Thursday, 23 September 2010

An introduction

I've started this blog as a place to collate all the information that I have learnt from James and about James himself. His writings and poetry, his interviews, his history on this planet and conversations between myself and James, that total 1000's of hours.

In February of 2010, James was persuaded to be interviewed by Kevin Smith, a well respected talk show host who has an excellent nightly show with a large number of listeners. Kevin's show and forum can be found here Kevin Smith Show.

The only reason James agreed to come on the show was due to the extraordinary images of the large objects seen within the Sun's corona. The images were published by NASA/ESA and the images were taken from the SOHO STEREO EUVI 195 Ahead and Behind Satellites. At first it seemed that NASA didn't know what they were publishing but after conversing with James he revealed to me that they purposefully released the images in order to see what James knew about them and could consequently reveal to them. The images of the objects can be found here:

When NASA/ESA realised how important the objects in the images were, they altered the pixelation of the images to prevent the true size and enormity of these objects, some as large as the Earth itself, from being revealed. The objects/EMV's have always been there, James informed me that NASA have always known that they were there but didn't publish their information. The questions I wanted answering were: Where did they come from and what are they? What does this signify for Earth and her occupants? How can they be in such close proximity to our Fusion Star and not burn up. The implications of the physics alone is something that I don't think mankind is able to currently comprehend. As such, we SHOULD be researching them and taking time to listen to anyone that has an answer as to their purpose.

Luckily there were many people who copied the images and released them onto the WWW via Youtube. People, like areca81, mitchellgibsonmd8000, Freiheitsberger and many others had already published the fact that NASA was trying to hide something very unusual, never seen before around the sun.

Then NASA went on to publish the images without the heavy editing. They still edit the images with some software that pixelates these objects and you can see this because now the stars in the background are also pixelated too because the software they are using cannot distinguish between stars and these objects.

Cassini Image

Written and posted by Torz Baron Copley

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