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The Illusionist- written by James Horak - 2007

I am always given permission to delve back into the writings of the man I have come to trust and respect more than I do my own self-judgement, not for any other reason than he always has been open, forthcoming and patient with me and the hundreds of questions I ask in my driven need to seek the truth and to gain knowledge that is kept hidden from us.

I have a few pieces written by James from before I knew him and have been waiting for an appropriate time to publish some of them on the blog for all to enjoy and there are many now who do and many more who come to me on a daily basis, thanking us for doing what we do..freely and for the betterment of the whole...
Given light of current circumstances, I felt this piece was apt and deserves a read as much truth is contained within it.

James Horak
Feb 12, 2007 10:22 PST
The Illusionist

In this age of unbelief, ruled by incredulity, the accounts of the past are skimmed over and ignored when they broach significant anomalous observation, with little heed given them. Mesmer, Tesla, St.Germain, incidents of documentable faith healing, and accounts of Admiral Byrd's experiences with the Blonds in Antarctica are only a few examples. There come to be thousands once you begin in-depth research.

The movie, The Illusionist, is a superb example of how mankind goes about refashioning experiences to accommodate limited expectation.

Actually the movie script writers have done little but make a composite of various "performances" given over the years by various "illusionists" before (as they were advertised) the crowned heads of Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Bearing in mind no technical means were available then to produce a hologram, remote casting of spectre, or imagery that could interact with the audience to everyone there. Because, as you've been told hypnosis alone cannot do this for not everyone can be put under the suggestion to do it. The extensive accounts, however, all agree this is exactly what happened. No one came forward throughout it all, to disagree.

Even in the presence of men of science who knew how to avoid being hypnotized and how to debunk the hoax "spiritualists" of the day.

There is a reason magicians today revere Harry Houdini. He didn't just come to illustrate the super-human aspect one could achieve through dedication to a profession taken to purpose-driven length.

He came and passed the extent to which such devotion alone could reach. They simply can't figure that out. To them, in their mindset of today, he was just the best example of the craft they can conceive.

We don't really believe today in the sorcery through which Moses parted the waters. But it was a common technique among certain of the priest castes in Egypt. Read Budge's book on Egyptian magic if you don't helieve me. No, we have fashioned out of incredulity a comfort zone that leaves us bereft of so many faculties: keen observation that can penetrate psychic block, the ability to follow inevitability to rightful conclusion (probability) if that conclusion is astounding and the endurance to persist observing what we perceive as incredible when it threatens that comfort zone. We will run screaming to get away. That's what you people all do, just over the things I want to develop into discussion with you.

We will not endure our own technology much longer until we overcome these childish fears. No matter how you have been entrained to view and not to view, you are at the brink with a blindfold on.

Minimalism is not objective, ignoring that of the past, historically, only cookie-cutting what you wish and denying what doesn't fit into mindset, is profitless. No one gains by trying to occupy an hostile country and what brought down the Soviet Union is about to do the same to the United States. All because military historians are avoiding important historical lessons to stay in favor with an idiot.

Are you beginning to get my drift? The war drums are beating, as they did with Iraq, to attack Iran, a truely devout Moslem nation that Mecca will be moved to protect with a declaration of Holy War against the United States. You, as part of what the media and society has made you, are about to embark on a folly that will exceed the world's entire ability to control. What will come of it will not be an environment anyone would choose, even those at the top. Not even the Moslems, disunited as they are today, realize the potential.

But a good historian of the Middle Ages would well know what to expect. That is why they will not be asked.

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