Sunday 24 February 2013

Civil-War in America - Mark Snider with James Horak and Crystal Clark Pt.2

by Ohio Exopolitics

Edited version

Please be advised that this show ultimately took a completely different direction than the title reflects, and included black ops projects supposedly dealing with soul stealing, and many, many other interesting topics not generally discussed by James Horak.

This was a great show with host Mark Snider and included (but was not limited to) the following topics:
• The N.W.O has nowhere to hide—on the planet or off the planet
• The weaponization of asteroids (the recent meteors)
• N.W.O Corp: service=servitude; product=money & death; media is the sales division
• N.W.O weaponization of space and the introduction of the fungus
• The N.W.O. is using EBE’s and their craft
• Back-engineering isn’t as easy at is sounds: an Incan example
• History of astronomy: Phobos and Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)
• Forbidden Archeology: Cremo & Archeological Anomaly
• Every human being has a right to the knowledge
• Records of prior human lineages are suppressed
• The latest find in Romania: will the public finally get the truth?
• Black Ops MILABS & Mind Control: another victim comes forward
• The irony of people who don’t believe in the soul believing they can actually capture one
• The N.W.O is a sick cult obsessed with physical immortality
• Mr. Computer (the complex in Utah): capable of collective artificial intelligence
• The N.W.O aren’t intelligent enough to discern between the psyche and the soul
• No supercomputer will ever know the outcome of free will

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  1. i got the 'ebe-jeebies'...hey james,great show-crystal,wow,you also! is nancy lieder perhaps a bit confused,thinking of these ebe's to be 'greys',real sentient,benevolent people ..? -rather than chunks of meat,sewn together,with computer terminal control or what-have ye...
    i understand there's mantis-people,very high beings,benevolent as hell,supra-intelligent,and have a real affection for us special humans...they seem a little scary,being way tall and tough like any insect ,giant insectoid,with exo-skeleton and all,superior intelligence...what could be more scary? now,to me,the present 'administration ' is what frightens me-it seems time ain't on our side-or is it..?

  2. Military black ops and the use they have put EBEs have intentionally confused many issues while they exploit eugenic and social engineering
    agendas. As Al Bielek once remarked about Montauk, "foremost it was a mind control experiment." So is that posed by the persistence of abductions and what subsequently comes of tampering with abductees.
    You should not trust details coming forth from ANYTHING associated with these phenomena. Trust more to your common sense. Hypnotherapists that work within this area especially are just as vulnerable to "persuasion" as the scientists that hide secrets about their work. Besides, the split consciousness and its inducement to trance goes much deeper in descending levels than they themselves may realize. The veneers can be fed false realities at each level that might be taken as recovered. JCH

  3. James what is your take on the Lousiana sinkhole & the theory that the well in the Gulf tapped into a huge salt dome under the southern US and Gulf.Also what do you think of this OPPT(One Peoples Public Trust) movement.

  4. We do know that many sinkholes are the result of oil and gas extraction, that the salt water replacing what's taken hasn't the same ability to fortify underground structures. In the case of BP's misadventure in the Gulf, due to several factors, the suspicion that the one northernmost drilling was part of destabilizing the New Madrid fault zone cannot be dismissed. Had it not been for EMV operations emanating from Utah, the inland sea depicted on NWO map projections might have been obtained. The growing sinkhole in Louisiana might very well be an indication that some erosion of the salt batholith did however occur. JCH

  5. Can you tell us, Mr. Horak, what it is they found in the Romanian pyramid and wish to suppress?

  6. Anon, in particular, I was not referring to any of the pyramids within this complex (there is even a sphinx,) but to the cave designated "moon shaft cave". Part of the structures are of a tradition en memoriam of a former lineage and some actually attached to it. The extent of these workings and their remoteness have prevented the development of any overview sufficient enough to bring then into the attention of worldwide media until the struggle began between the government and globalists to disrupt the sovereign rights over their treatment. As early as 2003 this was becoming a problem as noted in this article:
    Were truthful and open disclosures made inevitable discussions would come to focus on the pattern leading to lineage extinction and its parallel to what is going on today. This is the greatest fear of globalists, that they are the deliverer, not of world salvation but doom.
    Inside this one site are artifacts of a prior technology, much gold and a hall of records that even alludes to lineages prior to the last. JCH

  7. James,
    I enjoy every interview you give, James. You're always insightful and make me feel as if there's hope for us yet.
    What can you say about the Chinese? They should be so angry for what the Federal Reserve did to them and screwing them out of their gold with the tungsten. And from what I've heard, they must be up to something because they're stockpiling everything before they refuse the dollar as payment for anything. And since everything seems to be made in China, we might have something to worry about. Can you tell us about them? Will they be invading America? I only bring this up because you talked about Korea in this interview. I just wondered if we are going to have some serious problems with the Chinese,too?

