Thursday, 10 October 2013

James Horak, Gary Hendershot & Dave Corso - The Missing Homeless

Wolf Spirit Radio, 20 September 2013

The haunting loss of the homeless and what it may portend.

"Many points of view can juncture at nexus. That is where are we. It is an illusion to think we are not all together, even with the monsters." JCH

Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

If you have any information that can be verified, please call David Corso at 1775 65 75 973 in the USA.


  1. Great presentation, gentlemen. These abuses have been occuring much longer than one might realize. Here in Florida, the is a Loitering and Prowling statute on the books. Legislated decades ago specifically to address the tourism dollar, the L&P law has withstood every constitutional challenge put to it. I must disagree slightly with Mr. Hindershot's assessment on an awakened populace. I, and many others, have initially undergone our own processes while working 60 hours weeks and on call for the remainder. Due diligence is a choice, as is icing up a cold one and watching football highlights after a day's work. I understand his context, however I refuse to subsidize the escapism and apathy of those who turned their backs on the truth to protect their comfort zone.

    1. Yes, Gary may not be aware of how many exceptions to his generality there are. I'm finding more and more. JCH

  2. We need more of this valuable and intelligent discussion, as it is so lacking in a world full of deceit.

  3. More and more good research and sources are coming online. Hope to have two of the most remarkable on our show on the 25th. JCH

  4. Mr. Horak, if helium isn't a gas, what is it? Can you describe the relationship between microbes and helium?

    Thank you.

  5. Helium has a gas form and can be taken into a liquid, one that grows colder and colder as it is compressed. What I say is that it is not an element, but a condition of matter. Elements are defined by that with which they react. Helium reacts with nothing, combines with nothing, declines to no isotopic state. Science simply does not want to admit the fraud they practiced on their claims of how helium originated at the time it was added to the Periodic Chart. In its extraction, given off as a by-product in the distillation of oil into gas is the only way to possess it on earth since earth cannot hold it. That secret was kept from the Germans at the time of its first production in order to deny them usage of it for their airships prior to WWI. And the science establishment has never come clean about it and how they collude today with governments and military to hide import truths relevant to mankind's advance on earth. JCH

  6. Hi James happy birthday. I was wondering how long ago ET expeditions first came to earth before our ancestors from Mars.

  7. Thank you. ETs have had a presence on earth for over 500 million years. JCH

  8. Thanks for covering this information because it is rarely talked about. James McCanney will also talk about this subject from time to time on his weekly Science Hour radio lecture where he calls it: 'Social Engineering'. Just for the record Gary's last name is spelled: 'Hendershot'.

  9. For another dose of reality regarding the perverseness & depravity of our rulers listen to the conversations of Field Mcconnell & David Hawkins at the Abel Danger Youtube channel and their website.


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