Thursday, 23 September 2010

EMVs - Electro Magnetic Vehicles in the Corona of the Sun Pt.1

Click here for Part 2: EMVs in the Corona of the Sun and the Rings of Saturn - James Horak explains Pt.2

Freiheitsberger, areca81, mitchellgibsonmd8000 and others have examined the pictures from the SOHO STEREO EUVI 195 satellites and found huge objects orbiting in the corona of the sun and other details. Zooming in on them you can detect the astonishing shape these objects have and from that I created a visualization of how they may look like.

According to James Horak these are EMVs - Electro Magnetic Vehicles. He reveals that they calm down the suns activity and what their task is in his interviews on the Kevin Smith Show. He says that this is a force that is ensuring that devolution can not occur in the universe.

I have the idea that it is like the director of a stage play where every actor plays its part and he is helping out if an actor forgets his lines or is preserving order if an actor is misbehaving. And it seems like some dudes here are not only getting the directors attention but of the producer too and he might want to fire them.

In 1995 my brother and I composed a song called "Jimis Prophecy". In this song we used the words from an interview with Jimi Hendrix where he revealed what his perception of the future was. In this interview he also talked about the UFO encounters of the 3. kind he had. Jimi was a very advanced Being and knew a great deal of what is going on.

So I connected the dots with all the info I have. You can watch this video several times: 1. for the text 2. for the pictures and 3. for Jimis words. And you can enjoy the music all the time if you like.

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