  8. The Chinese are left out of far too many discussions. In truth, they have succeeded their own revolution, one that was very real and not just a ploy by an outside power group for short term agenda. A most remarkable people with a culture that incorporates the present well with the past. Theirs are the longest traditions of this lineage.
    Today their leaders give little away of their intentions, knowing full well that globalism is has been planned by the very same elements that once sought to place them in debt servitude. Some call their attitude inscrutable but if you know of their history, it is more connected to seasoned thought than any in the world today. And they have values to reflect this.
    The Chinese will leverage for the best position they can obtain for their nation in world affairs but they will not adapt to globalism at the expense of the sovereignty. Always remember that their success at winning favored nation clause and achieving an unfair trade balance with us was because our own globalists wanted to bring down our was not the intention of the Chinese to do so. They are wise and know that this breeds instability which leads to increasing the chances for WWIII.
    To this day they look upon the use of atom bombs against Japan by the US as an attempt at intimidating them. This and such memories of the Opium Wars play heavily in their concepts of the west and its trends today.
    Think more of the Chinese as an inhibitor of any global power grab than a facilitator. And don't trust the way they are portrayed in our mess media. JCH

    1. The Chinese have always been remarkable people. And it's a shame that the Lame Stream medias have portrayed them as dark and evil. Thankfully, I never believed the medias.
      Thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly and insightfully.

  9. James these elongated skulls found in Africa & s.america are from what lineage. I read where these beings would have to have been 12-15 feet tall. Is this true,are these beings still on the planet today & why did their civilizations fall? Also what is the signifiance of the Sphinx..I read there are others besides egypt in China & now you say Romainia..what does it signify?

    1. The use of cradleboards for cranial modification throughout the world at different times confuses this issue. As does the exaggeration of finds of archeologists in the sizes of abnormally tall skeletons. Whole populations of the past have had 7'6" to even 8" men common to themselves both in the New World and in the Old. A certain condition may express a much taller individual, even up to 10 feet, but that is true today. But this is abnormal and usually leads to a much shorter life span, suggesting an established gene pool of the trait would not be desirable. In the last millions of years, at least.
      As for a race of giants, in an article you'll find here I write about the Time of Uniformity and why it was important. Enough so that something of a designed intervention took place to accomplish it. Title of the article is: A Tale for You to Judge its Truth. You
      will find it here by doing a search on, The Time of Uniformity.
      A pharaonic dynasty had an ET derivation and its pharaonic line had the elongated heads. I write of this here more extensively. JCH

  10. James i just read the sad story about the sinkhole opening up & swallowing the man in florida. I've seen stories about them all over the world in the last few years & saw the question above about the salt dome under the southern US. what is going on with these sinkholes,are they related to the liquefying of solid ground & purification of Mother Earth or something inter-dimensional maybe?. are they all connected somehow or just random? also could you explain in more depth how tptw are weaponizing meteors and does that tie into the (possible) upcoming Global Coastal Event...thank you for your input & all the work you & crystal are putting in for all of us.

    1. Please see my reply to sink holes above on this thread.
      With HAARP having the range of producing terrawatt electrical charges and the ability to focus their return from the upper atmosphere elsewhere, they have acquired a way of disrupting paths of incoming objects from space that have no way of countering this disruption. The bursts they can produce will dispose any such object to wander away from the direction of the burst so that, if intended, they can be brought to a target. JCH

  11. What is the significance of possesing melanin on our planet & throughout this solar system?Are beings possessing melanin more or less suited for living in & on our planet earth and this solar system.Does it help the physical better process & adapt to Solar Energy?What was the significance of it in past lineages & this one?what about other systems & suns?

    1. Individuals like albinos that produce no melanin suffer a great deal in being unable to being exposed to direct sunlight. This effects the efficacy of Vitamin D absorption and other full range production of the amino acids necessary for specific cell health. They have lost a great deal of environmental adaptability.
      Its significance is the same, even to those that live beneath the surfaces of planets and must create an artificial "sunlight" to be able to remain reproductively vital.
      The most advanced have found methods of genetic repair that overcome these needs, but trend them away from the physical world more and more. JCH

  12. James first I want to thank you for all the information you have given us. Next I would like to ask,what was/is going on with the "Stargate" in the Gulf of Aden and over Yemen. could you give us an explanation of what this was,how stargates work & if there are anymore on earth at this time and what purpose they serve. I heard you talking about the anvil next to the SUN & its stargate potential,fascinating to even think about. Again thank you for expanding my mind,I hope to soon be able to see more now that im more aware of what is really going on around me.Isnt this how it's supposed to work?

