Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Earth Changes and the Moon

Something has changed

Why were the 144 “Moonshaft” engines put into the Earths mantle by the Drooge 325,000 yrs ago in the first place? They were an advanced civilization on Mars nearing spiritual attainment. One of these cylinders/machines was found in the Tatra Mountains on 21st October 1944 by Antonin Horak, the Great Uncle of James Horak. The discovery was made yet a feasible explanation of what was found was not given until recently.

How did the Soviets find out about it’s location and why would they then remove it and place it next to another [implies they’d already found and knew about another] of it’s kind in Lake Vostok, Antarctica? Just to see what would happen of course, all in the name of blind science… What unknown effects could this have caused in destabilizing the Earths mantle, considering we have been informed that they were placed at specific points for a reason? ... and have been warned by James that putting one next to another is very bad. How bad is bad? Why is it that we only ever see one side of the moon? The same face of the moon is visible to us, never the backside. This would mean that they are forces at work we are not aware of or have not been told. It would require a mechanism of sorts to enable its perfect alignment and visibility from Earth. How is this so?

Recent reports are that there is a major cover-up ongoing within the MSM and scientific community as to the “wandering moon” syndrome.

We have learnt from James Horak that prior to the Moons placement by the Drooge in a specific orbit around Earth, she was a geophysically un-stable planet, unfit for her hastily arriving, new occupants. They helped stabilize the planets volcanism by placing 144 of these cylinders/machines in the Earth's mantle to hold the moon in a stable orbit in relation to the Earth. The gravity wave that is affected by this conjunction also heavily influences the conscious mind of Earth Bound Humanity. This placement was found, too late in the day to enable a correction of any sort by those who knew how, to be the cause of the inability of the planet to retain Helium within her atmosphere and the subsequent division of the human consciousness, those who knew what was happening saw an advantage to rule over the many and so we find ourselves in our current situation today. Again.

If we are to assemble a logical conclusion of inevitability from everything that has recently been reported around the world, specifically the increased Volcanic Eruptions, the increase in extreme climate conditions, the rogue waves on the worlds seas, the increased magnitude of powerful Earth Quakes, the worrying and dangerous sink holes and large cracks that have recently been reported in many countries and the bizarre seismology readings that are happening right now and that also occurred in May of this year too: showing wave-like rolling [ Ed.note. Cliff High called this in a previous ALTA report this summer] disturbances that are registering on all seismology readings globally. Although I am unable to confirm readings from Russia and China currently as their readings are not available.

When we combine that with what we have learnt from James about the real purpose of the moon then the only logical conclusion I can come to is that somehow TPTB have discovered one of the two mechanisms of control over these cylinders/machines. One of which I have been told is in the subterranean regions on Mars and the other on the Earth somewhere….

Could it be that these crazed lunatics have discovered, or were told about, one or both of the control systems for these engines and have not been able to resist the temptation to experiment, at the expense of the lives of nearly 7 billion people, with this mind numbingly advanced technology of gargantuan proportions when compared to current human understandings of physics.

Could it be that they have completely screwed up the gravity wave that holds the moon in a stable orbit with the Earth and have unwittingly or knowingly set off a chain reaction deep within the Earth’s core that could have dire consequences for the whole planet if not corrected immediately?

Could it also be that that was the plan from the onset……..?

I am fully aware of how this comes across, or will do to those not familiar with James words. To me it is something I already know and have worked out from speaking with James and researching all that he has told me to the best of my ability and then taking that info to its inevitable conclusion. All I ask is that you sit and contemplate on what I have presented in conjunction with the information that is on my blog and all that we have been given freely by James since February this year. But mostly, those who know me, know I only want to find the truth and to help release mankind from this bond of slavery and deception that has seen previous civilizations wiped from the face of this planet by a Coronal Mass Ejection six times before due to our inability to overcome the elite and remove them from power forever.

Can we achieve it this time round? I hear it is our last chance you know... Will we make it over this "bump" of surviving our own technology and return to our once previous status removing forever the stigma of being known as "Earth Bound Humanity" and have the chance to freely reach our full potential.

The choice is ours we just have to use our Moral Determination to do what's right and remove what's wrong in order to achieve it.

Torz BC


  1. Is a gravity wave formed from a unique energetic particle, a "gravity particle" specifically? If so, can you describe it's form and interaction, to exert influence on mass?

  2. Gravity wave is the totality of an astral body's signature in its system as it traverses in a constantly predictable pattern or "sweep" with all other bodies in that system. It is part of the complete gravity equation and is determined by its place in the system and its positional relationship with these other bodies. Gravity wave signature is unique enough to navigate by and is significant to stargate technology. EBE craft are not only guided by gravity wave signature but driven by it with a gravity wave attenuation drive. Earth cannot hold helium to itself due to its own inconstant gravity wave signature. Due to the frequent adjustments just to hold our moon in non-degrading orbit. Helium, as a condition of matter, is part of a designed universe's advanced option for life and for more perfectly realizing those options in the context of survival. JCH

  3. James,
    This is an excellent description of the "mechanics" of what you describe as a "gravity wave", but in order to understand the "wave", one must know it fundamental structure (on the energetic level) and its composition...what forms the wave?

    Maybe it is an unfair question, since science and physics as we understand them, cannot explain gravity on the "molecular" or in this case probably, the quantum or unique (unique to our level of intellect) energetic particle level.

