Monday, 4 October 2010

Poisoned Insertions by James Horak Oct 4th 2010

Had the early doubters and debunkers of The Report From Iron Mountain faced the retrospect people have today for its revelations, their success at discrediting this report meant for JFK, would have been glowingly untenable. Indeed, when President Reagan spoke of how an alien threat might serve to unite the nations of the world, those attempts to revive its importance in view of that retrospect were short- lived only because tptb were able to find and finance some hack to come forward and claim its authorship as his own some forty years after the fact. And to produce an edited version to market while using someone else's backing to go after those who endeavoured to offer a legitimate one. The kind of people that won't get such backing to fight an non-meritorious infringement of a copyright claim, no matter how dubious. Especially applied for forty years late.

It too, promotes the idea of using a contrived hostile ET threat, as it puts it, as a substitute for war. The New World Order was not named as such, but the idea of maintaining a power structure intact without the use of war to design such a structure, is exactly the mechanism required to globally install the same thing on a larger scale. To get an entire world populace to “bite another bullet”, the ultimate one, giving up any last vestige of personal freedoms and privacy to be “safe” from ravages to be depicted at the hands of an hostile with star travel technology and thus the ability to wipe us all out in a breath. So we create the myth of deal making and we insert that absurdity into the public suggestible mind.

Here, however, it is highly important to discern between what is paraded as ET, EBEs and actual sentient beings who have obviously survived their own technology to travel here. War with them is an idiot's proposition OR that of an elite so out of touch with the rest of us, they presume we will buy the rest of their social engineering apparatus right up to the part where they say...”oh, yes we were lying all those years, ruining lives, even killing, to protect you from the truth. Now give us absolute power over you and we will put into effect a special technology that will keep ET at bay. Those that buy this, absolutely have nothing to lose they haven't already lost.

JCH 4th Oct 2010


  1. This is a copy of Report on Iron Mountain, in two different formats. Microsoft (doc) and Open Office (ODT)



  2. Well done Torz. You have followed through and it's wondrous to see the growth these last few years.

    Kathleen (from the other two places)

  3. Torz Baron-Copley12 October 2010 at 14:11

    ahh Kathleen, how very good to see you my dear...
    and Brian , thank-you very much... Oh any report with the Names Levin/Lewin on it is false and what James is explaining about here with the lawsuit...


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