Wednesday, 19 December 2012

James Horak and David Corso on Wolf Spirit Radio - 13.12.2012

James Horak and David Corso first talk about the expectations for December 21. and the hopes we have for the future of humanity. From there on they do some frank talking, no more secrets, James is not holding back.

Another concern of James is to show how promising people are marginalized and that the educational system in general is serving this agenda.

When Thomas Hughes is joining the conversation with James and David, he is sharing his amazing encounters with Sasquatch. Many other anomalies are explored by the three that all have a remarkable wealth of experiences to share.

This is an edited version, cut down from 3:45 hours to 1:38 hours.

The original interview may be available at some time at:


  1. Great job Shuny... Thanks for condensing this for everyone.

  2. I'm glad to be the first to report my experience: absolutely nothing. Bravo!

  3. James, could you go into alittle more detail about that tapping technique to counter a sound weapon? So simple, so free and yet very effective. I'd like to be able to explain it to my friends and family.

  4. Two avenues can effect damage to the brain, auditory sound and non-auditory vibration (held close, as well, to the frequency used to send neural messages to the organs.) In the case of vibration, the effects can be offset by tapping on the body (the wrist is excellent)in order to oppose the beat frequency sent. JCH

  5. When I tap my wrist bone, I feel it vibrating into my arm. Would that be what you're talking about, James?

  6. There are reasons that pulse is taken at the wrist. Not just that it's easily found there. (Just below the ear lobe is better.)You are actually changing the vibration being received by the vital organs when you do this.
    Our hands and their levering system, the tendons of the wrist, settle in a response system that constant activity establishes. It is thus the pressure point of all pressure points. Here you can offset the incoming harm such
    "signalling" can become. JCH

  7. Would this technique work for tinnitis since its a freqency?

  8. Having tinnitis myself, I wish I knew, Anon. Mine is steady and always present but I do get relief at times. The earliest I remember getting it was at a club sitting too close to musician's speakers. The booming bass was what I remember most about the experience. If it's true that it's caused by the slight hair-like structures in the inner ear laying down and unable to rise again, I'd suggest there is little to be done about it. But if we are merely hearing something others are not hearing...then it's another matter entirely. I'm not convinced either way. JCH


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