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Wise words from conversations with James Horak

Feb 2010

It is indeed not the time to seclude ourselves from each other with defeated ideas of personal privacy. Share whatever you like and know that's an advised intention of almost everyone that has something significant to say about the matters impending upon our common fate, whether for good or for bad.

In unified consciousness are exactly found what every human here has the genetic connection. Your deep ancestory had unified consciousness. Circumstances that changed that were an unfortunate series of events meant to correct immediate miscalculations and that simply ended in casuing worse problems than the short term "fixes" could anticipate.

In the meantime, certain parties among you were mounting opportunistic devices by which to take advantage. That has never stopped, but been refined into the most brutal forms of pathological narcissim you can imagine. 

Now it verges on absolute self-destruction by tampering with the integrity of people's souls.

( name removed), if you wrote this, little is wrong with your mind...nor, would I venture, your order of goals in life, regard for others, and spirit of discovery. Below are two articles I wrote for UFO Digest.

Now I'm not promoting the idea of trepanning to you, in fact, I advise against it. That is in no way the point I'm making. What I am expressing is an entirely different consideration; far removed from an approach I believe will do you little good...will definitely not accomplish what you seem to think it might. The first article will show how actual brain mass might play little part in thought...might even hinder certain advances under certain conditions. The second takes a "field theory of mind" further, even into dangerous areas.

If you can come to understand well these articles and promote what you see from them you desire, by building a model of this anticipation, one might project through the power of expectation, what your MIND, not brain, needs to compensate for any damage. And the results, as with this UN officer can be astounding. You don't need to return to any actual operation on your head. You just need to redirect limiting expectation to powerful expectation. That's what the shaman performing these trepanning does. Instead of preparing his patients to expect less, he prepares them to expect more. Sometimes with astounding results.

A star gate is merely a way of transport, nothing more. One matches the gravity wave unique to the planet you wish to visit and you're there. One just has to have a different kind of physics to know what gravity wave is to the equation.

Always know, I will help you anyway I can.


Feb 2010

I was born October 14, 1943, a few months after my mother had left my father and gone to stay with her father in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Before the attempted abduction my mother was very good to me. Afterwards, there was always something between us. I believe she feared me right up until her death. She would never talk about what happened on that trip to Texas and would only reply, when I tried to broach it, "we had an auto accident". An aunt claimed she was with us, but I know she wasn't.

The controllers think they manage such things, but they do not know the power of lucid recall nor could imagine anyone could remove their own chip. The hypnotherapists that work with abductees are invariably compromised and submit to doing only follow-up for black ops who usually stage the abductions.

I will always believe the hit and run that happened to me just after I started school was intended but that the lady that hit me was not under her own influence. When you knock someone 20 feet with a car, especially a six year old it should kill them, but I survived. Guess "they" felt the little procedure in the movie theatre a few months earlier, "didn't take".

No, EBEs were not involved in the incidents taking place that led to the arrival of humans from outside on mars, the many experiments to establish themselves there that failed so miserably and the help from "others" to make the earth habitable. The EBEs come into it later as they flee from being purged by ET.

I know none of those feelings and experiences you describe. Mine, when I allow it, is the baleful longing for me to return to the sun and then enter back again to the EMVs. Before I came to realize this, it was just the feeling of being different and failing to hold bonds with others. Having no one to share what I was experiencing.

Even as late as 1972, in Ohio, when I kept an almost nightly approach to a UFO that ran the same course throughout an entire winter in front, almost of all the locals (who would not discuss it) I had little overview into all the events that had happened to me in the past...even though I could vividly recall them. Only after the experience in Utah could I enter into the deeper past and my place in it. That was when the longing began.

I will give you a key that will open a new door towards explaining what no order of chronology can and that, when I say the EMVs can compress time, will yield meaning to you:


I've told others here of this and none, so far, have acquired the full range of ramification this entails.


