Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fukushima - An Unprecedented Nuclear Disaster for Humanity and Planet Earth

In an upcoming interview with James Horak, Film maker Andrew Ebisu, (who made the video's below) and fellow Fukushima Activist  Kevin Blanch on Friday 25th October 2013, hosted by Dave Corso @ Wolf Spirit Radio and coordinated by our colleague M. MacDonald, we will be discussing the catastrophic implications for the Planet as a result of the ongoing contamination due to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011.
In anticipation of this interview we would like our readers and subscribers to view Andrews Ebisu's videos beforehand in order to familiarise yourselves with the full scale of this disaster and the implications that are affecting the Humanity now.
Below are three brilliantly made and informative video's by Andrew Ebisu.

On Fukushima Beach (remastered)

On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima (Director's Cut)

The Bombing of Kyoto - On Fukushima Beach 3 (AKIRA version)


  1. Dear James: I realize this is off topic relative to the subject matter posted. After years of conversation with someone close to me, they have summarily reached perigee with the chemtrail rabbit hole, albeit reluctant to step into it. I believe the individual has finally made the painfully obvious correlation that (regarding broken aerosol lines) aircraft cannot turn their engines off in mid flight and re-engage them without the intervention of gravity. I still get the "there's nothing you can do about it" chatter. Interestingly enough, a sincere inquiry occurred as to "why they would spray themselves" if the compounds were as nefarious as I have propagated. I recall you and/or Crystal had a really great tagline for this kind of dissonant response. Could one of you please repeat that? And, may I verbally plagerize it to the end of the common good?

  2. Buzz, the chemtrails are posed as a means to combat global warming by their geoengineers. This, while denied by those that perpetrated the scheme for all so many years, denied entirely. Liars to begin with, are not to be trusted. Admitted are the components, aluminum, strontium and barium...all elements known to be toxic and showing up in soil and water throughout in toxic levels. And by liars. The latter consideration is important, doubly so if we recognize the avowed purpose intended by globalists to depopulate the earth. In light of BP's intrigue in the Gulf of Mexico and the attendant non-treatment (as well) of containing the astronomical damage presented by Fukushima, it is no leap to add more sinister prospects for chemtrails as a delivery system for a potential even worse than that of what is now admitted, a trigger perhaps that raises the ante to more sudden death. Something that pulls together all other contaminates into what makes the final killing mix.
    Hence there is no room for allowance, especially as we approach the 12th hour where what is shown to be in the works is global corporate takeover on the feudal model at the expense of all former social contracts based on the Magna Carta and anything similar to our own Constitution. A situation where individuals count for nothing unless among the few well placed among the elite. Their lives being forfeit as they are defined as "useless eaters" of no profit to those holding the power of life and death over them.
    All this relegates us to but one astute awakening and it is that we are near the place where we shall soon have nothing left to lose. Those acknowledging this as inevitable already may have some hope of averting it while all others are but debris in their way. JCH

    1. It is sometimes distressing to assimilate that hard fact since one's own family and circle of friends make up the lion's share of the debris field in question. However, point taken.

    2. Well, Buzz, I don't intend that as a slight to their value and rights as human beings but to their lack of purpose to any just cause at this time. Sadly, for so many they will have to go hungry for two days before our own understandings become theirs. JCH

    3. Not to worry, James. I choose truth. However it may manifest, so be it.

  3. A class action should be launched against the manufactures of the devices which is now are poisoning us. Their lies for the sake of profit should be brought to book. Even if it does not happen in this life then let the Great Consciousness deal with the impact of the disrespect and the transgression of greed and loveless act..

    As the truth is hard most people whom I talk to choose the ignore the truth.

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    ― Edmund Burke

    Some more...

    Speak up !
    Thank you James.

  4. Most certainly, Anon, I have watched the collective consciousness on this planet erode and be manipulated into various forms of conspicuous consumption, narcissistic gratifications and social stupor. While children are taught little more than to hate to learn. Violence, in one form or another has replaced discovery and human accomplishment as a means to pleasure, pure titillation.

    Is it the individual's fault? Partly. Have we come to such a cultural impasse that no group effort large enough can find a better way? No. Let's see what happens when impact of all this social engineering come home to the masses with hunger and little left to lose. And when the implementers working for tptb realize the world being created is not tenable anymore for them than for us.

    Legal recourse and remedy within a corrupted system this rotten is not likely to solve important issues. Still it is possible were enough to awake to broader concerns than their campaign coffers and "going along to get along" motivations.

    We will just have to wait and see, hoping that whatever effort we might make on any personal level to change things will amount to more than suicidal self-sacrifice. After all it is the times that make leaders AND it is the times that bring them down.



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