Thursday, 11 November 2010

Polling Public Opinion and its Use to Social Engineers

In light of the recent ICBM ( Inter Continental Ballistic Missile ) launch off the coast of the U.S and the MSN’s attempts to yet again pass this incident off as an “illusion”, I felt it would be appropriate to ask James for a few words of clarity. What "False Flag" scenario will be laid upon us by the Social Engineers in their attempt to yet again declare Martial Law and instigate their NWO fully?

Polling Public Opinion and its Use to Social Engineers
(or, having your throat cut with a painless razor.)

Some may forget the build-up around the fabricated Y2K scare before computer clocks began to read a new millennia. Not only were concerns predicated on dysfunction of information channels involved but on the very survival of an overly-commercialized society whose elite were known to exploit every situation into an emergency that would permit a greater encroachment on individual freedoms.

But had we kept this example in mind, what followed barely more than one year later, might not have led to two new wars and more addition to the financial drain upon an economy already eroded by conspiratorial designs to ship jobs and industry abroad massively. While a government basing its spending on the GNP base that it could tax, did it’s utterly most to erode that very base.

Just as the savings and loans of the eighties had been released from regulations that protected their fiscal stability while paradoxically the taxpayer's government stood good for the same guarantees on accounts, the same disregard for sound economic policy ruled trade. Balance of trade deficit, protective tariff, and any real fair trade practices were eliminated, not just from practice, but from further discussions. Today you hear nothing at all about such elemental economic principles.

Did these “permutations” to body politic come about overnight or were they facilitated gradually, were they promoted without intention? Of course not, all the good economists didn't exist one moment and then disappear the next. Their voices were raised...all the way through the pushing of NAFTA and GATT into acceptance. They were just not carried by media the same as were the proponents.

And their success was carefully polled months ahead of any actual mention of them before the beginning of their promotion. And when they began being promoted certain details were always omitted or disguised in rhetoric.

Like the Warren Commission Report.

Like the Findings of the 9/11 Commission.

Common sense or the information needed to show the public where its own interests lay, was ignored entirely and replaced by sound byte and show boat hype to sell something 95% of the public would come to deeply regret.

Now looming before us is the impending threat of hyper-inflation based on the simple economic principle that if you buy more than you sell, your buying power will decline in proportion.

Now let's move on to another eroding asset we once had in much greater profusion, that of equal rule by law. That very principle is not in Obama's National Health Care Package and the model for that decline further into our own body politic carries ominously. You cannot design care selectively anymore than you can selectively enforce immigration law, anymore than you can allow rich paedophiles freedom over poor ones through a corrupted legal system.

The greatest degradation however is not economic, it is not legal, it is to our very perceptions and our own faith in them. Missiles are fired capriciously over our heads today and we are told they are to be treated in the same unaccountable way as UFOs. The erosion of our own credibility for what we see has been served for forty years on one score, that of anomaly, now it is even more pressed upon us by what we were once told was the ICBM threat.

It is not enough to own our homes, our cars, our little piece of a steadily eroding American dream; it is now our perceptions and our own ability to have confidence in them. The social engineers have taken your national pride, your standard of living, any hope that your children can project anything better in their it is your own personal trust in yourself.

By the time they're through, they hope, you will put your wrists together for them just to know your final resting place.

And anyone to offer anything better will be a state enemy.



  1. How on Earth can the USA Military claim not to know about what was clearly an SLBM launch off the coast of California the other day?

  2. James,

    I’m not sure these facts could have been presented more clearly than you have done with this entry. However, I am concerned that most American’s who may be able to influence a change by some action, simply don’t know where to begin.

    The effectiveness of “mind control” techniques and the level of technology being deployed against an already “overwhelmed” population, may not allow for any remaining measure of clear thinking by the populous. Certainly this is part of the plan. How can “ mere mortal” humans be expected to work several jobs to raise a family, take care of a home, pay overwhelming tax burdens and find the quarter million dollars necessary to properly educate our children in this “begin stage” of the New World Order. How can we be expected, expected to find any remaining energy or clarity to take on the elite?

    One might say it begins with the individual, to expose a rotten act by an employer or to take responsibility for acting against something perceived as lacking integrity or dishonesty in some way. Frankly, I will say to you that people are scared, intimidated and manipulated to be deceitful by corporate expectations of employees. At the same time asking otherwise honest people to sign integrity agreements for example to become some “fa├žade” of a human being, while dictating an “expected image”, calling it “corporate values” expectations for its employees. They use these same criteria to “dismiss” individules from employment by corrupt human resource departments which exist to act as “henchmen” for the “will of the company”. Yes…good people having to choose their families and their survival over principle.

    How can simple, honest people be expected to sustain this assault from every conceivable angle, attacked in every conceivable manner by whomever? Can good people be expected to successfully overcome such overwhelming odds?

  3. Well, anonymous I, if they couldn't then we've wasted a great deal of money on early warning systems, satellite array, and the simple ability to read the difference between the heat signature of a plane versus a rocket.

  4. Anonymous II, Prince Peter Kropotkin, in his, Memoirs of a Revolutionary,comments, "ideals,
    beliefs, do not make a revolutionary. The police
    make a revolutionary." Brutality, oppression, hunger, at the hands of police force, that is.
    As we are given less and less with more and more taken by the elite, outrage will grow. When depopulation is evidently on the table being implemented and when the vast majority of us having nothing left to lose...well this begins the inevitable.
    Every actual societal advance in history has been made from this point on. That such advances must be HELD is the issue.
    Yes, I expect people to overcome and end the social iniquities that not only now prevent advance but threaten to take us all back to the Dark Ages.

  5. I agree with all the above comments. I made the first post about the SLBM. Anonymous2's comment about 'this' being the begining times of the New World Order, aren't correct however. We are all a long way down the line, this stuff has been going on since at least the 19th century, and is a natural progression of mid-20th century mixed-market capitalism into a mostly communist style of dictatorship via the market mechanism, and through the use of military and law-enforcement officials, to control the masses physically, or via the media, who do the same, mentally and via state religion, which controls etherially. It is a 3 pronged attack upon us all. They do indeed wish us to be just like the Medeival era, not the Dark Ages, with its organised human-meat slaughters arranged between competing Baronies. The so-called Dark Ages were fairly benign compared to the 'rough' of the 13th Century and later, with its organised slaughters of the rare or unusual. Haven't you noticed how the system is trying to turn out 'serfs'? Rather than oppositional thinkers? They wish for us to 'die-to-order' rather than live in opposition to them.

  6. Senator Bernie Sanders has a lot to say on YouTube about runaway corporate greed and the influence peddling it buys in Congress. With the effects of globalist social engineering being compounded by this total obedience to big business, the end results are beginning to wake up even the least conscious of Americans. The conspiracy DID begin (in the present tradition) following our Civil War and Reconstruction provided the perfect laboratory for acquiring a regional economic stranglehold. Now it's being used on all industrialized nations that EVER afforded a decent standard of living to workers.
    Without the slightest desire to ammend this trend, the elite prefer depopulation to combat the inevitable. JCH


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