Thursday, 27 January 2011

James Horak & Shunyananda - Insights from an Outsider - 5 - Jan.23.2011

This issue of the Private Conversations for the Public with James Horak deals with fascinating things as Disclosure, Chemtrails, Implants, Education, History, Reverse Speech. A false Alien Threat, Planet X, Nibiru, Sitchin, all are hyped by the Mainstream Media to promote Fear-mongering End Time Scenarios to discourage Humanity in taking back their Power.



  1. Hiya again,
    Thanks for posting :) Very informative and very enjoyable.
    Can you elaborate (either here or privately) on what is going to be happening in February? I'm very curious... :)


  2. Torz Baron-Copley27 January 2011 at 15:03

    Hey Ross....whose "charges" control the Sun???

  3. Yes, this is the last warning to the NWO. The next such build-up will signal the end. And you will notice it's a long way from the projections
    hyped up about 2012.

  4. Sorry.. should have figured that one out myself :/

    I take it that the NWO are well aware that this is the final warning?

    In a sort of related topic, was there a specific reason behind the 1859 solar flare storm? Another message to those in power perhaps?

  5. Torz Baron-Copley27 January 2011 at 16:55

    More than likely...... ask James, he will pop along with a suitably riveting anecdote before too long ;)

  6. as usual, very interesting stuff being discussed, thanks for all the time put into this, it is much appreciated

  7. Any such event at that time would not represent similar significant concerns over what was going on on earth, but elsewhere in the system.
    It is the captains of the NWO to whom I try and appeal. The elite family heads are a lost cause.
    Are these elements aware? Yes. One can figure outwhat they know by the steps they take to hide it.
    For instance, the black-out of SOHO images at the time I predicted the number of EMVs that would be present and when. JCH


    James, would this telescope be sufficient enough to "see" what you are talking about in the Solar System?
    EMV's, etc

  9. For the sun and moon, yes. You will need the right filters, I see it comes with one for the moon, but that for the sun might prove expensive.
    It will have to go over the 10" element lens and you need to determine if there is even a provision for sun viewing with this model. I like the concept of an open barrel but that can be a problem if you ever have gnats. See if there is a solution to that. Another consideration would be to investigate the local university to see if they have an observatory and how you might access it.
    Bear in mind that Hale/Bopp was discovered with a 10" and that it's not always about power but being systematic. JCH

  10. thanks James !
    I always appreciate your input!

  11. Hi, James! How are you doing this weekend?
    I am looking forward to the next installment of Educational Videos/Commentary.


    James !!!!!!!!!!!!


    Check this out.

  14. Thank you, James, an honest and inspired effort to find meaning in these wonders. They do elaborate shapes and modular constructs to more efficiently farm the sun's energy and you see them here repair areas otherwise growing structural weakness. Hannes and I don't mind anyone borrowing his work and graphics for such open and honest examination. The understandings we gather belong to everyone. JCH

  15. James, how accurate is this?
    I stumbled upon this tidbit online.

    No one dies, it is a myth.The human body is not yours to keep; it is a vessel for you to learn in. You are a trapped energy form, one free to return home when the physical dies. Physicals are not considered genuine life forms for they have no spirit.You are a spirit learning about life, your memory is purposely dulled. Aliens are also trapped spirits but are allowed to leave the body for short periods in a sub-spirit form, you can also do this under supervision, it is called an astral projection

  16. I would take issue with some of it, ET is a very broad topic and not to be so generalized. Limitations of earth based humanity towards spiritual growth has far more complexity due to split consciousness. And there are ET civilizations that may aspire to spiritual technology en mass. Without death. Sensations of such experience here are almost always momentary and residual...slight touches of access to genetic knowledge. JCH


    James, that information is pretty cool. Check it out


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