Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fort Worth UFO Explosions discussed by Kevin Smith and James Horak

The original footage for this video was filmed in Ft. Worth, Texas on May 10th 2011 by Brian Luenser ( and caused some speculation about what is shown here. This video was discussed on the Kevin Smith Show later with James Horak. James knows quite a bit about what we see in this amazing video because he was there when it happened. Kevin Smith finally is getting answers that are certainly hard to comprehend for most.

For better resolution and quality go to Youtube and choose HD to watch on full screen!



  2. You would certainly have my permission, Mr. Pfeifer, but I can't speak for my friends, Kevin Smith and well as Mr. Luenser. Although under
    "fair use" you might be allowed use.
    If you wish to pursue it, do please contact Kevin since his voice is used.
    He may let us all get this out, but then it's only polite to ask. JCH

  3. What does this mean, Mr. Horak? You haven't revealed this kind of information about yourself in the past. And I have the feeling this event signifies an important milestone. Did the EBE come specifically to confront you or for another reason related to this location? When you saw this happen in the past what was the outcome or relevance? Can you describe the events and circumstances from the past and compare them to this incident in Fort Worth? Thank you, Erich

  4. Well, I have discussed this "kind if information" (and that even more incredible)during shows I have been on with Kevin Smith, Erich. EBEs are merely problematic, not hostile, but have been turned to use by military black ops (not just in the US) for abductions, false representation of hostile ET presence and this kind of thing. I believe I had been drugged that night and that was what brought on the attack.
    The first attempt on me was with my mother, her brother and cousin near the state line New Mexico observes with Texas when I was four. I have talked about this extensively. The second was aboard the USS Kennebec just before Christmas of 1962. I did the same thing to EBE craft there I did in this latest event. Again I had been weakened at the time due to unjust punitive measures taken by our captain against my division, with no food or rest allowed us for almost 26 hours while we worked without stop. We were in Sasebo Harbor, Japan at the time. This led to my medical discharge and events leading up to this are a story in itself. During my stay at the military hospital in Akuska, Japan. I learned there had been witnesses to my destruction of the EBE craft but that they had been severely debriefed and/or shipped out to other commands and that the skipper had lost his command. When Kevin Smith went to research this ship's history he found it had been rewritten with regard to this period and that the captain was not even listed. By cross-referencing the man's name, he then was able to find he had been in command at the time the ship was in Sasebo Harbor when I claimed. JCH

  5. James can you please post the link to the full interview with Kevin Smith?


  6. The full interview is only available in the archives (K-Pods) of the Kevin Smith Show. Kevin only makes these available to those that have subscribed to membership for the modest fee of $7.50 per month. But you only need to subscribe for one month to easily access all my interviews. You may, however deem the access to have other merits as well since Kevin has a host of guests you might find of interest as well as other goodies to offer you. Unfortunately, Kevin must rely on these monies for his show to survive. JCH

  7. ok I've been meaning to sign up for it anyways. This gives me an excuse.

    You should start your own weekly audio address. I could listen to your words for hours. Have you ever considered starting a talkshoe? I would love to call in and talk with you.

    Talkshoe is a free website which allows people to start their own talkshoe broadcast which you can connect to either over your computer with a microphone or with your plain old telephone. You simply call in the toll-free number and enter the code you are assigned and you can have a free live recorded conversation with unlimmited number of people.

    There is also a web chat interface so people who don't want/aren't invited to call in can ask questions via the chat.

    After the call is over the .mp3 file is automatically posted on the talkshoe account and freely availble for people to download over the world wide web.

    I've always thought it would be a fantastic idea for you to do as there are always so many questions in the comments and I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love the opportunity to communicate with you in real time.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my comments.

    Derek Rocco
    Cobble Hill, BC

  8. That sounds like an excellent venue, Derek. I will look into it. Don't see any downside at all. Thank you.

  9. Mr. Horak, can you tell us the size of the EBE?

  10. Right at 4 feet originally. From witnesses' descriptions that seems to vary somewhat but those made by the Abroyt were uniformly 4 feet tall. Today the variations might be to better accommodate more seemingly hostile features. One giveaway of their being biological automatons instead of any species is in the way the mouth, digestive system, and sex organs have diminished to near nothing. This is not the way of evolution, to deprive the species of pleasure centers and natural reproduction. JCH

  11. Mr. Horak, thank you for the information, and your patience with our lazy rear ends. We are slow but we do come around when given a fair shake at knowing what is real and what is controlled impules aimed and keeping us in the dark about the real world around us and out there in the cosmos. You are a wonderful person.

  12. Thank you, Anon, much of the credit goes to my friends: Shuny, Torz and Crystal. They have done so much to "put me out there", more than I have done for myself. Each one of them have their own thoughts and the ability to express them exceedingly well. Their contributions are insightful and clarifying. Their patience with me and my foibles has helped me more than I can express in words. JCH



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