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Race With Time 4 - Crystal Clark & James Horak - The Elements of Social Engineering and how it is applied

Wolf Spirit Radio, 11 October 2013

Crystal Clark and I have tried to obtain an overview of the cultural, economic, political, military and social encroachments upon the individual that the New World Order portends. In this segment we deal with that of social engineering, it's methods and applications of this modern era; how, as an instrument of this intended feudal corporate fascist police state, it serves its masters. JCH

All of this and much more were discussed in this expansive, set-the-record-straight 4th episode of RACE WITH TIME, with hosts James Horak & Crystal Clark. Shows air live every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month on Wolf Spirit Radio from 7-9 pm PST.

CREDITS: Thanks to Dave Corso of Wolf Spirit Radio for hosting the broadcast and for publication permission.

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  1. Once again, great job! The following points came to mind after hearing the lecture; am I too far off the boil?

    1) With regards to any race and/or gender nuances and applications applied by TPTB relative to two-party electoral politics (i.e. "change" orchestrated for the misguidance of the public), Hillary should be their last card. Once the American people get a poopload of her antics in a power position such as the presidency, would it not only serve the potential to inflame and awaken the most fluoridated of brain pans? Particularly if it came out that she won via tainted computerized voting?

    2) One cannot un-hear the truth. The seeds have already been planted; the genie released from the bottle. Try and squelch unrestricted access to the global library of those who have already peeked through the veil, would TPTB not shoot themselves in the foot with the creation a resolve so deep, and an anger so profound, that the indignation could not be placated or reconciled?

  2. Emotions in play, would be a good topic for a follow-up. The flaw to be mistaken as nationalism in the recent past as things important to be done were passes over for business as usual. Nothing addressing real problems, must more mindless agenda grinding posing the NWO takeover as more and more inevitable...another mistakened option for change when nothing is further from the truth. While it has never been about nationalism or ideals of democracy, social consciousness or the right or the left but fastening to fulfilling of mandate and adherence to the law. The corruption of the Supreme Court has shown this to be true at the deepest levels. In its failure to maintain balance of power mandated to be upheld by the US Constitution and defined clearly among each branch of government, the last barrier to executive branch tyranny has been broached.
    While the cry, Enemy of the State, will soon be ringing in our ears, the true concern should be those that have become Enemy of the People. JCH

  3. James: What exactly was it that you experienced as a child enroute to Texas?

  4. When I first became induced to do an online radio show, Buzz, it was only after discussions of EMVs being imaged in the sun had already become a topic by others. The drifts of those interviews were so far from the mark that some were even aiming at portraying EMVs as a threat. In this environment, after the second time Kevin Smith urged me to be on his show, I agreed.

    Again, I was faced with having to give some explanation of how I could say the things I expressed just as I was when Dr. Bergrun pressed me, back before 2000, with how I knew the EMVs would be found in the sun. Little room was left me to avoid the inevitable position I had been placed in where what lay hidden about my past would have to be revealed...no matter how incredible it might seem to others.

    In those early shows with Kevin Smith are the answers to your question here; in subsequent shows, expansion on what happened since...pretty much up to now.

    Since context is very important, and Kevin had a firm grasp on how to deliver that best, I suggest you search his archives for those shows. After all, at this late date in the coming climax of this lineage, very little of significance is about me, but about what earthbound humanity decides to do.

    Let it suffice for now, as I once told Dr. Bergrun, I am not from here. JCH

  5. James: I would like to pose questions about potassium iodide: answers to which I cannot trust from the sources investigated to date. As stated in the past, I trust your opinions more than most others' facts.

    Can capsule form be comparible to liquid Lugol's relative to effectiveness? Can a person my age (pushing 60) expect side effects to a degree that might dissuade daily usage? Once radiation exposure has "minimally" occurred to an individual with a healthy thyroid, is it still worth taking or a feudal action? And finally, would those individuals with thyroids removed from previous cancers be wasting their time?

    1. Since your body requires iodine I would say only on very rare cases could taking the drops have side effects. If you can eat scallops, you are definitely safe. Lugol's is the cheapest way to go. It is all about the race to saturate the thyroid with potassium iodide to keep the iodine 131 from coming in. Experiment, just like you would with anything else. JCH

  6. You might appreciate this, Mr. Horak.


  7. Now that the Waterloo time intervention is long over, can you now give us more details about life in the other timeline?

  8. Nothing more that to tell you that in that time line Napoleon wins at Waterloo. You will have to imagine the likely results of that for yourself. JCH


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