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Biography written by James Horak

James Horak 1978
James Horak. Born October 14, 1943 in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Came to Texas with mother, her cousin and brother in the summer of 1947. UFO experience while on the way near N. Mexico/Texas state line.

Mother remarries and settles in Dublin, Texas.

At six, just before beginning school, have strange experience in movie theater.

Right after starting school have life threatening hit and run in a school zone.

At seventeen enter the United States Navy boot camp at San Diego. While there, suffer ptomaine poisoning. Untreated, effects of hyperinsulinism last a decade.

Shortly after going aboard ship, the USS Haleakala, am notified by mother that my grandfather is dying and take emergency leave. On way back to ship meet Rinn Clark during layover in Albuquerque, N. Mexico. He foretells of event in Japanese bay.

After poor performance in ET school and disciplinary action dropped from school and sent to USS Kennebec that is just starting the Pacific Cruise. At Hawaii, suffer blood condition.

Just before Christmas, 1962, involved in an UFO event onboard ship in Sasebo Harbor, Japan.

Sent to Akuska Naval Hospital, incidents cause rapid removal to stateside on MATS jet with 7-8 heavily bandaged marines. Strange incident.

Land in Long Beach California and am taken to AFB hospital where am placed in coed ward with officers. Then quickly flown across country to the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Strange experiences.

Medical discharge and return home and soon began looking for work. Code on DD-214 makes finding good job impossible. Go to VA to complain and end up at Fort Lyons, Colorado for assessment. Determined to be 100% service-connected disabled. This is in 1965. Start school and meet first wife at TCU. We move to Lansing, Michigan and begin attending MSU in East Lansing. She has a teaching assistantship in the Comparative Literature Dept. I finish off a B.A. and enter grad school in the Canadian/American Relations Dept. She finishes her Masters and my department is closed down and I see no further interesting goals to pursue at MSU. Canada has refused me immigration status when I am invited by my former department head to follow him to Dalhousie University in the Marine Provinces. Wife and I move to South Central Ohio and live in the country between Xenia and Wilmington. She is teaching French at Central State University. While there I have first communication with a resident UFO in the area of the now Caesar Creek Reservoir. Locals are terrified by this craft's regular appearance but will not speak of it.

1972, wife and I split. I come back to Fort Worth and begin research and studies in grad program at TCU. VA decides they were wrong about my remaining elgibility and I drop out.

1973, begin research in mineralogy and begin work on The Theory of the Fusion of Metals. Decide the computer programs at that time make applications required impossible to achieve results I want. Learned the extent Defense mainframes were unable while at MSU. (By the time computers were adequate decided I did not want to aid the dubious goals of present space exploration of the planet.)

1974, began prospecting and staked claims on the Gunnison River just west of Delta, Co and assessed the Rupert Wasson patent claims on the Delores River in Utah. Discovered an EMV operation nearby and had my first interaction in this time frame with “magnitude” beings with which I had historically a long lineage of affinity.

1975, determined that the Golden Formation was of the same mineral wealth of platinum group metals as its contiguation in the Laurentian Shield of Canada. Found the presence of high grade ore and veins in the Rattlesnake Hills of Yakima, Washington.

1976, married second wife.

1978, divorced second wife, married third wife.

1979, began running smelter in Dallas for Hancock Chemical and started working for USPS, divorced third wife.

James Horak 2006
1980, another inspired piss at the stars and married fourth wife.

1982, divorced fourth wife and rebounded yet again upon another hapless victim, my final and fifth dubious pasttime, unfortunately lasting 12 years until she went completely insane under the tutelage of Rick McLaren and his renegade faction of the Republic of Texas.

Throughout 1980 to 1982 saw UFOs and mothmen frequently en route to work in Fort Worth from home in Newark, Texas. Became aware of criminal activities for the first time taken place at Kenneth Copeland's International Ministries near where I lived.

1985, run across the niece of Renn Clark and find out he is the MIB I met in Albuquerque in 1961 while returning to my ship from emergency leave.

1985, late, take wife to site in Utah to recover her from cancer. Incident with Mormons and a number of visits to ridge canyon where are the EMVs late at night.

1995, separation from last wife and divorce. She and Rick McLaren begin to factionalize the Republic of Texas and one Arthur Griesacker, a Mossad agent, schools them in printing phony treasury warrants they begin to spend as cash. Eventually they lease a Lear jet and fly to Israel in order to sell $2.8 billion worth to the Zionist faction of the government. Strange, strange series of events in and around this time.

