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James Horak Round-Table - Fukushima Radiation - World-Wide Killer on the Loose by Design

Race With Time Episode 5 - James Horak Round Table with Kevin Blanch, Andrew Ebisu, Mhairead McDonald, Christina Consolo aka Radchick and David Corso on WolfSpiritRadio - 25. Oct. 2013

Three leading voices in the anti-nuclear movement speak out. Kevin Blanch, Andrew Ebisu and Christina Consolo are our guests thanks to co-host Mhairead McDonald. A full three hours of information that offers all appreciable aspects of the most imposing environmental threat humanity has faced, Fukushima. JCH

When Crystal asked me if I would stand on for her to do this show on this particular topic, I was hesitant, I have never done anything like this before and did not feel knowledgeable enough to cover it adequately.  But I knew that if I could get some of the Fukushima truth activists on board it could be something that would give people some much needed insights and information into an event that is proving to be the worst environmental catastrophe of our times, the consequences of which are horrific in a multitude of ways. We are all affected by this. Many are already dying and as is pointed out in the discussion cancers are on the rise. It is a nightmare, it was from the start, and we are not dreaming. Our planet is in grave danger as this adds to the stresses already placed here through the continued insanity of those who exploit and rape this earth for greed beyond measure.

So many are still in a fog of confusion and denial regarding the multiple issues that are part of the topic and I know that James agrees with me that nothing is more important than this, as Kevin Blanche would say right here, right now. If you are not moved by Kevin's activism, his creative intensity and knowledge, then I despair, take a look in the mirror that he holds up to you. His passion and activism is life long and he has continued throughout his treatment of AML Leukaemia and is still alive against all odds. He is a true warrior, and I do not use that term lightly these days.

I am so grateful to him for his work and his contribution to this discussion. I was over joyed that he took the time out to be with us. I approached Andrew Ebisu early on as I had watched all his beautifully crafted films and shared them with James and others. Andrew could not have been more gracious with his time and his input and I thank him for that, it is an honour to meet someone who is in integrity and just as Kevin has the passion, so does Andrew have the tenacity and the depth.

Last, but by no means least, I thank Christina Consolo for stepping in on short notice and contributing up to the minute reports after the quake had hit Fukushima that day, along with great insights into her data. She is another grass roots activist in the movement who provides information on a daily basis, and there are a few who do such vital work on utube, and like Kevin says they were there early in the piece doing the heavy lifting. It is my hope that this discussion will contribute to the cause, please see the links to those who took part share and talk about the topics covered with others, support the work of these individuals any way you can. Two hours of listening in a world where precious time is running out, is not much to ask. Thank you James, Crystal, Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for his generous heart. Shuny and Patrice for the editing, image and upload. Exposure to Truth is what we all work so hard for.

Kevin Blanch is on FB and has a Youtube channel

On Andrew Ebisu's Youtube channel you will find his films On Fukushima Beach, 1, 2 and, 3, please subscribe and support.

Radchick links: Youtube,
The Battle for Chernobyl, a must watch, along with Nuclear Controversies (turn of Chinese captions in top right hand corner)


  1. Dave: Thank you for supporting this program.
    James: As always, thanks for the great effort, my friend.
    Mhairead: You're the alternative hostess with the most-ess.
    Radchick: I'm looking forward to investigating your work.
    Andrew: Your production values rival any Hollywood feature.
    Kevin: You are a brave and noble soldier.

  2. James

    What is your opinion on Foster Gamble's Thrive movie ?

    1. Thrive was made by those that have "come to the party" too late to know any true essence of the truth seeking movement. Instead they engage the gatekeepers like
      Steven Greer and the cottage industry of ufology. Not aware of the more than out-of-control looting of America, the false propping of the petro dollar, any non-mythical understanding of solar system mechanics and the growing harm from such debacles as that committed by BP in the Gulf of Mexico and now Fukushima, the globalist pattern of genocide seems to allude them. Procter and Gamble is one of the signers on to the blueprint of the New World Order, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. I'll just bet that Mr. Gamble won't tell us anything about the secret clauses in that document his corporation signed. JCH

    2. It seems to be typical good cop, bad cop, like them creating a safety net...
      Something about it bothers me. I cant pu't my hand on it.

  3. Did you actually watch the Thrive piece? It doesn't seem to be anything like you describe. Every piece of positive change can't address every damn thing there is to address. They address this looting and scum baggery. Perhaps you can watch it again with less cynicism?

