Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dimitri Khalezov - The Third Truth about 9/11

All 26 parts with 4h 12m viewing-time are now completely available, hosted on our new YouTube-channel HAND of GOD Productions

Interview with Dimitri Khalezov, a former nuclear intelligence officer of the 12 Chief Directorate of the Russian armed forces about his book 'The Third Truth about 9/11'.

Dimitri Khalezov is a well known 911 researcher and maintains that the WTC buildings were demolished by nuclear devices and that a Granit missile hit the Pentagon on 911.

Select the 'playlist' button to to get an overview of all 26 parts if you want to watch a later part.

Website of Dimitri Khalezov:

YouTube-user 911truthncDotOrg1 also has all 26 parts and more.


  1. Torz Baron-Copley7 February 2011 at 08:40

    James and Hannes, you two have a done a monumental job of getting ALL of this, the MOST important and suppressed information on the web with regards 911, back onto the internet so people can actually have a chance of seeing the truth for themselves.....
    Deepest thanks xx

  2. This is a lot with which to deal, my dear, and we have some problems with the audio, but if those watching persevere, even with these problems, they will have new doorways of understanding this most significant of event represents to their very survival. For if you don't know your actual enemy, you have no chance to do so. JCH

  3. So do you accept or reject Dr Judy Woods evidential part in this investigation?

  4. When Dr. Woods appeared on Veritas she afterwards spent some time on their forum Manticore. There she was asked questions, some by myself. If those questions were not wholly adoring she was belligerent. Her explanation is exotic, hardly answering to the principle of simplicity of scientific method where you examine the more simplistic explanations first. What's more it avoids pointing any finger with certainty at the culprits. Dimitri names the mastermind. Thermonuclear devices have been around a long time. The slip that the owner made that he ordered building 7 taken down and the particulation of all matter within a presumed range of the device he describes...etc, etc, etc. No, I don't think Dr. Woods explanation accounts for the anomaly that does Dimitri's. What's more I feel Dr. Woods was pulled out of the wooodwork by tptb in anticipation of Dimitri's work. JCH

  5. Mr. Johnson, perhaps you would be so kind, since your cohort, Dr. Judy Wood, has so sneeringly declined, to explain how any such scalar weapon (by necessity coming from above)could particulate the structures of the towers below those topmost yet leave those uppermost floors intact...even so much so that the papers from file cabinets on those floors were seen floating in the air as the INNER devices brought them down. Or is that question, again to you, simply a matter of "recycling"? JCH

  6. Excellent explanation. Does this explain the destruction of cars on FDR Drive 7 blocks away, the melting of some cars on the inside but not the outside, and destroyed engine blocks within the car when the car itself is intact?

  7. Many claims that have been made are bogus, meant to confuse issues. Still the yield of the thermonuclear devices Dimitri describes can have a secondary zone of destruction, yet be beyond the area where all matter is reduced to minute particles. See his diagrams.
    A directed energy weapon wouldn't explain this, especially when no such damage occurred on those topmost floors. Nor would it produce the tiny iron spheroids found in the dust. We actually have three "ground zeros" so that spread could account for the distances. JCH


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