1996, work with federal government agencies to bring peaceful conclusion to Davis Mountain siege. Begin research and writing on internet. Read Dr. Norman Bergrun's Ringmakers of Saturn of undertake supporting him in every way possible.

1997, Begin developing a methodology to teach unified consciousness. Acquired two students that undertake the study to have one become an excellent poet and the other to penetrate Dr.Bergrun's trust and to betray it by working with someone in NASA to feed the scientist doctored images for raw while my former student was set up to discredit him.

1999, work to defeat implementation of the New World Order. Exchange information with a CIA researcher who wants my information on the Aurora Crash from the nineteenth century. He has to cut ties with me when he gets in trouble researching my questions about Kenneth Copeland.

2000, work to defeat implementation of the New World Order a third time.

2001, begin to participate in various anomaly, UFO, mind-control forums for research and exchange of ideas. Temper what I know to the levels of credibility I find on each and begin to try and discuss EMVs, the helium paradox, distinguishing between ETs and EBEs and revealing the conspiracy growing into a New World Order.

2004, begin to publish articles online, eventually several on UFO Digest. Belong to UFO Updates but get banned twice. Never for any impropriety on my part.

2008, am asked by Brazilian ufologist, Milton Frank to write my bio for his magazine and website, answering a number of questions he poses.

2010, am induced to give interviews on the Kevin Smith Show and accept doing so only because of the show's recent interest in the EMVs SOHO imagery displayed in the sun. Back in 2000 I had first told The Millennium Group, an assortment of amateur astronomers, that as Hale-Bopp passed the sun on its second trip through the system, they would detect enormous objects in the sun interacting with the solar flares. The latest development from the SOHO images existed ONLY because SOHO was not under the control of either NASA or JPL (because ESA had a hand in this). Just as these two agencies had been disingenuous in how they portrayed Shoemaker-Levy, they would have done the same with their own probes and satellite imagery detecting EMVs and repeatedly had.


  1. Dear James,
    it is very encouraging to hear that for one who is ABOVE the 33, your experiences with the female gender proves you are also 'grounded' in this 'reality', like us all.
    I look forward to your teachings and wisdom.

  2. would you care to share your personal interaction with the magnitude being or do I have to buy your book? ;)

  3. Torz Baron-Copley2 April 2011 at 18:40

    What book... lol... everything here is free. :)

  4. Torz Baron-Copley2 April 2011 at 19:03

    James... has become to me, the father I lost to Cancer, a most trusted friend and a walking, talking, utterly fascinating History Book.

  5. James...what is above the 'Most Puissant Sovereign Commander'...what is the designation?

    What is above you?

  6. I need no title. My purpose is everything of distinction I would ever need. Whoever placed me in this purpose is above me. I am humbled by the design I see manifested throughout all things. JCH

    1. ...and if you ask your friend Shunyam you can now know about YOUR Design ;-)

  7. James do you have an email or a way one can contact you?


  9. Hello James,

    Just heard you tonight on Exopolitics 7/7/11

    Would love to share you with our listeners on 91.5 FM KKUP (San Francisco South Bay area) and broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio simultaneously.

    Our website is:

    Could you please email me at:

    With blessings,

  10. Tazz, my emails to your address in reply to your request are bouncing. JCH

  11. Hi James
    Heard one of your recent interviews. Great listening. I'm trying to reconcile what I've learned from you with my other readings. In that light, have you ever read Stewart Swerdlow? If you read his book Blue Blood, True Blood he gives an overall Galactic history as well as history of the human race. Interestingly if you combine what he's written with what Joseph Farrell has written in Cosmic War and the murder of the planet Mars, the info kind of sync.

  12. hey james! are you okay now? have you got a you tube channel? you should totally make videos and you could be more famous,maybe even have fun y'never imagined! blessings and stay tough,sir!

  13. did you get out of that awful 'prison/hospital'-i hope so!
    please,please,publish some more commentaries-pick any subject,and medium-
    you tube is great-make a channel and watch it grow!

  14. arctourist, James still is in the VA Hospital, not much will change unless he has a lawyer. All interviews here with James are on the Youtube channel OmetaOne.



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