Monday, 27 September 2010

Conversations with James Horak on the 144 Moonshafts, The Drooge and Mankind's arrival on Earth from Mars

Conversations with James Horak on the 144 Moonshafts, The Drooge and Mankind's arrival on Earth from Marsby Torz Baron- Copley, September 15, 2010

When the moon was a vehicle to bring mankind to this system 350,000 years ago, a civilization on Mars was nearing a level of attainment leading to spiritual technology. They were responsible for quickly enabling your ancestors to establish themselves on their planet. By placing this moon in orbit around mars, all of the problems were not solved completely to end further complications that became out of control by the time the civilization native to mars neared aspiring to contained energy fields, the advanced manifestation of practicing spiritual technology.
The choice to solving these complications was conceived when earth was found to be a better candidate for this moon's presence, even that a self-reciprocation could be found in the earth becoming a more suitable planet for life, by virtue of the presence of this new addition. The more advanced civilization, let's call them the Drooge, placed a grid of 144 engines upon earth at this time to help stabilize and correct problems anticipated by the former experience with mars. After the actual placement was made, the Drooge departed, becoming inhabitants of stars, some, our sun. Disassociated from lesser civilizations just as darkness loses to light.
This was about 300,000 years ago.
The problem became paramount when it was discovered the proper components to earth's atmosphere were being lost, one most crucial, helium. The change in earth's gravity wave needed rectification. Minds became split when this was not accomplished. The story of the Tower of Babel is a watered down myth based on this lost history, though surprising it could endure so long at all.

By the time rectification could be achieved an elite had found far too many advantages to persisting the sad state of affairs the split minded allowed them to opportunize. Eventually this led to planet-wide destruction and to produce a planet upon which no one would wish to live and all prayed to depart. The wish was granted.

Then five more times. The last two in parallel of each other. (The universe hates redundance, let us say...) I've spared you details that would actually add little to the clarity of the mechanisms you seem interested in probing. Only you can fathom if this is indeed adequate to that end and only then if you see this explanation satisfying what facts you have of the astrophysics of your solar system and view my information in the context of probability.

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