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Dave McGowan with Mark Snider and Mhairead MacDonald | 13-Sep-2014

Interview with extraordinary researcher and writer Dave McGowan and his latest book ‘Weird Scenes inside the Canyon’ about the dark side of the Hippie dream and more.

I was delighted to be able to co-host this show with Mark Snider of blog talk Exopolitics Ohio. We interviewed Dave McGowan and this gives me an opportunity to introduce his work to you.

Dave McGowan is a first class and meticulous researcher, as well as a highly skilful writer delving into the labyrinthine world of lies and deception, false flags, and mind control that are infecting our reality at an ever increasing rate.

I strongly recommend after listening to this that you visit his web site to get a feel for how he writes and how deep his research goes, he has been working in this field for fifteen years. He is crisp and clear in his writing, with a great sense of humor which is appreciated, as some of this is not easy subject material.

I highly recommend (as does James Horak) to read 'Wagging the Moon Doggie'.

In the interview we talked about his book, 'Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon', (which I am currently reading) its sub title 'Laurel Canyon Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream', should give you a clue. I hope you find this useful and feel free to comment and question below.

Many thanks


Laurel Canyon Rhapsody

An acid sunrise over Santa Monica hills
Charlie Manson's killing thrills
Stolen dreams of something torn down
the end of Black Angel's haunting sound

Where nothing makes sense or rhyme
when death and murder seem all the time
Where nothing seemed what it was intended
undermining hopes for peace portended

Black lineage of the dreamy ones applied
taken with drugs, sex and suicide
A war no one knew was right from the start
hammered into brain and through the heart

Copyright © September 2014 James C. Horak

Additional Notes:

Discover more of James' poetry on The Poetry Link

Dave on Facebook
his website DavesWeb.cnchost.com
where to buy his books

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: Selkiedreams


  1. Yes, Mhaired, I too was vastly interested where Mr. McGowan would go with his penetration into the "dark side" of the Laurel Canyon community of the sixties/early seventies and what it just might persist to today. You kept the discussion on track to find that out and many thanks that you did so. As always you amaze me at the digging you do and how you can entice such knowledgeable people to these interviews. You are a valuable colleague. JCH

  2. thanks for everything

    Gosh I was so captivated by the blue bird section of the interview, I have literally had the WWII song "There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover", in my head since my little boy was born, stuck for endless songs to put him to sleep years ago, he would rail if that was the one i sang. Amazing how things all come together. I had heard of course of the bluebird project but hard to know what any of these projects are really, considering all the info and managed info around.


    So most of the info says blue bird started in the fifties but I have another consideration given the nature of this song, probably well known to people from the british isles but maybe not elsewhere. Prior to the, official, American involvement in WWII, this song was hugely popular. BUT there are no blue birds in Britain, or blue jays or any bird that could be described as blue, outright I mean. Obviously there are birds that have a little blue on them.

    The singer is Dame Vera Lynn (DBE), still kicking at 97, its the female equivalent to CBE, or commander of the british empire. Enough said really on that. She is english, the two composers are jewish American. With all this info so, I can only say that i think its a code for a future American involvement in WWII. Who were these blue birds (manchurian candidates) that would be over the cliffs of Dover. Dover to Calais in France is the shortest distance by sea between the two countries and a foreshadow of the D-day Landings.

    From your interview it seems that the blue bird songs were also poplar during the vietnam war, if not Korean war. So i guess we should beware blue birds as a foreshadowing, but more technological version of the same code


  3. Thank you G for your comment and I apologise for taking so long to reply . I have been caught up in all the post referendum news here . Anyway Blue Bird ! Yes good for you taking that and following the thread and finding that out for us. I know this is a huge topic that we only really touched on, but it was my hope to open doors for people who might other wise not be that curious and Dave has a brilliant web site to explore and read with some really powerful insights . He is a great example of how meticulous research is needed to see through the layers of deception and how that continues and expands into every area of our lives .


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