Monday 10 December 2012

21.12.2012 - The Return of Electric Consciousness

In this conversation Torz and Shuny had with James, he revealed what will really happen on this long awaited day on 21st of December when the Sun and the Galactic Center, in Mayan language the HunabKu and in Asia is called the OM, align. Humanity will get a taste of Unified Consciousness for at least three days. We will receive an expansion of the human consciousness that will enable us to see through the artificial matrix that the powers that still are have created for us.

If more wake up to their deep senses, it will avalanche, hopefully its effects will go much further than a mere demonstration. No one is going to miss it and it won't be harmful.

For a while earth's gravity wave will be stable and some may be given mental prowess they didn't have before but some won't return from the dream state that is their unreality of their reality.

Welcome this new energy, its community-seeking and share with others your expectations and how you perceive it. This cosmic wave will arrive in the night of the 21st to the 22nd of December.

"Soon you will see days in seconds, years in hours, eons in a lifetime. Endlessly in travel you cannot imagine. JCH"

Books referenced to in this conversation:
Mayan Shaman Ac Tah - "Night of the Last Katun"
Dr. Eben Alexander - "Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife"


  1. This is very exciting, Mr. Horak. I am anxiously awaiting the 21st! It would be very interesting to read about how other more harmonious civilizations create "economies" as you mentioned in the interview. Anything you would like to share is very appreciated as always. Erich

  2. James what are your thoughts on Coast to Coast AM?

    I hope you can find time soon to setup a talkshoe I'm so curious to see how many people would connect to the chat and how many (always less) would actually call in.

    Hope you are having a great night. Bed time for me.

  3. This is just so mindblowing, I can hardly wait for it happen! I had a near death experience, when I experienced (just for a second) knowing absolutely everything, but unfortunately forgot what I had learned, only that I had experienced it. I described this to several people close to me, but was met with disbelief, sadly.

    Can you tell if there are certain questions I should me asking when the event happens, such as or global ones i.e. how can help to make the world a better place? or personal ones, i.e. how to be a better person, how to cure an illness of a loved one? Or am I being too optimistic?

    Whatever happens, thank you all for your concern and the knowledge you are trying to spread.


  4. Anon, natural evolution can also associate with economic well-being as the astute people of Iceland have so recently shown. The "secret" to this is to be responsive to negative trends early on and to have abided laws or guide lines that allow no one to profit from them, unlike with how the stock market works here. Capital is not viewed as a monopoly game but as a guaranteed sustenance for all. Most have no form of barter, but trade in service. The individual is given every opportunity to perform and learns at an early age how to be sufficient in performing most any task and any trade. Care giving is the highest regarded of all. Hunger does not exist, food production is efficient and kept to standards. At no time is food ever refused to anyone. Health care is rarely needed but all are available to render it on request. It is considered an honor to be asked by another for care when they require it. Kits are carried by many specially tasked in rendering emergency care but who go about their business in other ways (since that care too is rarely needed.) Great care is given in constructing means of transport, sites of exercise and exploration, trips and means to other planets and what is phrased, illusionary adventure,so that the risk of mishap is minimized.
    This is not pertaining to a single off earth community but a synopsis
    of many. In this environment people have the luxury of their own time and usually look for ways to use that time in both self-enrichment and in enriching their society with their creativity and personal talents.
    Even the young are looked upon as everyone's success and treated to let them know their presence is a joy. (Not that I haven't seen this on earth as well.)
    No one is ever treated as an eccentric but listened to carefully in the hope that he or she will birth new ideas and more imaginative concepts.
    In such an atmosphere concerns for remedy of any problem become the province and gather community interest before harm is done any further to others. Empathy is natural and uniformly offered. No slogans are needed to make people mindful of this.
    You asked about economy, but economy is the fruit of provision and the utmost care is taken to provide equitably for all. Thus, natural evolution demonstrating how culture finds its way to survive best the species.

  5. DTR, please allow me the subtlety to reply simply, I like Art Bell. Like the wonderful Ernie Kovacs, he was a trendsetter and would brave truths others are not so inclined towards. JCH

  6. Jane, please keep a journal during this period, like a dreamscape so much can escape our incredulous minds when we center back into split consciousness. Probably what happened to you after your NDE. It just might be this way you can get back what you came back to tell us. For you the joy of these moments might be a matter more of watching others than keeping tabs on yourself. You've been through this before. JCH

  7. Fantastic to hear, James! Thank you! I, too, am a member of the "coma club" and can attest to my family members being told to talk to me, play my favorite music etc. I think that, yes it did keep me somewhat grounded here when I could have so easily left and not continued the mission.
    With much appreciation, thank you, James, for being here at this time.

  8. James,
    Are you saying there is some sort of gravity wave technology that is keeping humanity locked into split conscientiousness? And somehow you are getting forces aligned to disrupt our matrix so that we experience a short duration of unity conscientiousness? Was humanity supposed to originally have UC and somehow controllers used technology to split us?

    I've read a lot of scenarios on the net about what will play out on the 21st. So far I like what your saying. Am I crazy to be drawn to this information?

  9. If, I may help with your answer until James replies, greenrobot...
    The answer is yes Humanity should have UC... IF the machines on the moon and the corresponding ones within the Earth's crust were in the correct alignment. This would enable the Planet's atmosphere to retain Helium, something the Ancients called...Ether...
    WHilst you wait, please do read the information we have provided on the right hand side that will help you understand this.
    Start with these few..
    The last link is an interview James did with Kevin Smith about the Moonshafts.
    Hope that helps.... :)

  10. Hmm.... Can't get the links to work properly... ok... they are all on the right on this page under the heading Important Reading....


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