    1. I raised the question to James.

      And for some reason I share Jame's sentiment.

      There is something about it which just does not cut it.
      Foster actually admits with the facts that Procter and Gamble had part in creating implantable RFID chips. (Watch the piece)

      This raised my suspicions about the whole thing. I am well aware of how people play good cop, bad cop in order to manipulate people exactly into areas which they want.

      I got the impression this might be about creating some kind of a safety net.

      Do you think Foster is using the powers abided in him (by regard of who he is) to influence the TPTB, or is he only trying to influence the uninformed ?

      There is an old saying that a little knowledge is more dangerous than none.

      Why don't someone who supposedly care use their influence and resources to address the issues at hand, if they have the ability to do so ?

      Normally internal conflict within a group causes someone to come out. I can't judge if this is the case.
      I do not have enough information and can only speculate. There might be players within the inner circle who are realizing that no bunker would suffice. I can't judge on this. Maybe...I can't comment...

      But no organization or movement is going to resolve this issue.
      It can only be addressed by a collective of aware individuals acting out of individual concern an without having and alternative agenda.

    2. Very astute. JCH

    3. James

      If I may,
      I found this on the movie.

      Please feel free to moderate if you wish to do so.

      But this shines some light on the movie.


  4. I'm not in agreement with this debunking but it examples my own complaints, that the Gambles went to the wrong people to make the movie. JCH

  5. Another Hallow's Eve has come and gone. This one will remain in my memory, for it was some of the heaviest chemtrailing seen in years. On and on it went into the night, rending the earth and its inhabitants below, until every star was blotted out. The endless presession of parents and children alike went on unscathed: unaffected and mindless. TPTB, it would seem, made a direct frontal assault on the successors of this planet last night. Or was it some vile and pernicious Samhaim ritual to meet the same end? Either way, may their grandchildren forgive us.

  6. We seem to be missing some comments on this post? I have them in my email box yet they are not visible here,and they are very astute. I will see what I can do to post them as a reply.

    1. The number of scenarios in which nuclear reactors can become problematic for the survival of humanity is simply to many. Those who are after profit should realize that if the value of profit is put above the value of life, then it is insanity.

      How can so many people be so unaware of what is happening right in front of their noses ? And the fact that the media is tip toeing around the issue paints their involvement in the big picture.


  7. As Admin of this blog, I receive email replies when someone comments on a blog post and found two replies this morning that were posted as a reply to this blog post. However they do not appear to be here, nor in the comments section in the admin department.
    This could be due to a few reasons but I did feel that they were posted in sincerity and as such I am copying them here for others to read.
    Did Anon remove them? Possibly. Did Anon remove them? also possible, however, I feel they should be read and so you will find them copied below:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "James Horak Round-Table - Fukushima Radiation - Wo...":

    We are in a battle to find ourselves in others, and to know that in accepting our ignorance,
    we will realize that each truth is only as valid as the awareness that perceives it.

    When you meddle with perception you change people’s truth, and in doing that you change the path of discovery.
    For each path we take leads to discovery of the relationships between the subjective and the objective.
    There is no wrong path, there is only paths which is easier to walk and path which is harder to walk.
    The discoveries along the easy path is less because the road is travelled more by the collective.
    It is more likely on the road less travelled where one discovers new aspects which leads to an increase in
    the collective awareness and to real growth, and as with all discovery this is hard.

    This path is one of interpretation of abstract symbols constructed by the subjective in an attempt to understand the objective.
    It is in essence the universe looking outward and speculating about that which it has no awareness of.

    All science and all exploration is the search for awareness.
    It seems we are in search of the objective but in essence the journey of all is in expansion of awareness of the subjective.

    Every fire begins with a spark. Even the objective universe was brought forth by spark of thought.
    The only thing determining where we are going, is determined by how we perceive where we are and what we are.

    And as for awareness, which is fundamentally electrical, as the universe, everything and every experience is the exchange of
    information in the form of communication, which is always a wave of change, a flux, which relay how the objective collective reacts
    to the subjective stimuli and the responding experience.

    Posted by Anonymous to EMVs - DESIGNERS OF SOLAR SYSTEMS at 27 October 2013 04:32

    1. And the 2nd of the posts from Anon:
      The choice is always between, to expand ones own awareness, or the push down ones own interpretation onto others in order to dominate them.

