Tuesday, 18 November 2014

James Horak | Q & A with Kevin Smith and Guests | Flashback 2010

So many of our questions were already answered back then.

- James' mission
- The cause of the split mind

- The Moon and split consciousness
- Can pyramids heal the split consciousness?
- Galactic governance
- 10,000 aspiring civilizations
- Keepers of days - soul, mind & spirit
- Reincarnation, why do spirits come back? 
- Ascending societies
- Jesus and the human condition
- Edgar Cayce’s prophecy, EMVs
- Is there feedback from the EMVs?
- The white tube
- Heaven
- The Return Club
- A profound statement
- Past-life memory of world travelers
- Are aliens demons?
- Lucifer
- Apollo 20
- Time compression and portals
- Terrance McKenna - the developing universe
- The Serpent in the Sun, Quetzalcoatl
- Earth becoming a second Sun for Jupiter
- Earth is not stable
- Human adaptability
- The aquatic man
- Lakota heart and mind
- Earth expansion
- The end of the paradigm

Thank you Kevin Smith for this stunning interview. RIP


  1. For james

    I don't have much to offer but a little music

    thanks and good night


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    1. Cindow, I am not sure what you mean by flagged and how are you singled out? Can you explain?

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