    In order to form and energetic wave, mass on some level must be in motion.

    You have always had unique and interesting view points on so many topics...I thought I might ask an energy physics question that may be very difficult to answer but for clear understanding, at least for me, I need the horse in front of the cart. I can imagine how gravity could be leveraged, we leverage and use it every day but I would like to know what it is, you know what I mean?

  4. Yes, and it is something I intended to address fully in my Theory of the Fusion of Metal, even when I first began to develop this extensive correction to earth-bound humanity's physics in 1965. I knew, however, that until the actual attempt to address the issue of astronomical perpeturity of solar energy...which should have been no leap IF it conformed to the principle of The Conservation of Energy and clearly WASN'T; until there was honest exploration of this issue, what I had to add would be
    pointless. The few concerns since have actually never led anywhere.
    Just as helium was not an element but a condition of matter...the truth well guarded by those that began a fraud 100 years prior that it was to be added to the Periodic chart under the false pretenses of having mineral (compound) characteristics (initially to deceive a German war effort searching for it to use in airships, into thinking its only source was in the United States, in natural (mineralized) deposits...conditions of states of energy have, as studies reduced solely to the sub-atomic and purely out of the peer review of all without proper security clearances. By 1984, when I was ready to fully express this theory, I had been made aware of NWO intentions and decided my work might better facilitate that evil than otherwise.
    Gravity wave utilization as drive is not something robotoid EBEs can share with their current partners in crime and something that, at the present, would not benefit the 95% of us scheduled to be eliminated. And that's what you're asking me to reveal. JCH

  5. James what do you make of the earthquake and tsunami that just happened off the coast of Japan? Natural or induced? - Thank you for all you do - jade

  6. Induced. Take a look at this:
    Unprecedented...a big word, corresponding all too suspiciously with the manipulation of NWO false flags useful to creating service to their goals.
    "coincidence" to the point of incredible. JCH

    1. Alice bailey promised that the World War 2 protagonists would be "sealed in an occult way" in her book The Externalisation of the Hierarchy". Fukushima may have been the fulfillment of that promise. It has been very interesting to note how Germany has announced the phasing out of nuclear plants almost immediately after the tragedy in Japan.

  7. Thank you James, I had a feeling this was the case. Obviously the masses cannot use any kind of conventional means to stand against this kind of technology. Doing so would be like sling shots against high flying stealth bombers. We are waking up, but we are not in a fair fight. A change in leadership is not the answer either as those tables are rigged as well. We need help in making deception futile and unnecessary. I have a knowing that this kind of leap is really only a small shift in thinking in enough of us to make the difference. But we don't know how to do it. I believe if given the choice, those who are paying attention will chose to surrender this path of servitude. I really believe that this time we would choose to claim our birthright as individual, conscious, aware Children of God. It would be a beautiful thing to see and be part of. You seem to have the connections for some high level assistance...In a way that could not be interfered with by those minority cancerous little cells who wish themselves to be gods. This host in which they reside does not belong to them. Their inbreeding has caused malignant sociopathic and self-destructive thinking that now poses a threat to this wonderful experiment. We need outside assistance in making these corrections in a protected way. -Jade

  8. Here is what I'm about to post on my wall on Face Book:

    Puzzle Pieces and Where they Fit

    I have discussed before what actually lay behind Desert Storm, why the lady ambassador to Iraq at the time, would actually encourage Sadam Hussain to “settle his issue” with Kuwait over Iraq not having a port on the Persian Gulf” through more than diplomatic channels. Today the very same concerns lay
    behind the monstrous use of H.A.A.R.P. To inflict this latest unprecedented earthquake activity on Japan.

    Desert Storm was to finally even the score on Kuwait for its “insolence” in bucking Standard Oil's monopoly on refining oil for export by contracting all its oil to Japan for refining (for export) its oil there. The issue had been settled on Japan years earlier when the Japanese could find no tankers they could lease and no one to build tankers for them. Remember when the yen fell to two-thirds its value overnight and there was a banking crisis in Japan?

    Well, Japan and Kuwait did it again, contracting all of Kuwait's oil, the Japanese worked out an arrangement with Viet Nam to build their refineries there. This agreement was reported last year in an extensive article in Arab News.

    And now you have the first third of the repercussions (Kuwait next, then Viet Nam) via H.A.A.R.P.

    You might help go viral with this and be a part of saving lives otherwise meant to be sacrificed on the altar of the New World Order.


  9. You are drinking the Kool-Aid again.

  10. Poison ivy vine trying to creep in all the way from Project Avalon Forum? JCH

  11. James did you see my posting from Saturday morning, (March 13)?

  12. No, was it to this thread? JCH

  13. You must mean the 12th...if you have access to Face Book, a good reply to that is found on my wall there. Add to that hopes I have for changes in mankind to meet the additional stress these monsters impose. JCH

  14. This is really far out stuff but I wonder how much knowing of the situation will actually assist in achieving the goals of the ultimate mission. The final words of the piece cause me to believe that you and I are as one in terms of the role,position and status of humanity in this present universe. You can see what is wrong and you know what is right and more importantly, as it should be. I would like to spur you on with the pursuit of a truth that is outside the scope of my personal knowledge but which may present an opportunity for us to realize our ultimate dream of escaping the prison planet and re-joining the much wider community.


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