  13. Although the rumors of a stargate surrounded this activity in the Gulf of Aden, it is far more likely that the detection of an extreme energy source was the attraction.
    Stargates are limited and based on going to fixed points based on gravity wave attenuation. Portals and "anvils" (a portal supercharged by a star by being in its close proximity) have no fixed points of travel but can be used to go beyond set frontiers and allow any size of object use, not just what fits through a gate.
    Yes, this is how endeavor should work.

  14. James what is the latest information with Fukishima. I see rense with daily updates but little else. Are we receiving ET intervention with this,or is it just horribly out of control.I would think by this point nearly 2yrs later the west coast of the US would be in much worse shape.

  15. Still an ongoing mess, Anon. They've taken no steps to encase the reactor cores in graphite or to better manage the water cooling them. Until the incidence in infant mortality rate and cancer of the thyroid are shared with us statistically we will not know much about the damage already done to the people of the west coast. Don't count on the mess media sharing that with us. JCH

  16. What is your take on Dr.Steven Greer & his "Disclosure" project? Him not withstanding what will it take for actual disclosure to occur,meaning to the point the existence of ET's is undeniable to the sheeple & general public.Are the ET's waiting for us to reach a critical mass mentally? What is the waiting about?

  17. I am not impressed with Greer of those he's gathered around him. They are as avoiding of UFO "best evidence" as far as contact points as so many ufologists. Your own powers-that-be have feared all along contact would lessen their hold on you, even threatened the status quo. As a result they hold their massive devices for social control over your heads and play them like a blackmail card against ET doing more. ET has met with world leaders and each time has come up against this hostility. Today they await the tensions all this greed and lust for power has drawn up to a climax, to see denouement hoping the outcome will be more willing to advance beyond madness. JCH

  18. Why does ET keep meeting with our corrupt leaders? Its not as though they are selected by the people so much as chosen for us. Why not a display worldwide for the people;for eg. motherships hovering over the 25 most populous cities for weeks at a time simultaniously? would'nt something like that make even the sheeple demand more from our "leaders". Im not making excuses for the state we're in,but people only know what they know.I feel lucky that i've always had a inquisitive mind that led me to research & dig for more,but most aren't like that,through admittidly mostly their own fault;the web of lies & confusion sewn by tptw is a mess down here.

  19. Basically you're expressing a desire that people here should be saved from themselves. Mass presentations of craft have shown themselves, like in Mexico city. The risk is always run that such exposures will be worked into threatening hostility and played into the hostile alien thesis. The monsters have done this with far less "provocation". When people have been approached, like in several cases I'm personally familiar, their lives have been turned upside down by MIB and cover black ops agents, even for years afterwards. There is no other way than to accept your responsibility of doing your part and removing from power those that have led you astray. JCH

  20. Mr. Horak, I have been practicing many different farming techniques and now use what is most often called, natural farming.

    I was beginning to feel as if what I am learning is very important. I refer to microbes, fermentation, and making things like lactic acid bacteria which as you know synthesizes folic acid.

    I have been feeling rather bedazzled by the small collection of microbes that do so much for us (cheese, yogurt, yeast, digestion, fertilizer, and so on...) and I cannot help but wonder if there is more going on than just chemistry. Do some microbes have sentience? Am I on to something relevant?

    I have never practiced any techniques which have been so simple, so close to nature and so effective. Learning and practicing these ideas feels like the curtain is being pulled back, if only a little. Can you give it a yank?

  21. Sometimes we allow words more import than they deserve, sentience being one. What we do with it is what matters, not merely possessing it. When I am asked about the EMVs, wonders incomparable, and try to describe what they have instead of sentience, I always feel like I have left off the most important part to their presence. Being task driven they are fitted to a design that will not compromise purpose. Perhaps that would only be less so if they had sentience like ours. I see an awareness of such design in what you mention here. When we come to terms with it we realize our own strict borders of meaning cannot, one of life's quandaries. But it is, as well, a depth, allowing poetry to our thoughts as we try to understand it better each day. Back to the earth movements have that quality and you fathom it in the precious small life you detect that complete us nutritionally. Some instruments can detect an exchange of consciousness between us and plants. In restoring Nature's life cycle, having found out what it's like to have lost it, new understandings will come forth. And now we may have the eye to see them. JCH


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