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3 Issues in UFOlogy (Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift) by James C. Horak

3 Issues in UFOlogy
(Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift) 
by James C. Horak

(Copyright 2008, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 13:05 January 27, 2007

There exist today 3 issues that could broaden the frame of reference for discussions in UFOlogy. Recognizing their significance is of primary importance to advancing focus and any achievable methodology involving cooperation.

The Brazilian event on the remote Amazonian island of Colares has astounding overtones if given any context at all. Its duration, its physical effects on many inhabitants, its study by a select group of the Brazilian military while it was ongoing, and the revelations imparted of the details taken (with drawings) by its leader, give it more value as an event than even that of Roswell. Not to mention an actual contact with an alien and a message given was reported.

The Colares UFO, Brazil 1977

The main feature of this experience is unique, however, it is not singular. The behavior of the UFOs (and the operators involved) from the 1940s through the 1970s was undeniably one of investigating, in a most preliminary manner, mankind on this planet. Both their extent and thoroughness infer, for the first time, a worldwide human surveillance, observation and manipulation program by an alien presence.

Hence, it is suggested that these are aliens are from worlds other than those we've experienced before. With this indication of a multiplicity of origins, let us reconsider the behavior of the Comet Schumacher/Levy (or rather, fragments thereof.)

It was assumed to have been a comet solely on the basis that comets still convey some mystery and this "supposed" comet conveyed far more than mystery. When reports of observations of it were reviewed, it appeared as if it had been under intelligent guidance.

The sheer magnitude of the impacts on Jupiter, puts skeptics into an almost furious denial and withdrawal to avoid further discussions of it, much less, ever submit to the likelihood of it being a chance occurrence in any statistical analysis of probability. Heaven forbid!

But the same is to be said for Dr. Norman Bergrun's claims that his EMVs are captured in images finishing a ring of Saturn's. Let me remind you of an equally documented process, if so supportable, which, upon proper review, can be easily proven or disproved. That none of the scientist's claims have been refuted by any of his colleagues at JPL on this matter is highly significant. But, like the UFO injury cases of Colares (Brazil) and Schumacher/Levy, these go ignored by UFOlogists while they trifle with each other over far lesser incidents.

Underlying almost all the hi-tech/science world today is an almost rank obsession to prove nothing is that much more magnificent than ourselves. One can call this an almost close parallel to that of the new convert to atheism's equally dogmatic insistence, "There is no God."
What the world does not need is for thought, any thought, to be dominated by denial.
A person can impose two attitudes on an anomaly. They can suppose that the extraordinary be approached by a preconceived mindset or they can open up to what touches our other senses as well. The preconceived mindset one has played very well into the hands of those who withhold information and intimidate witnesses, as well as those who attempt to curtail discussions.
Maintaining a certain amount of openness seems more important to me than accounting for every point of argument when so much is:
1)  ignored already
2)  withheld.
UFOlogists, if you want common ground, you will have to do better. Right now it's beginning to look more like science fiction, bizarre though it may be at times, is "getting there" better than you. Absolutely, in conception! For, if you're not willing to explore other possibilities when you've nothing else as an explanation, you are left with nothing but denial.
And that doesn't seem to be getting anyone anywhere.
For more details on the Colares Incident (1977)

"Operation Saucer"
by A.J. Gevaerd


The Colares UFO Incident

James C. Horak
January 26th, 2008

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