Friday, 1 February 2013

Randy Maugans with James Horak & Crystal Clark on OffPlanet Radio, Jan.30.2013

First Hour - Crystal Clark discusses:

The Gloves are off...
Identity mining/monitoring and personal profiling with a view to a totally controlled RFID chipped society.
The speed of peoples ability to see that Sandy Hook was a False Flag and their subsequent analysis and realisation of how far their Governments  will go to emotionally manipulate people.
DHS Drills and Crisis Actors.
Discusses her recent article on Cosmology and the importance of understanding how our perceptions are manipulated and controlled by the Social Engineers.
Alternative Media Infiltration.
Agenda 21

Second Hour - James Horak and Crystal Clark discuss:

Space Agencies hiding true number of Planets in our Solar System. Astronomers silenced and finds classified.
Inability of Alternative 3 to be implemented. ET introduced fungus that destroys Earth made metals explaining the cancelled Space Program.
1950's Nato Alliance to discredit Ufology. Hostile ET Invasion False Flag off the cards.
Abduction Scenario - Creation of false perceptions - Non-existence of hybrid clones - Eugenics - Nazis.
EBEs are a Government tool being used against Humanity. Hacking the Human Mind. Blonde ETs.
Invasive Hypnosis used to implant false memories, Psychic Block. Propaganda constantly employed to prevent the mind from accepting reality. Some movie makers in Hollywood try to tell the truth.
Dynasty of Pharaohs who were Extra Terrestrial - elongated skulls. Etruscans inspired by ET leaders.
Inter-dimensional visitors and much more...


  1. hey! thanks y'all! well,is it the new age yet,and what can we expect,right? sounds like a lot of bad news-but i like that crystal clark,she's certainly smart! this is like one of the coolest blogs ever-keep posting more great shows-wow,right? are people hearing this stuff? what d'y'think,right? is there any hope for the world,and us? it's been a real,long time now,ain't it? greetings! and happy new year!

    1. We hope this lineage will survive. It's yet to be determined. Yes, Crystal is smart and well organized. Her latest article is right on and the best we have to offer.

  2. hey james...i get the feeling you know a lot more than you let on-well,of course you do-yet you're my favorite guest on any talk show-have you ever talked with jordan maxwell? i bet you guys could have some great conversations-and that would make for some great radio/you tube shows..
    if anything,i get a much more optimistic feeling from james' interviews i've heard,where jordan's perhaps a little more frustrated and discouraged-and yet it's hard to argue (with) most of the points he makes-
    anyways! i bet y'all can't imagine what a great influence that you are,on the world,or at least a certain segment of the population..thanks,and bless you,and heaven help us all-o my gosh,nobody told me there'd be days like these...did they? ah they probly did,is this what they were talking about? and what's next,what're we gonna do,about this huge pile of problems-wow! white hats huh...yeah there's a neat idea i'd like to see in so-called real life- they seem to be in a bit of a pickle,to put it mildly,if they're really up there,in these key positions...yes-yes?

    1. Thank you for the generous words. No, have not had the occasion to discourse with Mr. Maxwell. He has been very penetrating in his knowledge of the secret societies and cults.
      Although there are no quick and easy ways to fix things, there are solutions. It just takes courage and will power to face the truth in order to turn it around. I'm not sold on the "white hat" phenomenon put on us by those expressing inside information. Resistance is there on the inside but its organization remains secret out of the need for it to survive at this stage. The purges in the military point to that. JCH


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