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James C. Horak and Angeltorz - Conversations - 3 - Dec.06.2010

James Horak and Angeltorz in an online conversation. Only some of the Keywords are: the EMVs, the Soul, Death, Sun, Earth, Jupiter, ET, Eisenhower, the NWO, Gulf of Mexico, Corexit, Oil, Sinkholes, Jupiter, Spirituality, Sitchin, Hoagland and a lot more that just makes sense!
Comments and questions are welcome.

The publishing of the third conversation with James Horak and Angeltorz was a bit delayed and I hope it's come out ok.

* Note from Torz* Due to certain unexpected and very upsetting circumstances that were forced upon me in January, I asked that this conversation was delayed until a more suitable time. Many of the "Insights from an Outsider" conversations were private between James and myself, however, the information and deep unified knowledge that James has about everything, I feel, should be freely available for the world to hear in order to gain a sense of clarity in where we stand currently and what we need to do to change it. James and I (and Shuny) over the last year have become very close, he is much like a father and a very trusted best friend to me such, this is reflected in our conversations.


  1. Hi James, I have just discovered your web site from a post at the Avalon forum. I can see you have an amazing web site with a wealth of information... The reason I am posting a message for you is because I am worried about the motivations on trying to gather a group of 18. This will be a council of people that will answer to a senate which I assume will be the members of Avalon. Do you think this is a data mining technique being exploited to flush out a certain quality/members of Avalon? Do you have feeling about the motivations of Charles? Were would you stand on this if you had a choice to be involved? Would you give it a very wide berth?...
    I am a little concerned and apprehensive for Avalon and its members...
    Kind regards Stefan... I write as Chelmostef on Avalon.

  2. Torz Baron-Copley1 March 2011 at 12:39

    Stefan, James has recently joined the forum under the name James Horak but he does come and check the comments on the blog regularly... :)
    Torz x

  3. I may have better answers for you, Stefan, after a little more experience myself with Avalon since I've just recently joined and began posting. I've no doubt about the motivations of "Charles" but I'd like to forgo expressing those until I've had my offer to engage him in an interview considered.
    Yes, I think something is going on at Avalon. That is indicated because it was the choice for where "Charles" struck. Can we benefit from this experience?...that is the question and we may very well do so. My guess is that someone of significance to the NWO has their ear to Avalon and we might be able to give them something to think about. JCH

  4. Just came across this and i think it's something every online community should be aware of, especially this one, considering the subjects dealt with.

    The basic gist is groups are starting to use programs which automate and keep track of many different fake online personas under different IPs, in order to control discussions and manipulate online communities.


  5. Excellent, Marduk, and appreciated. This is the other end of a network of tptb that in the past was mostly concerned with compiling a hit list of those "of concern" and applying more closely protocols like Echelon to them. Now it is the very organizing and deployment of hit artists and the tailoring of their effect as more of a consensus (for effect) than ever it could be.
    All of seven years ago I was having a nearby geek look over my computer for the cause of some problems I had. Curious about something, I asked him to pull up a full header to see where both my outgoing and incoming mail had been routed. One address struck his attention, covertblackops.dfw. He had worked for my provider, Internet America, and said that was not one of their relays. But all my email was going through this address. He was going to investigate and later became "unavailable". JCH

  6. Hi James, Torz, thank you kindly for taking the time to reply.
    I really do think 95% of people have good kind soles, of these some are misguided but with a gentle nudge in the right direction would not be misguided and would reach their full potential... We have been lied to for so long they do not understand what they do or how they are lying to themselves... Its quite sad or makes me sad we just cannot shake this virus once and for all, we are so close... I hope we, collective humanity can make it. It seems such a waste not just for us but every thing else here too..
    In regards to Charles I think a game is a foot, I hope he is exposing rather than needing exposing time will tell. I do have faith that at this late stage, every move and turn the worm makes they are exposing themselves more and more. I hope this is enough and people realise that the choice for the end game is inside them. A tipping point needs to me met where humanity says enough is enough. We all have the morel compass in us but how many are pointing in the right direction. No amount of saying sorry on a Sunday will change the direction it points in either. We are on a knifes edge it seems..
    With kind love and hope, Stefan.


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