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Sailing Beyond Knowledge hosted by Carlita Montross. Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

Sailing Beyond Knowledge Episode 33 Hosted by Carlita Montross.
Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe with James Horak

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Carlita hosts an interview with James Horak. James has helped bring awareness of 'Electromagnetic Vehicles' (EMVs), an object phenomena, within the suns Corona, each one the size of planet earth that exist; first studied by Dr Norman Bergun who wrote the book "The Ringmakers of Saturn". James shares with listeners his experiences with UFOs, his research and work. James and Carlita discuss, EMV, EBs, ETs, UFOs, USOs Multidimensional reality, God, Divine Consciousness, the powers that be, Corporate corruption, 9/11, the Gulf Oil Disaster, Hollywood Films, Nuclear wars and Infinite Consciousness.
Since James Horak was very young he has had encounters with UFOs, as a young man he spent a few years in the Navy serving aboard navy ships where in 1962 he witnessed a UFO encounter in Sasebo Harbour, Japan. This in turn led to further strange events in James's life. In 1973 he worked on the Theory of Fusion Metals and other projects relating to mineral analysis that led him to encounter EMV operations in Utah, USA. Since then James Horak has been sharing with the public mainly in UFO forums his work and research.
Other Websites relating to Horak's work:
Torz Baron-Copley's blog for James Horak
The image that accompanies this podcast is of an EMV that I found photographed by Nasa on the 24th January, to find more like this go and investigate EMVs for yourself, you can go to NASAs SOHO website and take a look through their photos of the Sun, you will find EMVs by blowing up photos in photoshop and once you know what to look for, they are very easy to find and have a distinctive shape and structure. Try it out for yourself:
Shoot the Breeze (Harry Roy Remix) a collaboration by Illuminertia & Carlita


  1. James, what do you think of my theory?

    advanced civ's come and go

    there have been 4 before us and this current cycle is 17000 years

    To confirm this see OOPA's

    and evidence of nuclear war from thousands of years ago

    we advance and get wiped out
    12:41 PM
    there have always been PTB's

    they have always played this game like they have nothign to lose

    raping, killing , enslaving us

    making our lives miserable

    "creating religions"
    12:42 PM
    for us to tolerate it here bc we are DUE for a better life in Heaven


    they dis regard everything


    religion somewhat keeps us inline

    they guard our true history

    from us because we would figure it out
    12:43 PM
    its 2 easy

    3 advanced civs before us

    all same song

    wiped out

    Tony: but really it's some kind of recreation right

    come back and try again

    me: YES

    Tony: right

    me: we get reincarnated

    i know

    Tony: ok

    me: i fig this out a few weeks ago

    something seemed odd

    this is like a perverse science experiment
    12:44 PM
    Tony: I'm thinking we are almost in a dream

    like Inception

    me: cyclical


    look at where you live

    see the houses, apts

    20-30feet at peaks

    imagine them under dirt and rocks

    "earth is expanding"

    Tony: right

    me: these old civs are under many feet of dirt and rock
    12:45 PM
    like a balloon being blown up


    Tony: or destroyed from Nuclear war or millions of years of decomp

    me: the oldest ones are under water


    Tony: yah that's what I think

    like a record playing over and over

    me: so imagine if everyone knew what TPTB knew

    playing with nothing to lose
    12:46 PM
    TPTB wouldnt have it as easy

    Tony: right

    they set limits on the public

    me: there wouldnt be a TPTB

    Tony: moral limits

    me: exactly

    remember throughout history

  2. James. Great interview.You make the most sense to me. You are also not afraid to be a human being, i respect that about you.Can't wait to learn alot more from you.


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