Tuesday, 30 November 2010

In Dealing with Dishonesty...

My dearest friend Torz has worked very hard to establish this blog. Together, she and I have sought to avoid the confrontational imps that are personal hit artists on forums and discussion groups throughout the internet. How do we discern between them and honest skeptics who simply want to penetrate to the truth, whoever holds up to scrutiny best?

It's quite simple, if someone is, in reply to another, unwilling to be responsive to your message and resorts to the illogical, emotional, or the confrontational at length while avoiding substance, why should they be indulged? Obviously they shouldn't be.

Most of us can find that kind of contact over our backyard fence and is why we search the intenet for something better. Allowing open discussion and permitting another soapbox to the redundancy of systemic incredulity are entirely two different things and we will not put up with the latter.

If you will search the net you will find I do not shirk from honest skepticism and its arguments. And never will.

James Horak


  1. Torz Baron-Copley30 November 2010 at 17:20

    Thank-you James, wise words for dealing with a certain clientèle who recently visited the blog....

  2. Yes, someone that stalked us here from FaceBook and who falsely represented themselves to get on my friend's list there. With another of the same ilk that I promptly deleted from my list.
    Protesting like we had robbed him of his cotton candy.


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