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Race with Time 8 | Crystal Clark, Mhairead MacDonald & James Horak on WSR | Feb-15-2014

The official narrative of egyptology is nonsense, the pyramids were built in a very different manner and scientific evidence exists that the Sphinx is much older. The Jewish exodus was led by Akhenaton, Carter found the scrolls that prove that and are now hidden in the Vatican and in Cambridge. Akhenaton also started monotheism. The Arc of the Covenant is in Ethiopia, the Etruscans spoke Latin. Kids in the UK get conscripted in the MI5/6 and for the CIA in the US.

Other topics discussed are the Antikythera mechanism, the Black Knight Satellite, Phobos - the ultimate Hall of Records. Aberrancy can not be tolerated when you have star-travel technology, we have to get civilised. The EMVs, Oppenheimer and Teller. There are no races on Earth. What do you stand for - the words on your tombstone.

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: WolfspiritRadio

Courtesy for graphics: Information-Machine


  1. James and Crystal, I shall keep repeating this: The diligence and hard work put forth into your works, even going far back before the Race With Time series, is so greatly appreciated. I've made some pretty grand steps on my own over the last 8 years of searching, but your presentations have refined it to such a degree that it would have probably taken years longer in its absence. I would agree that discovery of the esoteric knowledge directly corrolates to the grief process, and I would add that these processes are multiplitious and compounded based on the sheer number of data points to be assimilated....sort of a "dark night of the soul to the 10th power". Many just aren't up to it. Speaking for myself, I'll take with both barrells; I've long since experienced the full spectrum and range of emotions on these topics.

    Mhairead: thank you for your indepth contributions. I, too, as have many other seekers, have in the past fallen prey to the agenda of "deflect and distract". At certain times during my own process, I had temporarily abandoned even the most elementary investigative protocols and got sucked into the woo-woo vortex...and I was a freakin' detective by trade! So, don't reproach yourself, and keep up the real "great work".

    I must submit in all good conscious that many will not reach any significant level of understanding of all of this. Out of the individuals I've tried to bring to the table on these matters, many passively reject it, most kill the messenger and go back to watching the olympics, and others go out of their way to avoid hearing range of the truth out of apathy or fear.

    Should we violate the free will choice of others for their own good, via one tactical change after another, until a critical mass is achieved? Or do they simply plant the seeds in good faith, then move on?

    Before I relinquish the soap box, I now challenge any and all alternative media personalities reading this text to come forward and openly support the works being provided here. These brave souls are providing this data for free without reservation and for the nobelest of purposes. The fact is if you're not supporting your colleagues with a full heart, if you're disuaded from doing so via a funding apparatus, if your lectures fees and book sales hold sway over your conscience, and if you're not bringing forth discussion on these topics on your own radio programs and websites, than you're part of the problem.

    ...nuff said

    1. Buzz , I thank you a thousands times and more for your supportive insights here , I am very grateful and in full agreement with you about the work of James and Crystal ( combined and separately ) It has also greatly assisted me out of the labyrinthine distractions and mind distorting lies set to steal our perception and the deeper seeking for the truth underlying in what Crystal describes as *proper knowledge*. In the microcosm and the macrocosm of reality, the sense of wonder is no longer jaded, only sharpened when deeper truths are revealed. It is not easy to step up when one is all the more protective as a result of being treated the way I was. Destruction of trust , and the highjacking of what was ultimately a false hope, in heart and soul , is an issue that has colored and affected my life more deeply than I can openly and adequately describe . I could have said a great deal more as I am sure you can imagine. But if others acknowledge and learn and deprogram from the quagmire through the diligence it takes to do so, then they will be all the stronger as a result . I trust Crystal and James implicitly, but they earned that trust through demonstrating, just as they have done in this show and through all their combined work , their intelligence, knowledge , clarity and integrity, not to mention their approachability, and who can ask for more than that . I for one and very grateful for all they share , write and discuss to give us *proper knowledge * and for the work or Torz and Shuni in that process .

  2. Impressive commentary, as usual, Buzz. As you can see I'm very fortunate to have two associates like Crystal and Mhairead. And don't forget Torz and Shuny. Indeed they are all "the wind in my sails". When you have friends that bring out the best in you, they are friends indeed. JCH

  3. Torz and Shuny: You are the rock upon which these revelations were platformed and reached the ears and minds of many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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