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James Horak speaks to Kevin Smith about the Moon, The 144 Moonshafts and the Drooge

James Horak on The Kevin Smith Show - 14/15. Sept. 2010James Horak called into the Kevin Smith show on the 14th September 2010 and spoke about The Roaming Moon and gave us another thought provoking explanation in the only way he does. He told us about the 144 "Moonshafts" that were placed, by the Drooge, (who were a civilization on Mars nearing Spiritual Attainment) in a grid around the Earth's mantle in order that the Earth would become a suitable habitation for Mankind. When positioned correctly they can be controlled either on Earth or underneath the surface of Mars and can place the moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching the Earth. They were discovered by his Great Uncle Antonin Horak, in the Tatra Mountains during WWII and were consequently moved by the Russians to be put beside another one of it's kind in Lake Vostok Antartica. This is VERY BAD as they are incredible machines that release pressure build up in Volcanoes and reduce Earthquakes around the world by dipping into the Earth's core and adjusting the pressure on the mantle. For your information. I have many hours talking about this subject with James and the dire consequences of placing two of these Moonshafts side by side. Let us hope that the Russians HAVE had help from benevolent ETs in placing them back where they belong.

KS = Kevin Smith
JH = James Horak
JH: I’m calling in about the migration and speeding up of the moon. There are devices gridded on the Earth that if controlled can place the Moon in a position to intercept the asteroid field approaching Earth.
KS: Where are these devices?
JH: They are multi function, they are enormous. They look like spires; they are placed just above the mantle of the Earth. Like a dipstick they relieve pressures that build up and minimise the Vulcanization that creates Volcanoes and Earth Quakes.
KS: Well it would seem that they are not working very well right now.
JH: No they’re not working but they may be being used to position the moon in apprehension that there may be a asteroid field.
KS: Who would be able to use those?
JH: ET would be able to use those. One was found in the Tatra mountains by Antonin Horak who wrote an article about it.
KS: You said these are these devices and they are deep in the earth and that ET can use these. Is there the slightest possibility that anyone on Earth any government on Earth has figured out how to use these?
JH: No… but they have tampered with the configuration. That and uplift from the earth, the one in the Tatra mountains was pushed up by uplift and probably a few more which just don’t function when they are pushed out of place but more than that the one that was in the Tatra mountains that Antonin wrote the article on, it came to notice I think to the Soviet Army and they found it and took it and moved it and put it in a very bad place. I think perhaps because of apprehension that something is approaching this area of the solar system, that ET has made a working relationship to utilize these in a way that can help the planet and that means that the Russians are probably in touch with them and have been advised that they need to move one of these devices away from another one that is in its proximity and that’s very bad. So I think that’s what's going on when I heard that there was an operation going on out of Lake Vladi Vostok, that’s what it’s all about I’m pretty sure. 

KS: Lake Vostok in the Antarctic… do you think they are currently removing one they put there?

JH: Yes, they found one there and they took this one and put it there, which created an incredible magnetic anomaly and it has had ill effects since. Now I believe that ET is helping advise them that it needs to be moved and I think that’s what they’ve done and in process there is an area on earth where these can be controlled from one point. The activity that’s been in that area indicates to me that the ET has advised certain people in the world that these adjustments can help Earth.
KS: We hear about the NWO and their plans to reduce the population but it sounds like ET is helping the Earth, do you think that puts ET at odds with the leaders of this NWO to the point where there could erupt a war between the two?
JH: No. It’s just the banal stupidity to even discuss that possibility it would be like saying a child is playing marbles and there is heavy artillery coming up the hill… Can the child fight it?
KS: Well, I’m not talking about whether they have the ability to successfully prosecute the war I think these leaders of the NOW have enough insanity among them that the possibility of winning wouldn’t…
JH: I have no doubt that they want to portray a hostile alien threat as a substitute for war. To keep their emergency impending so that the rest of the humanity is confused and will buy the sacrifices they have to make and the new yolk that is about to be put on them out of the construance that this is necessary to defend the earth from an off earth enemy and that is BS.
KS: Do you think that at this point the Russians have removed this spire to its new location or do you think that, that’s just something that is underway right now?
JH: I think, I feel that it’s been moved that it’s no longer in proximity to the one that they found there. I think that’s what people are feeling, they are feeling that difference. These have the ability to effect incredible energy, they operate with each other, they are a network, they are impervious to anything coming near them, they can’t be damaged, they can’t be harmed but they can be pushed up by uplift which a few of them have been over hundreds of thousands of years…
KS: Tell us about their origin, who built them and installed them? 
JH: The Drooge. The Drooge were beneath the surface of Mars at the time that mankind came to this system and they were willing to share Mars with mankind and did until mankind screwed things up there the way they have here.
KS: So why did the Drooge install these on the earth if they were living on Mars?
JH: They had reached a point where they were ready to become solely spiritual technology manifestation and as a concern for mankind they enabled them to come to earth but earth was not stable and they had to patch a few things up and place these in a position so that the earth could be protected from the meteor and asteroid storms that were prevelant at the time.
KS: And so after the Drooge installed these, someone has to programme them??
JH: No, the machines on Mars programme them.
KS: Are those machines on mars still running them?
JH: Oh yes, yes they’re still running but like I said there are controls here and the necessity of making some adjustments or re-computation has been made by the Soviet army putting that one in too close a proximity to another one. It messed things up.
KS: So what people are feeling now is sort of release of pressure?
JH: It may not feel that way but it eventually will. But the thing is that they are beautiful designs they are things that have purpose and have a mechanics to them that are wonderful and everyone has a right to know about them and of course the mindless power grabbers want you to think these emergency they create, necessitate us coming under a yolk.
KS: … talks about an old V8 engine and wanting all 8 cylinders to be firing… 6 could still run but 8 would be better. These devices were placed in specific places and have a specific purpose, will it still run without all of them functioning.
JH: Now that the two are not together, yes it would be better if they were placed in the original configuration they were placed in the beginning but Earth changes and upheavals and uplift has caused a few of them to be pushed up and those particular ones are not performing the function but there are 144 of them. I have located a few but if I had the equipment I could locate them all because I understand the grid, the arrangement they are in.
KS: You said their purpose is to protect us, to protect the Earth from a large body of asteroids coming to earth.
JH: They are to minimise vulcanization to calm the planet down and they act like a pressure valve, like a dipstick that dips down into the mantle of the earth to relieve pressure. It is purely mechanical.
KS: The effect of that is to protect us from asteroids you said...
JH: No that’s just one purpose and there are other things that they can do too. They are incredible engines; each one is an incredible engine.
KS: 144, are most of them working?
JH: Yes they have been working for 325,000 years... without a hitch except for the uplift and the two that have been put together…..
KS: You always bring some eyebrow raising information… you’ve done it again! Thank you, have a good evening.

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