FEB 2010
Torz, I had moved against this planet's people a scarce age ago. One center of that world had decided it alone should rule and wished to act as these before you do now. Their device was to destabilize the earth everywhere but where their center was. They would do this by effecting a grid put in place by Drooge to capture the moon and use it to shield earth and vicinity from asteroids, highly prevalent at the time. Wonderful engines placed just above the earth's mantle acting as pressure valves by the principle of a needle were placed in a grid of 144. Most remain there today but some have been pushed up by uplift. One in the Tatra Range in Eastern Europe was discovered and moved by Soviet armies.

I managed time to have it discovered by my great uncle, Antonin Horak, who wrote an article that you may still be able to find online under, Moonshaft. How I could do it barely having been born at that time relates to what I told you of time before.

I had hoped the device's technology be discovered and used wisely to protect the earth from coming threats, but that was not the case. No, the idiots placed it with another and that lead to a very bad condition whose effects are increasing today. The same kind of play-out that had occurred on Mars just before the Exodus.

Because everything found of intense interest by this mindset of leaders here today is of intense interest ONLY when it can be weaponized.

Doubly amazing when one realizes that since 1968, when the United States shared with the Soviet Union knowledge of an ultimate weapon, all this madness might have ended.

Instead they formed and tightened an elitist bond and conspiracy to divide the world up into two camps where each would dictate to their given half. But then the double cross and the orchestrated fall of the USSR with the complicity of the Chinese who were still aching over being left out of the equation, furthered by the US giving China favored nation in trade and abandoning promises to do this for the Soviet Union if they collapsed their own regime.

The only use today, to any thinking perspective, is the entire use of expanding weapons technology is devised to protect the status quo from its masses, mind control being the the present weapon of choice at the this time.

I want you to see the stark reality that must be fully understood to wisely apply the esoteric. In fact, the fashion to promote people deferring to this "cart before the horse" is part of weaponizing mind control. The next step in this process is to represent so many anomalies in front of the eyes of the masses that their lack of resolution leads to systemic incredulity, the inability to believe in anything. At that point, these leaders believe they will have no resistance to anything they do. Elements of that are already apparent.
You've opened up many questions. In indirect ways here, I've attempted to address most.

Though I have not done so in obvious ways, the model I've suggested by my prior statement on time, works well with understanding, especially when time has been so tampered with, that questions coming in the normal course of discussion cannot suffice adequate grasp like cause and effect ceases purity when chronology cannot be true.

The other matters you broach outside these considerations I've made will find better times to be answered as we continue.

If you don't mind, I will share this reply with others as I did my reply to you once before when and if the opportunity arises. In scrutible ways you are helping me with this arduous process of what I've never this fully disclosed to anyone.
And a dear touchstone you are.


FEB 2010

If you want to know more about the Drooge, elements in the movie, Forbidden Planet, are taken from what was discovered about them on mars. Only they did not extinct, they became of the substance of spiritual technology and simply left "self-implementing" machines running, to run, until their wards, earth-bound humans, could take care of themselves. Now, are you approaching better, "cosmic clarity". NOTHING is left to chance. Only outcome of an experiment for worthiness. Individuals have done well but the system is rotten and beginning to cave in from within.
It has taken up elitism to the point of psychotic narcissism, like it is content to end everything by duelling with the Order of the Universe. Many of the mind warped, like serial killers and suicide bombers, are the collateral damage of technology out of control. Had I not been here, that would not have been apprehended by those that would otherwise have "closed the book" on earth-bound humanity.

FEB 2010

I asked James about the Norway Spiral and what his thought on it’ were..?

The Norway spiral is a sign and a demonstration that told those behind the Second Technology they had little hope of success in a certain venture being undertaken."

What is second Technology James?

"The second technology is the hidden technology. The practice of retaining inventions for a privileged few to use started long ago and has reach vast proportions here.

Has been refined by industrialists and cartels in the last 150 years to control technology and to suppress anything that might challenge them and their status quo. Edison was a big help in accomplishing that. That was what was behind his feud with Tesla.

Of course that's all touted as a personality clash...even by biographers that don't know better."


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