      Expanding one’s own awareness moves you up in pyramid of awareness, for the volume in base below the current position are increased.
      Those who uses this awareness to dominate others, inadvertently inhibits growth of the collective.
      Such action only delivers in time a greater awareness of the aspects used to dominate the collective.
      It is paradoxically in the utilisation of an evil approach in which awareness learns what to avoid.

      We get to to crux of the problem, and the core of the value of life.
      Life is valuable because life is the container of awareness.
      It is the preservation of life where one preserves awareness, as all life is merely a container on the subjective.
      A historical pod of a system which can mature and catch up with the knowledge of things past, and from there move into the new exploration of the unknown.
      Yet some has discovered by dominating others and in resetting the system and wiping history each time they can prevent the greater collective of discovering the relationship.
      It might work for now but in each reset, more evidence is left behind and the harder it will be achieve the same deception again, next time around.
      For it is always those who hides something which, is using that which is being hidden, to dominate others.
      But there is nothing which can be hidden from the objective because the only place to hide it is purely objective in nature, of in the dis-informing of the subjective. Either of the approaches in not sustainable.

      Those who take authority as the truth instead of truth as the authority is sadly dis-informed in order as to keep things the way they are.

      If you ask me to the greatest gift we have in this life, then I would respond and say it is your life to experience and to become more aware.
      I can not tell you what to become aware of,
      because the journey of discovery is to different parts of the greater whole,
      for we are different drops of life in the same ocean on life.

      And change is imminent , as always, for the next discovery will change the road forward.
      For those who bring to light that which is hidden,
      I lift my hat,
      for they have realized that the only way forward is in sharing the subjective experience,
      which will increase our awareness and prevent those who dominate,
      from repeating the cycle of which the continually use to create the system, to be in the way the want it.

      Whoever you are Anon, I apologise if it was yourself that removed your own post and if you want them removed again, please reply to this and I will do so.

    2. Torz

      I did not remove the posts, nor did I intend to do so.
      They initially appeared and then dis-appeared.

      I thought they were deemed to be irrelevant to the topic, by the moderator, and removed, In either case you need not apologise, as the content explains the experience to be subjective, while the growth in the collective awareness will eventually uncover the truth.

      I thought the post is relevant, because of the fact in how those who understand the relation between the subjective and objective, has always utilized their (temporarily) greater awareness, to influence and dominate the naïve. (And with the naïve I mean nothing in their potential, but only in the opportunity to discover the relationships).

      The essence of hidden information is control.
      The essence of truth is in the open debate and the free exchange of information, to be studied and experienced by all, not just a few who deem themselves to be superior, as no part of any system, can be superior to another.

      The brain is not more important than the lung or the heart, yet the brain might be deluded by the ego into interpreting itself to be the superior organ. If the heart stops, or if the lungs ceases to function the brain will also be affected.

      Fukshima is affecting our biosphere. The cause behind Fukushima was choices, and those choices was not made by me and you, but it was made by the political corptocracy which deems themselves to know better and to be more important than the average Joe. It is time that the political corptocracy discover its own ego in the same what as which and individual become enlightened to its own ignorance and subjectivity, and hopefully discover how everything in interconnected.

      The evil is ignorance, of those in power doing thing which they don't fully understand, and in those who trustingly allow them to do so.
      All of us need to be aware and need to be involved.

      History shows us how Authority has failed humanity in the past.
      People were executed on basis id belief.
      A great number of those who tried to share their experiences (such as the earth was round) was persecuted as the ego of authority was blind to the truth presented, because the authority is so many times obsessed with itself, instead of the truth.

      This is most likely the reason why people who are attracted to politics, eventually become obsessed with their own power and the greed that it brings.

      Everything has its place,
      I agree with James, when the authority no longer serve the average Joe, then it has in essence become an Dictatorship.
      In politics if all of the strongest contenders are controlled by the same corporates, then effective the democracy has failed. It has become a state of corporates and not of individuals. An ego centralized organ obsessed with the domination over the rest of the body. It has become blind to the function of the heart and the lung...If so it will discover that relationship when the other part is not longer present.

      We are part of the same organism, yet we are separated by our individualism. There is a reason for that. You can not control the uncontrollable if you do not have the technology to do so. And if you think you can, then it is likely a certainty that you are wrong, because change is the only constant.


