Thursday, 17 March 2011

James Horak & Shunyananda - Insights from an Outsider - 6 - March 17.2011

James Horak and Shunyananda in an online conversation March 17 2011. The scope of the Catastrophic Disaster at the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Some of the points touched upon are: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, HAARP, Satellite Array to pinpoint HAARP, The Elite, Scientists refusing to look at HAARP, Volcano and Earthquake Data, Weather and Earthquake control and financial manipulation, the NWO.

Warning, due to the emotional nature of this conversation some of the swearing content many not be suitable for young children.

This was something only MONSTERS would build... JCH.


  1. OH This ended too soon. Please can we hear more of this conversation.!!!!!! We need to get this info around !!!!!Wake UP WORLD. Thanks for this post!

  2. Is anyone listening... Hello?

  3. Too right they are downplaying it, the alert is now at level 5 out of a possible 7!!!!! its a disaster alright we are all in trouble!! 17 hundred tonnes of spent rods placed in the worst possible place!!

  4. People may wonder where I get the figure 1700 tons. Well, they admit to 700 tons atop 1 & 3 reactors. Multiply that by the four remaining reactors and you get 2100, well over 1700. And they are doing nothing effective to prevent the whole string from going China. JCH


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