Sunday, 20 February 2011

Interview with Svali - Illuminati Defector and Former Mind Control Programmer.


Advisory - This post links to graphic audio and written testimonies that may not be suitable for children or those of a sensitive mind.

The Issue of Mind Control, Ritual Cult Abuse, Psychotronic Weapons and the Illuminati.

The next few posts on this blog will deal with a critically important issue that needs to be fully understood in order for us to go to the next level in understanding how and why the Social Engineers remain in their positions of power and control on this planet. KNOW YOUR ENEMY.....

In order for the reader to fully comprehend the depths of depravity that are occurring and for you to have a knowledge base in order to reach clarity, I must insist that that you take it upon yourselves to firstly listen to this shocking interview with Svali ( pseudonym for her own protection ), which was conducted by Greg Szymanski on the Investigative Journal radio show of January 17, 2006. This is one of the most important interviews you will probably ever hear, make sure you can concentrate and can take it all in.
Transcript of this interview to read whilst listening to the above interview.

Project Camelot have collated a great wealth of information with regards Svali and as such I feel it is best if I direct you to their site, where all of this information is laid out in easy format including her shocking but critically important confession via this radio interview, links to a vault of articles written by Svali herself on the Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Programming the Illuminati conduct on their members, starting with their children as young as 2 years old. If we are to understand what we are up against, what is happening on Earth and more importantly why and what we are fighting to remove, then we MUST know and understand what we are dealing with. I urge all of our readers to familiarise themselves with this material as soon as possible, if they are not already aware of it, as we will be adding more posts to the blog in the next few days that will lead the reader to a deeper clarity and the ramifications it has in the grander scheme of things...

Further reading:
Ritual Abuse, articles written by Svali:

Born Into The Illuminati, A Friend Fears For Svali's Safety As She Has Come Up Missing
by Greg Szymanski, July 26, 2006

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