    3. Very Astute SD and an intelligent reply to a very important discussion...You have my pleased thanks for replying. I am still confused as to why your posts disappeared but when I found them in my email box, I wondered why there were not in the comments section. It could be that the original post was edited and re-posted and that is when they got lost in the ether.....
      I am more than a little curious ( as is my nature) as to who you are and racking my brains is not getting me anywhere. Have you posted before, your style of writing is strangely familiar.

    4. Torz

      I asked a few questions.
      It was more about fact/opinion finding.

      I came across an interesting article which I think was worth sharing:

      I am not sure about the facts.
      But it states the "Price Anderson Act" Guarantees the nuclear Industry that It won’t have to pay more Than $12 Billion for a U.S. Nuclear Plant Accident Meltdown.

      I have no idea on how ,my posts did not make it onto the page.

      The matter of the fact is, like politicians should be in the front line of any war (it is in essence the corptocracy's enemy, and not the enemy of the people), In the same way should the stake holder and those who (financially and politically) gain from nuclear installations, who should be in the front line, wearing their radiation suits, to clean up their disrespectful mess, when it happens.

      But I assume, as with politicians, they will be far removed from the consequences which they are causing. Until there is no more places to run to.

      Some interesting questions are asked on the above site.
      It is time more of the public become aware of these questions.

  8. James: I hope this message finds you in balanced keel and spirits aloft.

    "Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship, and pass the rosey wine" (C. Dickens)

    How long do you think Napa will survive the F'Shima? I feel as if I'm sipping my last. Beloved fruit of the vine....truely a gift from The long a detritus?

    1. Sadly, Buzz, you might need to carefully select what Napa Valley wines are produced by vineyards that employ the mineral excelerite in order to minimize the dangers from Fukushima fallout. It promotes the presence of microbes that can break down isotopic particles. You might find that out from the provider we have links to on this blog. They cannot make such claims but I can and do. JCH

    2. Where can we find or buy this mineral; excelerite? Please, I need to know.

  9. The solution to the problem lies in the simple truth.
    She tells it the way it is:

    Masterfully presented.

    1. Very moving, SD. Might that it move many of the UN delegates. But for the monsters it will be distorted Into, "see, that's why we need a one world government". What we are told everyday when the truth is the NWO is nothing more than the corporate takeover of this world by those very same creatures that are responsible for all the ills this wonderful child lists. JCH

    2. James

      Have you heard the speech by Charlie Chaplin from the film: The Great Dictator

      It moved me as well.


  10. Typical Corptocracy:

    It seems the formal media is about to launch a one sided campaign to try and still the wave of people who are realizing the facts of the matter.

  11. Mr. Horak is their a relationship between bentonite and/or montmorillonite and excelerite? I can find bentonite clay here, but not excelrite and the cost difference is HUGE. An example, bentonite clay is used to help seal the bottom of a new pond...

    1. The silicate clays vary greatly in properties but excelerite is most unique among them. Only being found in Nevada it can heal and extend life to soil in a prodigious manner and degree. It combines two things the others do not, a form of mineral chelation not known to biochemists today and proportions of compounds in the most efficacious mix to living tissue. JCH

  12. James I was watching the kerry Cassidy interview with Dr. Norman Bergan & he was talking about the being pilots of the Saturn vehicles.At one part when she asked about the beings being like us he said something about a picture of beings having black skin getting off a ship in the Voyager capsule pictures. What do you know about this?

  13. I would like to repeat myself on my opinion of both Kerry Cassidy and that interview in particular. The woman is a tool of the establishment hell-bent on providing the NWO with some manufactured basis with which to sell the hostile alien thesis intended for use in the final implementation of a global feudal fascist corporate police state. She tried to lead Dr. Bergrun, avoided following up on important information (like what was in his looted safe deposit box) and admittedly had not even bothered to read his book.

    Dr. Bergrun established himself in my regard with his integrity, courage and persistence in sharing what he clearly determined was operating in the rings of Saturn, defining it as best he could and laying a superb groundwork to satisfy peer review. In this respect his significance as both a scientist and great in the realm of discovery is unmatched in your lineage.

    However, Dr. Bergrun's age at the time of that interview worked against his ability to compete with Cassidy's agenda grinding. Otherwise, I believe, such incidents as the one you mention here would clearly not have been in anyway tied to the EMVs.


  14. Hi James, enjoyed this roundtable discussion very much, am sharing this work with others. Anyway James would you be prepared to say any more about the "event" at this time? (with the 3 EMVs ala ISON, and ET on the moon.)

