Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Forum for EMVsinfo

EMVs visitors and readers. 

We are pleased to announce a new dedicated forum to discuss topics relating to important current issues that James discusses and information he has revealed to us about Humanities History and the EMVs around the Suns Corona.

If you are new to the information we offer before you join in with any discussions and in order to gain the most from what James freely shares with us, we strongly advise and would appreciate that you spent a few hours familiarizing yourself with the posts on the blog.

Please be advised we welcome open discussion and expect you to be polite and respectful.


  1. Ok....I really appreciate all the info James and Crystal....importantly the metal eating rally does take care of a lot of previous questions.....theres one question that sill bothers me greatly...what about the rover on mars at the moment...why died they still send it and why is is still functioning???If it is true - the why did they send it???
    Thanks in advance for any further info!

  2. Been waiting for someone to ask this, Pam. Several reasons come to mind as to why they might send this latest mission. Perhaps they are still keeping up a charade with the elite that they have safe haven for them elsewhere. Something to show for budget appropriations. To maintain a professed claim against others they fear may have made secret understandings with ETs. To explore particular areas they missed when bases were there. But my hunch is to simply see if the fungus is still active and just how much they dare venture in exploration now. JCH

  3. Thanks James, as usual you cover all possibilities that make and Crystal are my first ports of call for any info thats truthful and useful. Im just on tenterhooks every day as I pray for -the powers that were- demise.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Looking forward to your next radio interview.

  4. James,

    Thank you for all you have shared in your radio interviews. I am looking forward to learning more.

  5. There are so many places on the website where James might post or answer a question, it's become a bit confusing.

  6. Well, Anon, only here and on FaceBook. Don't do other forums anymore. Drew too many hit artists. So I'm confined to these two. JCH

  7. James I have so many questions since i've found a source of truthful knowledge in you. I dont know the best way to ask them all so i'll simply ask:1.What is the purpose of so-called "junk" DNA? What does it have to do with Ascension & what if anything can we do to activate it? 2.The cone skulls found all over the world;what is the story/lineage behind them & does it tie into ancient Egypt at all. if so how? 3. The 12-12-12 date & the activation of the crystal grid,what is the truth behind that story & how does Arkansas & Brazil tie into it;also the lineage of Atlantis,was it a global civilization, what caused its destruction & what is the his-story behind it all. 4. With all that is going on and our planet at such a crisis point is there a such thing as global consciousness reaching a tipping point & intervention by ET's?? is that the point for the most part of spreading this out-formation & informing people. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing for us all

  8. Anon, there is no junk DNA, just options within the genetic potentials eugenics wishes to conceal. Narrowing genetic potentials to produce a more controllable subject is what the social engineers want. Mechanisms that thwart this are quite a concern to them.
    "Ascension" is a New Age gimmick to sell woo woo. As a product it is very well promoted within and without both the mass media and the alternative since it takes emphasis off determining effective ways to achieve needed change.
    At one time monument building civilizations on earth were visited by an ET peoples who tried to discover how best to put humanity on the right track culturally. Examples of their leadership roles are found among the Egyptian dynasties when first the Upper and Lower Nile were united, in the mummies of pharaohs.
    "Crystal grid" = more woo woo.
    My friends and I are trying to wake up people to where the trends of the last 300 years inevitably lead in the hopes we can prevent the seventh and final extinction.
    To answer two questions with one reply. It is the collective consciousness, rather than "global" that revisits the past in your subconscious. Sometimes it comes through the creative inspiration of gifted people, in their fiction mostly or leaps taken to try and resolve archeological and historical anomaly. "Atlantis" is a mix of what other six lineages have produced in this collective consciousness we might access from time to time, mostly in our dreams.

  9. Hi James…Do you have any info on planet x/nibiru, specifically, are we in for a rough ride ( pole-shift/flood type scenario ) any time soon, like later this year ?…Jim Mccanney, who you would think might know something, seems to be keeping his cards close to his chest on this one…after spending a considerable amount of time online researching this topic I still don't know what ( or who ) to believe…cheers, edgy

  10. There is nothing extant anywhere similar in attribute to that of the myth derived Planet X/Nibiru. There are four planets in the system not recognized but known. Still, nothing threatening to earth. JCH

  11. Mr. Horak What do you make of the energetic upwelling at 19.5 degrees latitude on every planet in the Solar System and the theory of transdimensional physics as stated by Richard C Hoagland.

  12. James, if the last extinction were to happen, and all Human souls enter emv's, what would be next? Would the emv's relocate us into a new system collaberation. Would humans even have a choice in this or just the emv's. I also wanted to get your opinión about when one is taking psycoactive alkaloids like d.m.t, could this be a glimpse into true other dimensions etc. ( im using d.m.t as an example due to d.m.t not messing with your mind while in use, and the fact that many users encounter intelligent beings. I am not sugesting that you cant encounter simillar áreas on other Medicine, but they cloud your mind at the same time. as stated d.m.t. Serna to not play with the mind in this fashion, It's only the World around you that changes, similar to a (n.d.e.... Thank you for your time, Brando,, over and out good buddy.......

  13. The spirit finds any return to carnal existence repugnant. Exceptions are very rare. Although it is not burdened to any place or purpose, the spirit is attracted to energy and grows cold without it. This is why it finds its way to stars and EMVs. Once there, the community that embraces it and the knowledge shared becomes an harbor. The feelings of completion come then.
    Some leave, possibly for the sake of the living they've left behind or to earn memories they can bring back and share.
    Earthbound humans alter their perceptions and attribute this in sublimation to new realities or dimensions. Instead of planting their feet firmly where they are to take a stand against those wronging others. Escape is escape is escape. JCH


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