Monday, 17 January 2011

James Horak - Insights from an Outsider - Revelations - 2 - 10.Dec.2010

James Horak is speaking about Humanity, Awakening, Religions, Physics, EMVs, ETs, EBEs, the Texas Secession attempt and himself, and much more valuable information that just makes sense! Comments and questions are welcome.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Very thought provoking. :)

    Re: religion and stuff - It amazes me how people are brainwashed into some of this stuff.
    Ever since they tried to drum religion into me at School, it just didn't fit. Anyone with any sense could see that (or so I thought). When I started asking questions I was just told to be quiet and accept it.

    On a slightly different tangent, When I was wee, I remember the look on the teachers face when I came up with the theory that Santa Claus must be some sort of spirit or alien that must live a different timeframe to us. Also he must beam into our living rooms star trek style rather than come down the chimney. (Mostly based on the fact that no-one like us could be able to visit every single child's house in the world, get down the chimney, lay presents out, drink milk, eat cookie etc). Again I was told to be quiet and stop being so silly.

    Anyway, I hope there are more videos like this in the pipeline :)


  2. Child Wonder

    Nothing is more astute than thee
    meddlesome, brazen little gnome.
    Head too big, feet and legs unsure,
    Incredibly frightened to be alone.

    Testing everything, then back again...
    to pull kitten's tail and puppy's ear.
    Punishing the air and whatever else is there.
    Never questioning that exhuberance....
    until you're murderously told to.

  3. James, any knowledge about time travel?
    I keep having dreams about it and I swear its technically possible..or am I just a misinformed fool? lol
    Montauk Project

  4. Mark, I'm going to say something to you that few to whom I've already said it, gathered much of the many implications. If time travel has EVER existed, WILL ever exit, it is with us now.
    You can time travel events of the deep past elsewhere in the Universe by reading light from their specific source with technology to pick-up that history as it was stored within that light's waves.
    The actual physical travel should be limited to what I call phasing, but unfortunately it's not.
    Primitive attempts and hydrogen bombs have created tears that lead to pockets called rifts.
    One can travel via these rifts without harming further the continuum. That's what I call phasing.
    But from any standpoint, moral or strictly pragmatic, time travel is the single most dangerous risk to take for even the most dramatic of returns. JCH

  5. This interview Torz and I did was placed on the Avalon forum and then removed. Along with comments all supporting us that followed in a thread. In the meantime we were given an inside on just what this entire matter is being used as a vehicle to deliver. Something that is a most crass and absurd attempt on many people's belief and values systems. All in order to leave a populace less able to resist the coming NWO machinations. No small wonder that Bill Ryan & Co. do not want any countering...much rather to have "Charles" go without challenge... along with a fraudulently portrayed history of the human race on earth. JCH

  6. Interesting....thank you for your input !

  7. Interesting....very much so. I live in Texas also.
    Im still trying to put things in "correct" and proper perspective

    Faction 1+ its components
    Faction2+ components
    THe 33 bloodlines and where they sit on the pyramid
    Bilderbergs and similar ilk as well....

  8. James, check this out
    (Bill Ryan)
    After my keynote speech at the Zurich Conference in July 2009, A lot of people came up on stage to talk to me and ask questions.

    I noticed a well-dressed man standing quietly back. As soon as I could, I approached him. He was totally calm, and had a different energy about him than everyone else. I'd never seen him before.

    He said he would like to talk with me, and I sensed the importance. I asked him if he would kindly wait in the lobby, and I'd be with him as soon as possible. I had to talk with everyone else first and free myself up to attend to him.

    20 minutes later, I met him in the lobby. We went to the restaurant for a coffee.

    He had no conference name tag visible. I asked him his name: "You can call me Philippe", he said.

    I should describe him. His skin was perfect, he was immaculately dressed (smart casual), and was handsome, about 6' tall. He looked vaguely Mediterranean. He could have walked out of (or into) any movie. He was utterly calm. It was hard to gauge his age: he looked maybe 35-40. I noticed I felt very good in the presence of his energy.
    (something is happening as I am typing this - I feel very emotional: I have tears in my eyes.)
    He asked how he could assist. I decided to 'test' him just a little.

    I said that what I really needed was an organization to assist me in my mission. I said that if I had a few million dollars to my name, it'd make things a lot easier all round, because then I could hire staff, run an office, afford good equipment, establish a TV station, and so on.

    He did not blink. Any ordinary person would have made a joke, or reacted a little. "Money can be created," he said simply. It was as if I'd told him I'd quite like a refill of my coffee.

    I asked about his background. He said he was a doctor and a scientist, and operated internationally. He referred to 'a group' that he was part of.

    We had no more time, and I asked him how I could keep in touch with him. "I'll contact you", he said.

    I had to go off and do other things, and I shook his hand. Once more, I had a very strong feeling of well-being, and a certainty that this was a very good man.

    I never saw him again. He was not there at the conference the next two days.

    No-one else ever saw him. There was no "Philippe" recorded at the registration desk.

  9. He failed the test. JCH

  10. James- It frustrates me to no end that the powers that be are ignorant and so severely insane. It seems unfair that those small amount of people in power are ruining our chance for our continued evolution. Do the E.T.'s know this, and if so why can't they work with us more or do something about them? It's sooo madening that they are ruining our chance for us.


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