Tuesday, 25 January 2011

James Horak & Shunyananda - Insights from an Outsider - 4 - Jan.23.2011

Here is the next of the Private Conversations for the Public with James Horak, as always with mindblowing perspectives on ETs, EBEs, Space Eggs, the Sun and the EMVs, the Soul and last but not least: James Horak.


  1. Thanks James. I always appreciate your insights. I enjoy expanding and improving the performance of my mind. (Stuck in Corvette Engine Mode) Aspiring to Ferrari soon...

  2. An interesting euphemism, James. Just finished an interview with Carlita you might like to hear when she shares it. JCH

  3. Thank you James and Shunyananda for posting the vid. Again, much food for thought and a really enjoyable 40 mins or so.

    James, I was wondering if maybe in a future video or monologue that you could talk about this part of the galaxy and the various ETs, where they come from, what kind of peoples they are, their civilisations and such like. As if I could pop into a spacecraft and do a small tour of the stellar neighbourhood, what would be the recommended places to visit?

    Something I was thinking about and maybe you know the answer to... Is the universe itself conscious?
    I remember reading somewhere that the structure of our brains somewhat mimics the structure of galaxies. Then you have solar systems that mimic the layout of molecules. I also recall a caller to the Kevin Smith Show during one of your interviews commenting that the EMVs acted somewhat like white blood cells.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Let me start with the best first, Ross. Yes, there is a collective consciousness that comprises the operation of the Universe. Design and order are its key manifestations. I could put this together on a more comprehensive basis but a lot of it would infringe on your own coming senses of self-discovery, just like what you mention is already in the mental works to which you allude. And don't think I don't enjoy that far more than expounding on my own personal take when I'm learning through others eyes (like yours)facets of things I've missed. You are the "art" and "poetry" to me of what I've simply known as mechanics.

    On the score of off-earth peoples, the variations are endless and the expressions of cultures and the civilizations wrought are streaming with just about every possibility one can imagine. However, I respect their, each of them, right to divulge what they will in their own time, their own way. I hope and pray one day to see an endless banquet laid before the people of earth that will lead to a better appreciation for what is possible for themselves. And to know love on the scale only actual context can yield.

    And that context, again, has elements essential to facets of self-discovery you've all yet to make. But you've started. JCH

  5. (Saw this on another website regarding Bill and Charles)

    I absolutely agree with you re. Bill Ryan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.
    His latest interview with ‘Charles’ smells of foul play. Bill is a kind, sensitive man, and more misguided not only by some of his own naive beliefs but he may be an easy target for them.
    He became “friends’ with ‘Charles’???? Hello! They got him! If you listen to the interview, ‘Charles’ is not even hiding his intentions to ‘get Bill’. We all must be extremely focused and vigilant at his point…. Example: Please check out the plot on Laura Eisenhower (if you are not aware yet):

  6. "Unity consciousness"...I wish they would just say, enlightened consensus. Trying to make it into some sublimation for an instrument that "accords" its own miracle is the woo woo too many are reverting to, perhaps to escape recognizing any necessity to brave real tasks. James, you were right on in sharing this example of good people taking wrong paths. JCH

  7. Very interesting what you said about Jupiter...i will consider sis in my studies

    Thx James



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