    1. Suffice it to say, these are contingency plans for either of two worse case scenarios. JCH

  15. James: I recently heard that, pursuant to the reactor #4 clean-up, that if a fuel rod is dropped or mishandled during the removal, the endgame explosion will be imminent. Can you confirm and/or comment on this?

  16. I'm with Kevin Blanch on this one, Buzz, that the damage has already been obtained from reactor four fires. Should TEPCO continue to make the wrong moves, as their officials' reverse speech indicates, any impending explosion will dispense far more massive fallout than we have seen before. This suggests my suspicions being true, that the Fukushima event is being opportunized as an instrument of genocide. It is way too late, in other words, for any concept of "clean-up". JCH

    1. What is the precise mechanism that would cause the initial fire and subsequent critical threshold?

    2. ...I can only assume that two rods clanking together or breaking from sea water corrosion would result in a "molecular level fire"? Is that on or off base?

    3. I respectfully withdraw my questions on the grounds of irrelevancy.
      It's game-set-match....isn't it?

  17. The spent rods had no coolant and superheated the first day. Eventually they merged into one mass and have gone critical. This is why they haven't explored with a robotic camera. They know this was inevitable. Just because a spent rod has been moved from the core doesn't mean it doesn't need to be kept cooled. JCH

  18. James: While pondering the fuel rod extraction fiasco, I happened to view SpaceX's new Falcon 9 lift off from KSC. It is my understanding that these satellites are nuclear powered...of course they wouldn't use their precious weapons grade materials for that, would they. I was curious as to how much leakage of the aggregate 50+ pounds of plutonium, in orbit above us right now, would cause an extinction event should a fuel cell failure occur in the upper reaches?

  19. That would be an excessive amount of plutonium and represent quite a risk to place over our heads. The claim may just be to cover-up the secret technology actually being employed. After all, the critters seem to have no problem taking our ignorance for granted. JCH

  20. All part of the The Black Sun/Global Extermination Plot for the Transplutonian beings and whatnot.

  21. James what do you personally think about his video; seems to fit with all things going on here, sending nuclear missiles to the sun to make it stronger ?

  22. Might as-well send those 1500 rods and the remaining rods spread around the globe to the sun, to make it stronger, your take on this above theory?

  23. A warning about that video: at the end of the 3 minutes 57 seconds, a new presentation began that was backgrounded with psychotronic noise. This might have ill effect on anyone listening.
    That first presentation was not more than parody. Some truths, even leaps in the right direction, but the remedy to "grow" the sun was absurd. It's rather naive to think that those in possession of these missiles have any intention of employing them wisely. Besides the harsh truth of those containers of plutonium waste in the Atlantic Trough that have been leaking now for some forty years seem to escape the "entity". While the only reason we've survived this long has been the presence of the cities of the sea ingesting that plutonium waste. Of course I've probably raised more questions than given you answers. Take my word for it, this is no more than a parody. JCH

  24. Thanks for clarifying, sorry about the video didn't notice it, by all means delete it as it was merely towards yourself, and maybe a few lurkers.

    I still have some hope, don't hope on a miracle, I am long past that circuit, all I know the Illuminati members, be it meat-bags or whatever you want to call them, can't escape Lord Saturn or gain Immortality. Without his doing and Mars.

    They may take lives, but there own lives are worth nothing either, can't escape the scythe.

    As for things here on earth, still have some hope;

    Pope Francis(Sounds quite insane, I know, but I know he has good intentions, the Lemurian, and his back-up protector force) As Yajweh would say, not to be confused by Yahweh.
    Putin he seems to be on a spiritual journey.
    12 Decemeber Stargates, retake.

    Thanks for bringing forth truth James, as hard as the truth might seems sometimes,

    Over and out,

    Rick Berg

  25. Just out of curiosity I've researched a bunch of different subjects, you may or not have heard of Destini the inter dimensional portal - What is your take on it? Lots of information is shared here, not some stupid channeled stuff or new-age bull-crap, sponsored by the Rockefeller or whomever.

    Sorry for going off-topic but he/she/it has interesting takes on it all, might shine some light on it all or may just be a pile of lies, on the pile or in the rabbit hole.

