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James Horak - Insights from an Outsider - 7 - March 18.2011

HOW WE GET OVER THE HUMP - Important Message to the World by J.C.H.

Topics discussed are always varied with James, here is a rough list of what was said. All very important and relevant to what is happening globally around us now...

Core meltdown and nuclear desaster in Fukushima, Japan, West-coast, Sacrifice, Moral Outrage, Eisenhower, ETs and EBEs, Extended Community, True Heroes, Kennedy, Malcolm X, Organisation of Traffic/Cars & Food, the Mineral, Disease, FEMA-Camps, HAARP, Capitulate, Animal rights, Osho, Law, Faith, Betrayal...


  1. The saddest thing is that nuclear energy is unnecessary. Hemp is the most available and efficient source of "Gaiatherapeutic" solar energy. A "strategic resource" both unique and essential. Nutritionally, ecologically, economically, and socially.

  2. Paul, there are so many solutions unaddressed. So many alternatives. The global sincerity to find these is all it takes. There are even designs for homes and businesses that would lead to energy implementation purely on the basis of that design.

  3. James, the world that you describe isn't all that far away from where we are now in some aspects really. Yet its infinitely times better than today's world and the dead-end of where we are heading for.
    Surely the people in the know that could take down TPTB can see its a risk worth taking... actually its not really much risk... the worst they could do is kill you and your family if they found out but they are probably going to eliminate you and yours soon anyway. Even if they've promised you that you are in the hallowed 5% that gets to live, you can see that they have lied to the entire world and are clearly untrustworthy so how can you really believe them anyway?
    Surely its a no brainer to work out what needs to be done.
    Having Earth take its place in a cosmic neighbourhood of intelligent civilisations and galactic wonders to amazing to begin to fathom, surely thats worth the risk. Worth dying for? Even living for?
    Maybe I'm sounding a little too Star Trek, but even if its only really, a little like what Gene Rodenberry created, out there, surely that's better that were Earth is now? Anything's almost better that where we are now? Would you want your kids growing up in a planet so polluted and toxic? Seen Japan lately? Here we have maybe the last chance to make the planet into the near paradise it can be.. heck, it's either we do this or its game over. Common sense says there's really no choice here. What do you say Mr or Mrs NWO Secretkeeper?

    I'll get off my wee soapbox now.
    Sometimes I wish that I were someone like that, someone that enough information, enough secrets to at least start to bring these buggers down.

  4. You would think so. But look around and see how many you can find to realizing this adequately enough to act upon it. That tells us something is wrong with the collective perception here and how that weakness is exploited to maintain a status quo unworthy of being maintained. Will that become apparent to the masses while there is still anything to salvage? That is the questioned waiting to be answered. If you research much of my material you'll see I have been offering solutions for a while. But people must stand up for themselves. They can't be saved from themselves or else in short time we're right back here. The lessons are not learned by the divided mind unless they are paid for...sadly. JCH

  5. Sand. Burying heads in.

    I think most people do that when they are confronted with something that they don't like. And have little or no direct control over.

    Even I'd love to do that right now but something wont let me. My common sense maybe, or maybe its that same drive that led me to find out what the real 'way of the world' is (not that one that is force-fed at school and in the media).
    I know that in all probability the shit will have well and truly hit the fan in a month or twos time and by this time next year the planet will be a very different place.
    Its like I wake up and find myself sitting on a railway line with a train speeding towards me. Sure, I can go back to sleep but either way very soon, unless I get up and move off the tracks, I'm going to get hit.
    Hopefully the enough people will have woken up to smell the roses, or the shit, by then and with enough sense and drive to do something about it.
    Plus as you say, in time that there is something of the planet left worth saving.

  6. I think you will know what to do when the time comes. Be advised but not fearful. Ready to take advantage of what offers you the best chances for survival. In both the short term and long term.
    Stay away from those with stupid arguments about limiting rights to effective self-defense. They will get you killed. JCH

  7. I hope so. I guess I chose to come here and experience things as me here on Earth. I'd be nice sometimes if I could remember why that was but I guess if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust? :)

    Are there any nuggets of information that you can share about what we might be in store for here in Scotland where I live?
    At least there are no FEMA camps here...
    Nice, quiet villages in amongst loads of fields with the occasional small forestry plantation dotted around. Having said that, we're only 30 miles or so away from Edinburgh, Dundee and Perth so hardly in the wilds of Highlands!
    I could see things falling apart quickly in the cities but out here, at least there is more of a sense of community.

  8. That could all change in a heartbeat if and when food is scarce. JCH

  9. Thank you for this wonderful and as always, informative interview, James!
    I am definitely one of the awakened ones and even though I'm not sure what I can do as one person, I try to tell others what I think they deserve to know.
    Sometimes I'm attacked and ridiculed, but other times the info I give is taken by surprize. What else can I do?
    I know, I'm ready for whatever it takes to reestablish our New Evil Free Earth!

  10. Acquire WHATEVER you need to be adequate to survive, be quick on your feet, don't let the military get their hands and you and realize that all bets are off in the advent of any declaration of martial law. They have already broken the social contract with you and now they have become a threat to your very survival. Not only survive but survive with a vengeance. JCH

  11. I left the states ten years ago and after a steep learning curve settled down in a small, poor, insignificant place. I'm just now starting to learn about the ideas presented here. I hope things change for the better. I have so much to learn and so much confusion to clear up, but I have been improving as a person in my very small reality here.

  12. Erich, there is nothing small about one discovering the worlds within the self. The few privileged encounters I've had with recluses has taught me that. Sounds like to me you've found your own base from which to find what rings true.
    Indeed it does begin with the humility you demonstrate here. JCH

  13. I just hate thinking what little progress I've made is going to be wasted. What is this game about here on Earth? Please explain it. How can I succeed at it?

  14. As a person you have succeeded for your concerns are obviously above the immediate plane. I would not describe what is going on here as a game but more a rite of passage. But within it are each person's own such rite. All spirits are immortal, but all are not equally enriched. There is something significantly grander to be able to offer as well as simply take where your spirit will one day go. While we are here in this apparent veil of tears, not too hopeful yet of reaching beyond our most immediate and worsening circumstances, we should relieve as much suffering of others as we can, offer hope and generate as much grounds for that hope as we may. JCH

  15. Torz Baron-Copley4 April 2011 at 17:55

    Erich, James... if I may come in here with my own perspective that I have had the pleasure ( for it truly has been) of discovering for myself over the last year or two but really that which has bought me to this point of understanding.
    The responsibility lies within each of us to live and be the very best that we can be, to know the difference between good and bad, yet accept that that very fact is what gives us our unique individuality. To do what we can to effect a change with the "soup" as it were. A souls progress is an individual act whilst here, yet the gains, I have come to understand, are felt as a whole...

  16. "...we should relieve as much suffering of others as we can, offer hope and generate as much grounds for that hope as we may...." I can do this often, not always, but often. Thank you both for your help. Is there any way to currently see the EMV objects without censored images?

  17. Dr. Bergrun has suggested their form and appendages, or streamers as he calls them, with
    "artist's conceptions" in his book, Ringmakers of Saturn. Since they are too bright to directly observe, these constructions are based on marks he attributes they have made on solar system bodies like the moon when they "attached". And when presumably there was no sentient presence to disturb. I cannot dispute much of his hypothesis, but would stress that they can change size and effect different shapes, even divorce some portions into structures more suited to task. JCH


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