Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Folate and the Human Equation

I have discussed the mineral EMVs bring from it's placement in rings around planets such as Saturn. I have discussed the detrimental effects on consciousness of electricity generated in cycles at 60 cps. Now I will discuss the connection that exists of the way these two factors are opportunized by tptb to enhance their rule over the populace of this earth.

The closest most can acquire any form of folate for the diet is in the form of folic acid. That is, without access to this “mineral”. Or eating raw liver, a rather untenable option. If, however, you look at folic acid's availability in health food stores, you find that it is sold, not in milligram amounts but micrograms. By a law imposed by the FDA. This is intentionally inadequate and should be in the same amounts/percentages as ANY of the B group you might take to have a balance and not create an even higher deficiency of this B group factor of prime importance. As early as the late sixties, the grand dame of nutrition, the inimitable Adelle Davis, had written this same finding in her book 'Let's Get Well'.

In the last few years, pediatricians have broken with the AMA and FDA to recommend to expectant mothers what was formerly claimed as “toxic” doses of folic acid in order to lessen the growing trend in birth defects. At least those that didn't take their information solely from pharmaceutical companies.

Why is this so important to any equation affecting the health and welfare of earth-based humanity? It is because this created disparity in the availability of folic acid to the diet as the central cause of most disease and lessened brain function.

Let me close with this one observation that answers an important question relating to the investigation of UFO “nests”. That is, those UFO nests not left by EBE craft. Remember the impetus in the seventies to take soil samples? When the findings have been shared beyond those made by military/government incursion, folate was found as the single most in-common effect produced by the presence of the UFO involved.

Is ET trying to tell you something?



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