Friday, 4 October 2013

Crystal Clark & James Horak on WolfSpiritRadio - TPP: WHEN GREED ISN'T ENOUGH

RACE WITH TIME Episode #3: When Greed Isn’t Enough

• TPP & FEMA Region III updates
• UN Arms Trade Treaty: global gun registration and regulation
• Constitutional transgressions and political corruption
• Republic form of government requires an involved and responsible public for oversight and direction
• Treason: Fast & Furious and supplying arms to Syrian rebels
• The many Orwellian faces of the Cremation of Care ritual---are you wearing one?
• People need to plug back in to reality and help by taking appropriate action
• The UN is a front for the New World Order
• Lawlessness: turning a blind eye to corruption means your silence is consent
• Corruption of the Supreme Court the gateway to the destruction of our Republic
• Shoulder-shrugging won’t fix anything; don’t get depressed—get busy and involved
• The overpopulation lie: when all you see is overpopulation, all you have is depopulation tools
• Corrupt corporations (not the public/sheeple/useless eaters) are destroying our environment
• Did the NRA covertly sell out?
• The legal system has been contaminated--- loyalties have been confused (and/or purchased)
• Eustace Mullins and Common Law
• Administrations vs. regimes: the Constitution is our ONLY social contract with government
• John Kerry: patsy, imposter, or both?
• Why would they do that?—Howard Hughes, Qui Bono and the military industrial complex
• Kevin Blanch (not David Blanch), Lauren Moret and the Fukushima depopulation nightmare
• Strontium 90 the predominant cause of rapid onset leukemia
• Fear of confrontation allows aberrant behavior to thrive and continue
• The ultimate insanity: using a neutron bomb to neutralize Fukushima radiation
• Increasing disease & more virulent strains of flu
• Overview (lending to genius) prohibited as a threat to New World Order agenda
• The psy-ence behind helium, carbon, alpha particles and CERN
• Helium is not an element—doesn’t react to/combine with anything or degrade---NO such thing as Helium 3
• Helium disinfo began during WW1 by the military industrial complex
• Proper knowledge of helium kept secret from the public by gas companies based on extraction/use being a corporate “trade secret”
• Helium being part of the secret of the sun

All of this (in the first hour alone) and much, much more were discussed in this expansive, set-the-record-straight, and 3rd episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak & Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

Articles referenced during the show:
Microbes & Machiavellian Mindsets (Aerobiology, climate and chemtrails) can be found HERE
Cognitive Dissonance & Detachment or Spiritually Enlightened? (Cremation of Care in New Age Dogma) can be found HERE

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast, Shuny (OmetaOne) for doing the audio editing, Patrice from Information-Machine for producing the graphics, and co-host James Horak for his special (out-formation) insights. It’s always a team effort!
Website of Crystal Clark: drowninginabsurdity


  1. James and Crystal... wow, as usual a fantastic, fact filled, no nonsense interview. Thanks to everyone involved. Shuny for editing, Patrice for the graphics and Dave for allowing you both a platform in order to educate without restrictions. A rarity among the alternative community.

  2. Once upon a time in history, a Nazi douche bag once commented that if a lie is told with sufficient repetition that people will buy into it hook, line, and sinker. Should it not be the same with TRUTH? This vital and prolific discourse, and others like it, should be brought to the threshold of the minds of ALL Earthbounds (Americans in particular), without exception, until the tide of this madness be ended for all eternity and liberties re-established. I would argue that we follow up with mass oral examinations, chaired by the producers of this fine work, until each and every S.O.B. "gets it". Furthermore, alternative media must unite the front and share in its propogation: something with which they have miserably failed. James, Crystal, and your associates...I am so very proud of you! Finally, please pardon my indignation. A fortified resolve is a wonderful thing.

  3. Thank you, Buzz. Yes, resolve overcomes that propensity towards ambivalence tptb have learned to turn to their advantage so well. Without that, their cause would have failed before now. Now it is up to the decent of the earth to adopt common cause and beat them. JCH

  4. An annoying side matter. I am getting unsolicited emails from participation in the EMVsinfo forum from fredkatre [via EMVsinfo Forum] and a glynnig [via EMVsinfo Forum] . I don't know how to stop this or prevent my email address being sold to other creeps. Is there anything you can do or do you have any suggestions that I can do other than canceling this email address and changing to another which is very time consuming. I am not very knowledgeable about such things and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you

    1. We have had a problem with this user and email. As such I have deleted the forum as very few of us use it. I am sorry you are receiving emails from them. You can always block them in your settings.

  5. Great show and I just went to Crystal Clark's site, Tried to watch "SILENT EPIDEMIC: THE UNTOLD STORY OF VACCINES" on Youtube to view comments & Share, but it came up as a Private Video" Any Idea WHY?

    In Lak'ech.....joachim

  6. Thanks for the update Anon--sure enough, looks like the SILENT EPIDEMIC full movie has been removed. Here's a 30 minute trailer for the film: The entire film is *excellent* and will hopefully again be released in its entirety.

  7. I'm really glad that James & Crystal decided upon this bi-weekly show for us all.I thought you two did excellent work on this one. Since the next one is to be about comets & non-terrestrial topics I have a few ?'s: can we get a comprehensive 'Earthlings Guide to your Solar System" breakdown? such as the # of planets,types of beings inhabiting those planets,kind of life forms etc....when james has said that all planets in our system have "life" what does that mean? are there actual civilizations or another form of life besides carbon based?...which planets do have present day civilizations thriving... the actual make-up & role of "moons" in the solar system(i've read about phobos being artificial and a supposed 'black satellite' in orbit around earth....why?)since james says our own moon was actually a ship it makes me wonder...the electric universe theory as explained by james is something cant wait to hear properly broken down...what are 'comets' truthfully...not the dirty snowball mess,their actual make-up & purpose. at differant times in history some have written about the changes that came with the appearance of comets...I think back to when I 1st heard you two on the "lifting the veil" interviews & thought that format was great with Crystal setting them up & james knocking them down. I can barely express how happy I am to be able to hear you two together twice a month now,in these days & times.Thanks so much for your efforts

  8. Anon, in my work I have covered most of these subjects. Some were covered in internet radio interviews like that on the Black Knight satellite which I did with the Kevin Smith Show as a call in. Research this blog to find information addressing most of your concerns and then revisit what questions you still have with me here. Many things I discuss have been touched upon in the past by those astute and open enough to find their way to such knowledge. For instance, the acknowledgement of Phobus being artificial by Walter Sullivan in his book, We Are Not Alone, way back in the late sixties. I enjoy helping those observing due diligence themselves and subscribe to the principle, the question earns the answer. JCH

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