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  26. Well, she evidently is channeling, just a her version of it. It makes no sense to expect extra-knowledge in that context. It defeats both the sovereignty of the individual and any higher order or advance consciousness could find a myriad of ways to communicate without that infringement.
    It would represent far more genuinely if the same old tired expressions we have grown to expect were not used. Those like, interdimensionalism, planes of consciousness, etc. Something to show true intellectual effort involved. After all, in the most simplistic and taught forms of seeking, we are instructed to earn the extraordinary through mastery of the ordinary. Nothing to show that with all channelers. JCH

  27. Interesting take on it, I tend to agree here and there, the information giving from that channel is somewhat legit, again I don't agree with it all, but I hardly do with anything here in this plane of existence.

    What your take on the Anunnaki, This is what I've got to know about the Anunnaki; just found out that the Annunaki are Angels. There are 6 classes of angels, the Annunaki are the 6th or lowest class. They live for an average of 200,000 years, they have souls bigger than ours, when they have children they grow up in 7 months. Every inhabited planet has angels, the Earth has 16. They created us to mine gold, we were paid not slaves, but some of the angels are negative and treated us badly. The angels can go in all 7 realms and don’t spend much time in the 3rd density. So this means part of our DNA is angel DNA, that’s what makes us special, since angels played a part in creating us.

    When the Golden Age starts we are going to stop all this surveillance. When a crime happens, we will use time technology, we will simply look in the past and see who did it. When the mass arrests come down and I believe they will, many bad guys will change sides and try to act like good guys, to avoid being arrested. I think we should still arrest them, but maybe give them a little better deal.

    Above post is a "update snippet" This is a wanderer. I've got this information from. I heard you say something about Niburu which I cannot fully recall something about being a myth because it is floating in space without a sun, and moon? Again not trying to put words in your mouth, but that is what I remember about it. Just trying to share information.

    Take Care,

    Rick berg

  28. This is his last update; According to the Law of One, Humanity is to move to the next higher realm, the 4th dimension. If we go this is not ascension, as ascension is 2 higher realms, the 5th dimension. If we go it may be in January 2014, about 1 month away. The pendulum has been saying it was changed and we won’t go, but now it’s not sure. It has something to do with the reported space ships hiding on the far side of the moon, there has been a couple of videos on that lately.

    If we do go, the Illuminati can’t go, because they don’t have souls, they can only get there by ascension, but they aren’t qualified. The reason to go is to stop the negative rule. We won’t need to eat or drink and there isn’t any weather. There won’t be any animals, only flowers, trees and vegetables. We’ll be about 1.5 times as tall, but only weigh 10% as much. We’ll be able to float above the ground instead of walking and think ourselves to anywhere on the planet, Wanderers can go anywhere in the universe. We’ll be able to read minds or talk if we choose, we can have sex, but not make children that way.

    I've talked with him a bunch on different subjects, the term ascension is far fetched and I don't wholehearty agree with it as does he, only a few souls do qualify for it, it's a age thing, kind of weird I know, again only here to share information, he has lots of information on his site, all free.

    What I like, if it is the truth I don't know.

    Good talking too you, will head of to bed, right now, respond more tomorrow.

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  29. In and among myth-making the truth is NOT in the details but from where the spin is taken. In this case from Sitchin and his opportunizing of Biblical myth by way of claiming to translate Sumerian clay tablet text. Something he never demonstrate the scholarship nor could allude to the specific tablets. The orginal source for the myth comes from that of the Fallen Host, dramatized by John Milton in his Paradise Lost. No more to be take literally than Dante's concept of Hell.
    I set myself apart this New Age horse shit by only speaking about that to which I can point. Otherwise I do not speak. You might take lesson from this. JCH

  30. Hello James, Rick and all,

    I'm no new-age type and have little patience for it. However, I want to defend the Law of One.

    It's a fascinating book that is frequently mis-quoted and abused as a source. This is a good example, it says nothing about ascension.It does mention a "4th density", but it is metaphorical and difficult to interpret so literally.

    The book does actually mention many of the major historical points of humanity's journey I've heard James explain which I always found intriguing.

    It's just a book, an intriguing one and no more mysterious than many others.

