Thursday, 13 November 2014

Crystal Clark on DALE-AFTER-DARK RADIO |Nov. 5TH, 2014


Crystal lays out the template or script of how the elites operate with their campaign of fear and world dominance. The info below are links shared during the show.

Crystal's website with the original post of this interview

Jack Otto on the Khazars

Rewriting reality and the use of thought police to enforce it

First essay on Reality Revisionism

Second essay on Reality Revisionism and the environmental movement

Dimitri Khalezov on 9/11

Treatise on the Sacred Science (Intelligent Design) and phases of destruction--catastrophic biosphere and biodiversity collapse

Contraceptive Corn

Vaccine Sterilization

Link to the common core presentation

Link for Putin at Valdai

Nutritionist Adelle Davis books on Amazon

Audio recorded, written, produced, edited and hosted by Dale Benadum
Channel and video art by ~Tobias~


  1. Hi James:
    I’ve followed yours & Crystal's videos via for a year or so. You both have interesting points of view, passionate.

    Here are two questions I was hoping you would address, given your background: (1) was there ever a time humans did not eat animals? (2) historically, when did human misery begin?

    Very best regards,
    (posting with the only Google ID I have)

  2. Bad Clown, let me jump in here because I talked with James about those topics and he is not around on the blog right now.

    I know that James has difficulties understanding why anyone wouldn’t want to eat meat, he likes all kinds of meat and the funny thing is, I don’t, not even as a child! One of my explanations is that different bloodtypes have different tolerance for different types of meat. I am bloodtype A, the type that has the least tolerance for meat. James is bloodtype O, the type that needs meat. I think that animals were eaten at all times, not in all areas and cultures but how would for example Eskimos survive? And what about insects? For me its no problem to tolerate someone else’s meat consumption if only meat production was not that cruel but hunting for game in a survival situation is anyones right.
    A story related by James is the one about the dinosaurs. These animals were hunted by ETs and only very few would feed many people for a long time, and they were easy to debone. Thats why they were brought here in the first place, earth as a last stop to victual. But at some time plans for earth were changed and one got rid of them.

    Our misery began when we blew up our previous solar system some 300 light years away and continued when we destroyed our new home, Mars, as well. There the division began and some people already left, whereas the majority prepared, with the help of the Drooge, the local civilisation of Mars, to move over to Earth about 350,000 years ago. The Moon, not ideal in proportion to Earth, was brought from Mars to Earth to make it more habitable. The final adjustments between Earth and Moon were never made because the resulting inconstant gravity wave and the fact that Earth couldn’t hold helium and the resulting split in human’s consciousness, could be opportunized by the ruling elite and that is where we still are.

    That story about our ancestors is fully explained in a previous show with Crystal and James.


    A Refined Cosmology to Address Cosmic Anomaly - Lifting the Veil - Pt.1-3


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