Sunday, 20 February 2011

Loss of Direction, Linear Connection, Discernment, and Concentration Ability to: Psychotronic Induced Entrainment

Beyond programming, beyond trance inducing drugs and methodologies improving the facilitation of such applications, lies the vast field of broadcast mind control. If you use a cell phone, station yourself at a computer any length of time on a regular basis, even live near any kind of power grid, you are exposed and vulnerable to the most diabolical of all influences that can turn you against what might be your better judgement, your quality of life, your ability to represent your very own best interests.

Look at your friends and their ambivalence in holding to plans, promises, understandings and look at your own indulgence of them when they behave in less than honorable fashion. Yet, look at how, on the other hand, some are not forgiven for the slightest slight by friends and relatives. In conclusion, look at how this state of affairs lends so well to corrupt legal systems, lawyers, and a state that can take so many fees, fines and control over its very presence.

Then know the eroding of environment, introduction of known toxins via chemtrails and dubiously beneficial pharmaceuticals... even known (and attempted mandated) problematic vaccines... know, this cannot but aide a growing industry of broadcast mind control.

Seven to eight years ago, one might find numerous online producers of psychotronic devices hawking their wares, giving you descriptions of what each would do and their prices. You could give everyone in your neighborhood systemic headaches on order for under $400. You could change the neighbor's wife from a loving sensual offering into a shrill crying shrew for less than $1,200. Again, on your order.

But around five years ago this began to change. Was it because of ethics or law? Hardly, voters were not astute enough to work around systemic incredulity and admit they could be so influenced. No, they were not willing to go where more than some stiff upper lip and a whining word every now and then would not suffice. No, they were under undue influence...even if the worst was yet to come.
While the psychotronic industry slipped underground, enriched ironically by exclusive buyers, those in the military/industrial complex, who were willing to pay a great deal more for a little tweaking and to be allowed to R&D their own devices and not be presented with patent infringement suits.

Have you ever questioned why so many women would be for gun control... in the age of home invasion, when rape and murder were on the rise, when the times and circumstance attendant on such violent crime was on the increase, dramatically? Is it not patently clear that having viable means for defense is in every way in the best interest of the presumed weaker gender? What is behind the almost screaming outcry of these women to deny their own right to possess such a means for self-defense?

When a former member, choosing the name “Svali” came forward, breaking ranks with the most criminal and networking organization existing, the Illuminati, she told of being a programmer, not for victims or recruits, but for presumably loyal fellow members. Why? Simple, because the assignments can verge on the most inhuman and criminal of activities. On the scale of membership and because the programs the Illuminati run are so counter to the vast society at large, breaks in the ranks cannot be allowed. Periodic programming is mandatory.

It is no different in the concerns of the elite in keeping control of their captains, the most powerful men and women on the planet. Men and women in all walks of politics, corporate executives, military, think tanks, media...even that of the entertainment industry. Not all are Illuminati, although many are. Among their ranks, even with such measures as mind control/indoctrination/programming, there are still coming forth leaks and hints of an organized resistance to the final stages of New World Order implementation. Could awareness of this threat to the elite be one of the concerns associated with genetic research, to acquire a tool for predicting mind control wrought failures and to produce more effective methodologies?

You are not told of one other concern regarding genetics that drives the powers that be toward an even more brutal police state than even its greatest detractors are aware. One that introduces eugenics toward the “ideal” of hybrid products: controlled breeding based on eliminating genetic possibilities for traits producing brilliance, independent thought, any inclination to adjust and overcome environment impositions conflicting with species advance (and cultural.)

How does one overcome the sexual and emotional desires normally occurring with human mating practices, thus accomplishing such a world where “designed” humanity has lost all independent coping mechanism that might allow individuals to further evolve? Only with a combination of psycho-surgery and psychotronic broadcast mind control. Of course early stages of perfecting such methods are fraught with the dangers of mishap, even among well entrained captains of the elite like Colonel Russ Williams whose case I've asked you to carefully examine as it was explored on video tapes by Sixty Minutes.

Even at that, the good colonel's “mishaps” would have been easily covered up had they been indulged within the United States...even Canada, had there not been expert interrogation done BEFORE legal arms and influence could have been brought to bear on authorities. Seeing this fully for what it represents, placing the pieces together in the only ways they will fit IS imperative for anyone to develop the tools they need to resist becoming roboticized in the relatively near future.

The contentions of the continued friend of Colonel Williams and his mention of the medicine that the man was taking being responsible for his behavior was avoided being addressed. No one asked what the medication was and how long it had been taken and for what condition. Under the circumstances, far more than odd. Clearly a “damage control” effort upon Sixty Minutes.

Cliff High's web bot predictions are based upon gathered consensus across lying media and a dumbed down populace. A far better aim would be better confined to some of the more erudite of movie-makers who follow far more penetrating inevitabilities and can make the daring leaps simply because its thought allowable by the elite since it's defined as “fiction”. The social engineers are confident, hopefully overly, that anything once depicted as fiction is easily confined to that consideration even as it becomes fact.

So, one more recommendation, the movie, Control Factor.



  1. I've been working my way through these posts and though some are purposely incomprehensible to the initiate it's never boring. I do however miss one huge connection. What has repairing Saturns rings (my language for the gig) got to do with penetrating the sun. They are so different I fail to grasp the big mission.

  2. Mr. Frith, in the design of a solar system hospitable to man one of the first orders for affording environment for complex life is soil.
    In the span of time, science would have you believe all things are possible. Without design very few are. Just like big pharma would have you believe their synthesis of naturally occurring compounds can be as efficacious, astro-physicists and their geologists would have you believe so would be the minerals unreduced by the cosmic bombardment when exposed in rarefied atmosphere or space. The heaps of this mineral found in Nevada, with no indication of stratigraphic placement, are evidence of life giving ability found in nothing else. If you will expand your research of what I've written about it, you will find more information on just how true this is. Thus, there are several features EMVs perform to persist your planet as viable to a lineage for complex life forms. JCH


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