  31. Rick, so much may, in its origin have some validity, even purity, but then the "political" side of mankind steps in from those so morally bereft as to speak of "having a price". You mentioned kundalini, an excellent example of such bastardization. In trying to achieve the sexual release of a woman whose spine writhes like that of a snake while in ecstasy, corrupted monks invented that state of mind imagining a cobra along their own spine. Although attempts to sublimate this with some less evocative image are constructed, that is the reality. How spiritual is this? It is, however, an excellent example of how corruption sets in when devotion to ideal and discipline take back seats to lesser values. Rationalizing of such declines represents the "political" nature of mankind here on earth. Were it not for divided consciousness these frail excesses would be less likely to become a fashion. JCH

  32. Yes very true; "What we discovered is that Kundalini is actually a cousin to the Chakras and just as “user hostile.” It collaborates and uses the host for outside energies and entities to have easy access to the thoughts and energy/power of the body and its electrical/magnetic system. As it snakes its way up the back to the Crown it maneuvers so that it completely bypasses the Heart/Core, (even if you try to make it go there). When it gets to the head, it spreads vibrational waste and alien thought forms, especially sexual waste that may literally feel "intoxicating.” It then creates a magnetic field that is most desirable to Energy Vampires, and now, with the Crown Chakra open, it is easy access to suck on and literally get inside the unsuspecting victim. "

    Kundalini is what Duerlah, the “D” meister brought here.

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  33. 1- The Chakra system is an imposed system that is NOT our natural state. It is a system to compartmentalize our energy for easy access to outsiders and energy vampires. This system has been in place for several Millennia and no one seems to question it, they have just (as I previously did) accepted it…(especially in the New Age Community.)

    2- The chakras or "Cones" were placed there so that specific energies could be accessed. This easy access is ideal to control and manipulate our energy fields and minds. They were put there by ET's that view us as their personal energy source and property.

    3- Our original state was to have energy that emits from our "Core" or Sun/Star in the Chest / Solar-Plexus area. Each individual has a slightly different wiring system that runs their energy which is custom designed to them. Personally, I have a triple helix energy system that runs up and down the center of my body and get's its source from the "Star/Sun" in the center. This triple helix has all the colors and more. When I need a certain energy, instead of accessing one isolated "chakra" energy like the heart or throat, it accesses them all and puts the appropriate balance of energies into what ever is needed (ie throat or voice energy) to handle what is required. This is a much more efficient and synergistic approach to accessing and moving energy. I have only been researching this for 2 months but I have not seen anyone else that had this triple helix so it might be unique to me. Most of the other FW-Indigo Knights that I have scanned have the intense Sun/Star light in their core and it emanates slightly differently than everyone else, like a snow flake. Sometimes the energy can pulse, sometimes it can spiral, sometimes it blasts, it just depends on what is needed or what is requested of it.

    4- Our Core or Sun/Star is where our Higher Selves reside…and therefore the statement "God is inside of us, God is within" is literally true. Searching for a God outside of yourself will cause serious challenges. For instance; when you go to a new age meditation class, one of the first things they teach you is to "open your crown and bring the white or golden light down through your body, lighting up each chakra, and then ground into the earth. This may feel good momentarily, but think about what it is that you just did. If your "God" is inside of you, and you bring an "outside energy source" into your body and bypass your own "God" and ignore what was there to begin with……… continue to ignore it and bring in outside energy sources to take its place, what is it going to do? Well, remember the old "use it or lose it" philosophy? Yes, the "Core or God Sun/Star" will start to go dormant and just sit there until you decide to take your will back and use it again. Which energy would you rather be operating from and have command of, your own personal custom designed Authentic Source …or bring in some nebulous energy that could be infiltrated and run that through your body?

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  34. Rick, I can see you are familiar with the Eastern Schools. People in the west tend to have some enchantment with these teachings, hardly aware that in time they do become corrupted and lending to degradations typical of religions. It has been my observation that earthbound humans know something is missing and tend to develop overcompensating mechanisms to either hide from full realization of being "damaged" or to sublimate the problem into a delusion of grandeur.

    We are discussing the split consciousness, something that may prove out to have advantageous qualities but not if deluded by beliefs of what it is not. And that its primary drawback, ambivalence must be overcome with a prodigious amount of diligence. This done, you really will have the footing to go into realms these pathetic efforts we see displayed by even such schools of thought as you mention, venture AT so poorly.


  35. Maybe you can answer this for me James;

    Anyway, these physical greys have a base on Jupiter's moon Io, right about where the square dot is here. That location might be slightly off; i had trouble zeroing in on it. They are evil. The depth is 223-311'. I think there are 3,111 of these ETs living there.

    Is that true?

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  36. Ohhh the link didn't go trough.

    Whole story about them:

    Have a good day,

    Rick Berg

  37. ET will destroy any EBE craft or individual they find since EBEs are problematic to evolving sentient culture and its evolving. You'll find an article on this blog where I give the origin of EBEs and discern between them and ETs. JCH


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