Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Film Investigation about EMVs in the Sun

This is a very well put together, researched and presented short documentary film made by Youtube User Andre Rolling showing evidence of the EMVs in and around the Sun.

He examines the different stages and shapes that the EMVs take on as they perform their tasks in farming the Suns energy to prevent a CME from being expelled from the Sun towards our planet.

In this blog James Horak has greatly expanded our knowledge base about the purpose of the EMVs. It is a great feeling to see that there are now others who have taken up the mantle of asking WHY NASA, JPL and ESA are NOT discussing publicly the evidence that is plain to see in their own images downloaded on their own sites from the Stereo ahead and behind satellites in orbit around the Sun.

To view the daily updated images go here: Stereo Images scroll down to either Stereo ahead or Stereo behind and click on the the image sizes, example:

2048,1024,512,256,128SDO/AIA 193 A2048,1024,512,256,128
MPEG: 512,256

I advise watching this in full HD screen and pausing to read the comments CLOSELY.


  1. Interestingly strange days indeed. Could do with less of the fearful music though and more of the Bob marley (Sun is shining) or Don't Worry :)

  2. Torz Baron-Copley24 May 2011 at 14:14

    I agree and the choice of music only serves to show that the maker, although comprehending they ARE real, does not understand the TRUE nature and awe inspiring wonder of the EMVs... and their implications to mankind on Earth...
    Thank-you for your comments on my blog :)


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