.

    Back in 2010, there were rumblings about some Tea Partiers calling for a constitutional convention with the reported agenda of decontructing those pesky, power depleting amendments like the 2nd, and creating new statutory requirements such as paying income tax (since there isn't any!) and a plethora of other issues. With that said, is it not a forgone conclusion that, with a properly funded and driven delegation, swayed by the promise of gold redemption in a Hawaiian bank (yes, a "bank") could probably would result in attenuating our gun rights, leaving us of course as prey to the globalists?

    I wonder if your guest has this clearly in mind...

  5. Hudes and her 5 NSA handlers, seems about right .... What else is there left to discuss, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan .... Obama, Putin, Kerry, all long gone.... but here for your entertainment !

  6. What a class act you and Crystal are to have responded so kindly to HER combativness. I did not hear any combativeness on yalls parts. Really makes me question why she takes things so offensively when there was nothing to be offended about. Im dissappointed in Karens behavior, I too have been following her for a long time. Since her coast to coast interview with John B. Wells.

    She did fall for some bad intel and had reported something that was untrue about the coment...and admitted she was fed bad intel....she thinks she knows it all.

    1. Crystal and I support Karen. Our intentions were to help get her away from what we saw as misinformation on matters not directly pertaining to her expertise but might impact on her credibility overall. Like what happened to Dr. Bergrun when he went to Kerry Cassidy for his long awaited interview, Karen simply looked to the wrong sources in the "alternative" community. JCH

  7. Well, Buzz, when you can't depend on the Supreme Court to do its job, then you try and bring the issues of Constitutionality up another way. But there is concern over a Constitutional Convention being employed to undermine Constitutional guarantees for citizen's rights too. JCH

  8. James: I'd like to get your take, and maybe Crystal's, on something if I may, off topic. It has been described in more than one way by several sources that the so-called elite must tell the masses what they are going to do in advance regarding cultural control (even that they must "legally" tell you, in the words of one researcher). We are all aware of the "how", through predictive programming and other forms of manipulation. Outside of some substantive law that must have slipped my mind, I can only assume that this "law" is spiritual in nature per some mystery school protocol. Can you comment on what, if any, the "legal" aspect of this question might be? Your answer(s) will be useful to me for the purpose of some future sheeple confrontation...

    1. Two elements run alongside the brazen telegraphing of intention: something to poll reaction and a signal that the phase of gradualism has ended and implementation of the last stages has begun. To stimulate those needed to do the dirty work...evidently like crisis actors, corrupt officials and military. And to make the less informed feel more and more like the Constitution is passe'. JCH

  9. I respect and support Ms. Hudes. I would like to offer my observation I feel others also detect: there is something missing from her set of ideas, some blank, confused area that comes across as abstract, vague, confusing (aside from the alien stuff).

    1. She's overly specialized and in trying to build a larger framework for reference has gone to the wrong people for that information. You may be sensing her self-doubt on that score. JCH

  10. Hello James...wanted to share this tidbit:

    The sheeple are in full force and rare form tonight. Unfortunately some are related to be. They are sweet and caring people, but blinded by their programming and clinging to traditions that no longer serve them, or anyone else. I was watching Dane Wigington's latest lecture on geoengineering at the time I received a particular forwarded email. This lecture was one of the most compelling to date, and I was determined to make use of it.

    The forward originated from some parties unknown, forwarded to a relative of mine, who subsequently forwarded her entire contact list of a bazillion people. I was then exposed to two-party electoral political propaganda, silly games, mindless chain letters, and kittens playing in a flower bed. I was so taken aback with the cavalier bombardment of truckloads of inconsequential trivia and nonsense that I wanted to....well, you get the picture.

    We as a people have a global library at our fingertips (and may not have for long), yet the improvidence and disuse of it displayed in the forward literally boggles the aware mind. I remedied my disdain by viral-blanketing the entire list with Mr. Wingington's data, with a happy little note of course.

    I do not see it as instrusive, but necessary. Would we not be remise in what has clearly become a duty to intercede? To attempt to bridge the dissonance with total strangers? (the relatives sure as hell aren't listening...) If we can reach one out of 1000, ....

  11. I was listening to Ms. Clark interview Karen Hudes, and I'm a little disturbed by her completely closed mind to the idea there are non-human beings manipulating global political, religious and financial systems on earth. If Ms Hudes, a trained logical and tactical thinker and a lawyer can be opened to such an idea, why can't Ms. Clark?

    It's sad really, because Ms. Clark comes across as so informed and intelligent and many matters, but as soon as the idea of other beings playing roles on what is happening on earth, she balks and her mind closes, thereby blocking a free-flow of any other information that her guests, like Ms. Hudes might have acquired. That is not the sign of a professional journalist or even a truly curious person who wants answers. Are you interviewing people to learn or to tell you what you want to hear?

    The idea that Ms. Hudes was invited for her specialized information and then was blocked from passing on some of that information truly upset me. Many things can be said about the alternative community, but lack of curiosity is generally not one of them.

    1. This, and why it is part of the "alternative" media's use to help lay a foundation for an hostile ET false flag, has been discussed many times in our work. If you wish to believe this part of Mrs. Hudes' claims I simply ask why? You don't think enough evil lurks among our own? This is simply a violation of common sense and the scientific principle of simplicity. So are the claims of Ms Judy Wood on 9/11. Both would rather pin these evils on anyone else but Zionism and the New World Order. I'll say one other thing, I've already said nearly 100 times in my writing, on various shows, etc., etc.: If ANY culture survives passed a technology that achieves star travel, it cannot endure the aberrancy associated with this type of aggression where one person can hold in their hand the means to destroy a planet. Neither would gold, resources we prize so dearly, or the shit hole we are making of this planet have ANY use to them. Use your head for something better than it be turned by some pro-Zionist banking analyst that is as much out of her element about ET as she is common sense. She has either been fed this BS or she is a disinformant. And we were as kind to her as was possible to be out of the courtesy anyone should extend a guest. Especially was Crystal. JCH


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