Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Fukushima Inevitability | Mark Snider with Crystal Clark & James Horak | Feb-01-2014

Mark Snider hosts Crystal Clark and James Horak who discuss the most impacting of events, Fukushima in detail with attention to concerns others have declined to address, like that of the China Syndrome. Signs of isotopic particle contamination have spread to even middle America while focus on leaking reactors elsewhere is coming more and more into fashion. The time has come to take a stand on important truths about nuclear safety, carefully weighing the industry's value versus its risks. These are the issues the show will examine. JCH

Crystal Clark's website: DrowningInAbsurdity

Courtesy to Mark Snider for publication permission

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  1. This article compares the effects of a Magnitude 6 quake with a Magnitude 9


  2. Yes, Anon, I have read Jim Stone's article and agree with most of his assertions and evidence. His leaps are even more likely true than not. The "quake" as a nuclear detonation is proven seismologically, an Israeli company providing security, infection of the Stuxnet virus, rumors that building four was involved in refining weapons grade plutonium (possibly for sale to Iran) instead of experimenting with it as fuel....and the obvious core meltdown of at least one reactor from day one are either proven or likely. JCH


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