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Our Earth is in peril if we do not remove the Psychopaths| Crystal Clark and James C. Horak 2014-02-22

RACE WITH TIME - with Dale Benadum on WolfspiritRadio

Now with enhanced audio and stereo removed

Crystal Clark and James C. Horak from the wolfspiritradio show RACE WITH TIME can be heard 2nd and 4th friday of every month 7-9 pm pacific. Both talk about the pending doom with Fukushima and how it is the major threat to this worlds total population. James also speaks from experience as to how it can be remedied but it will take humanity to step up to the plate in a very collective matter.

Thanks go to the host Dale Benadum of WolfspiritRadio for hosting the show and for publication permission. His website is:
The Spirit of Mount Shasta, on Youtube
,  Facebook, Wolfspiritradio

Crystal Clark's website: drowninginabsurdity

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  1. I like your shows. Very interesting!

    But there is a certain tone of "we're right and them over there are wrong". It's fine to say other's are wrong, but then you got to explain, very clearly, as to WHY they are wrong. I don't think you've really done that, convincingly.

    I'm primarily concerned about your statements regarding "aliens" - that there are no hostile aliens. Well, I've spent many years studying the phenomena - and it certainly seems like there's some hostile aliens, or at the very least neutral. It's not just "one race" either. Of course, there's the grays, which you claim to be biological robots, but there's also the insectoid looking alien, often reported working together with the grays. What about it?

    I think the situation is far more complex than you claim. Just look at the UFO phenomenon from a observational viewpoint. The things/ufo's/aliens flying around in our skies seem more like spiritual enteties than anything else. They certainly do not seem physical. Translucent ships/beings, popping in and out of reality, and so on.

    How could anybody, in case the UFO's are more non physical than physical, stop them from coming to earth? And who could really keep a record of their motives for coming here, moving around, creating a stirr? What do they want? They seem more like angels/deamons than biological enteties like you and me.

    Could you ask James to make talk about the above? I want to know what the seemingly spiritual-ness is about. Is that technology? And my second question would be: how can a group of extra terrestrials keep track of who's here and what their motives are?

    I hope you understand that I'm asking questions like any student would do. I want to know.It's a good thing to ask questions like these.

    Patrik, Sweden

  2. Your questions and many more are answered within the confines of this blog, Patrik. The confusions you mention are even addressed in an article here written to discern between ETs and EBEs; a cosmology that resolves anomaly (not creating more;) and why it is imperative that an order among those possessing star travel technology become gathered into extended communities.
    I also go into detail about just what Halls of Records are, who placed them for the current lineage to find and why.
    You'll also find answers to many others questions I've given. Just spend the time here and find them.

  3. James: A few questions please...

    1) When you spoke of broadcast mind control, are we to understand that the monsters have the suspended the use of the Lilly Wave piggybacked over 60 hz electrical lines, in favor of what they might believe to be newer and/or more effective technology?

    2) Can the use of "harmonics" or other audio implantations in high defintion TV broadcasting achieve the same result?

    3) With the understanding that an aware, critically thinking individual may be able to some degree mount a semblence of resistance to counter the effects, is there in existence any material device or tool for defensive purposes..short of a tin foil cap?

  4. Today, Buzz, more aggressive forms of "broadcast mind control" exist in the form of "anti-insurrection" weaponry powered by power grids, even instrumented through the more-than-needed for cell phone signal amplification cell towers. What I have earlier discussed was the use of power grids to energize implant scenarios directly into the mind like abduction events. Electricity should never be produced at 60 cps since this interferes with thought and is part of too close matching of frequency harmonics with that of thought and autonomic muscle control.

    Consciousness of the problems one might encounter with mind control technology, including psychotronics, can lessen the ill effects. Can even prevent your mind being bent to another's will through suggestion by NLP.


  5. I do apologize for causing you to repeat yourself again on certain issues, James. There is so much information of value to assimilate from all of you that it sometimes results in cerebral overload in my case. I take the time to hear each podcast segment 2-3 times. There are many gems in each to collect. When the bag gets full, we start another.

  6. Buzz, you're an invaluable part of this. Your questions bring forth their own answers to what others must puzzle about and yet have not thought of their own. JCH

  7. hi james, i posted this question on crystal's blog and didn't think to share it with you directly:

    "hi friends, i really love these shows, the longer the better. i was hoping you would explain really quickly again exactly how you take excelerite orally? a few pinches on the tongue, followed by pepper juice, and hold for 3-5 minutes, right? i buy brags apple cider vinegar and put in habanero peppers for flavor and vitamin c (along with ginger root, tumeric, pepper, and nettle. hopefully some cissus quadrangularis soon), would this also be acceptable? [additional: i'm guessing the pepepr juice is used because of the capsaicin to increase circulation in the mouth?]
    also, you mentioned to only use it theraputically, and to not supplement. i have two teeth with broken corners, which are my main health concern at the moment (i’m still in the process of getting work done, so they may just end up getting pulled), but i was wondering if it would be acceptable to approach “remineralizing” them anyway. so, how much is too much. sorry for the entirely nooby question! sounds like an excellent product for the body, mind, and earth!

    thank you for your time, james--and everything that you do.

  8. The pepper juice excipiates the mineral so it can be taken in through the mouth instead of traveling to the stomach. At least enough of the various minerals will reach the blood without the confusion of digestion. Just use the pepper juice and mineral for each application. It would depend on your age as to whether or not you would get much tooth repair. Today a good oral surgeon can save just about any tooth. JCH

  9. Hello James, I've been wondering for the longest time if Excelerite could potentially be used as an eyewash for healing purposes. I don't have cataracts or anything but am looking for ways to correct my vision to at least 20/20 without resorting to glasses or surgery. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this topic as it would definitely assist me in my ventures; I thank you for your time.

  10. It will prevent cataracts but taken as I describe, NOT as an eyewash. To maintain your eyesight, take the vitamin B factor lutein. Diabetes is the greatest debilitator of eyesight health. JCH


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