Sunday, 3 February 2013

James Horak and Crystal Clark on Beyond 2012 Radio with host Tony Kudos - 02.02.2013

Tony Kudos interviews James Horak and Crystal Clark on Beyond 2012

A list of topics discussed:

• EMVs in the Sun and Disclosure
• 21. December 2012
• Hostile-Alien-Thesis and ETs
• Kennedy and Obama, Bill Gates and Ted Turner
• GMO and vaccines, eugenics, global genocide
• Boycott of Mass Media
• Christians and Rapture
• Fake Al Queda and the real terrorism
• House to house seizures
• Feudalism, censorship
• The Disposition Matrix
• Food and water wars
• Crimes against humanity
• Chipping children
• Abductions
• Chemtrails
• Dimitri Khalezov and Sears Tower
• Our survival and genetic adaptations


  1. there's crystal again-wow,isn't she great...
    ..still listening-i'll have to re-listen,isn't it funny how stuff can get by you until you re-listen again,it's frustrating not to have full control of one's body and brain! be a mere mortal,an imperfect human,on a prison-planet,sure was a challenge-and continues to be-increasingly!

  2. Yes, Crystal is quite an asset. Please read her latest article since we've had problems with hosts giving it the attention it deserves.
    Lack of focus is the result of how attention span is constantly disrupted in almost every aspect of day to day life. You have the fifteen minutes of commercials intruding upon your "TV viewing pleasure"; contradictions in significant story lines of events shaping your world, like that at Sandy Hook; planted confusion, even in the alternative media, where we have our common sense constantly assaulted with woo woo and mythical inserts of Planet X and The Second Coming.
    Common sense and focus should be our guiding light to discern what we can trust and what we can't. Crystal gives you both.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Anonymous--I'm glad you're enjoying the shows. :) You may find this article helpful as well:

    Crystal Clark


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