Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ET versus EBE - a Clarification by James Horak

ET versus EBE

Someone very dear to me has asked for a clear discrimination between ET and EBE, something I've addressed before many times online in various forums and in discussions elsewhere. That this problem has been poorly addressed by others and led to a great deal of confusion begs the task.

The chronology of mankind's presence on earth has a broken connection with a separate evolutionary counterpart installed (or seeded) much earlier than that of the present lineage known as homosapien. Ideally that evolutionary adjunct would not have occurred and a more environmentally robust individual would have developed in time. But forebearers from other worlds found need for a new home and was pressed so hard for time, that little choice was given but to come to this system. At that time Mars was the planet of choice and their vehicle, our present moon, served to better help install more favorable conditions for their survival.

Deep beneath the surface, an old race of people persisted so advanced that they approached a level of attainment even most all communities of ET can express only in legend, that of spiritual technology. Only through their concern and application of customizing solutions to the problems inherent to this exodus was it remotely possible to make the necessary alterations.

In time, however, those people transported to this new home, intent on an energy economy and a poorly based power structure, began to digress their resources and habitat Mars at an alarming rate. To offset the result, poorly prepared attempts were made to cycle geophysical energy from a mantle of the planet too early in its state of development (by a new and dynamic moon) to sustain such exploitation. The planet soon lost its ability to provide the habitat needed.

It is at the time, some 300,000 years ago, the Martian Exodus to Earth was begun. The early inhabitants of Mars, let us call them the Drooge, helped prepare the way and establish, with a grid of enormous engines, a more likely success to the venture. Shortly the Drooge would leave entirely the system to become an ultimate expression of attainment as an incorporation of spiritual technology. Their directions that were left the now earth-based humanity could easily have completed the transition fully had the intentions of the select few allowed them followed.

Instead of implementing such wisdom, what became the elite (and an unfortunate model of behavior through all the following eras,) kept in place a sad state of affairs that yielded to their control a people more easily enslaved by being kept in a servile mindset. The existence of a constantly fluctuating gravity/magnetic field on the moon and its resultant effects on earth's own gravity wave signature, lost one important ingredient to an otherwise ideally mixed respirant by earth losing its own ability to hold helium to itself. The aftermath led to a false model of dichotomy, rulers versus the ruled, and a subsequent loss in those ruled having the same power of expectation. With other modifications secretly made, those ruled lessened to a state of divided consciousness. Along with programs installed to sublimate the attendant ambivalence bred and to promote it as ideal, people were brought to think of this as a natural state. While only in the last fifty years has this been challenged to any extent

Page II, ET versus EBE

Into this varied mix, come an interloper, themselves fresh from, in a manner of speaking, being left adrift upon the aether of the Universe, EBEs, Extra-Biological-Entities. Made exclusively for deep space travel by an highly advanced race, too sympathetic to their own to send sentient mind into the fathomless void where they would be lost to loved ones and home, these creatures are designed to have no ability to pass on technology, to reproduce as a species, or to have any such nature lending to aggression or schemes for conquest.

But then this civilization, let us call them the Abroyt, progress themselves to this higher state, to spiritual technology, as will and have the Drooge. The EBEs receive no returns to their signals from deep space, no reaffirmation of mission intent, nothing responding upon which to act. Eons pass without any such contact until some fluke causes scanning for other signals to begin. And then the corruption begins. Aberrancy begins and their meddling action among ET communities is noticed and the drive to rid the galaxy of these problematic interlopers becomes a priority.

Driven further and further away from conclaves of systems organized around such community, the EBEs find our system and an immediate lacking among the planet's people to discharge them. They also find this flaw in earth-based human mind and in its corrupted leadership, all-in-all, an easily enough circumstance to exploit to their own ends and a hope to burrow deep within social, political and military establishments by offering a carrot in shared technology they never intend to fully provide. When the esteemed Henry McElroy disclosed his reading of a classified memo on the Eisenhower meeting with ET, the discussion was about their own singular concern to rid earth of EBEs. The military's concern to maintain a hope of acquiring EBE technology (ET would not offer) was poorly advised.

When the lovely Niara Isley spoke about her flight to an off-earth base from near her duty station as a radar operation at Groom Lake, she spoke of observing the pilot of the craft as an EBE, though told this was a Reptillian or “Grey”. Obviously just one example of how what we have of EBE technology is not furthered far into our own technology or even navigable by our own hand.

Stressing here, I am making the point that EBEs are solely pilots and information gatherers, not even imaginative technicians, and far from being scientists. Even if they wanted, they can impart no significant advance to others. We merely are better advised of possibility... and not anymore than we would be by honest reflection on what we see sometimes flying around in our skies. In no way sentient, EBEs are sewn-together extrabiological machines all merely linked to a common computer who have somehow been opportunized themselves into serving various black ops programs. All for a deep dug escape from ET.

While ET is you, people of earth, if you succeed beyond your elitist confines, and grow to anywhere near your potential.


September 27 2010


  1. Please estimate how many EBs are present within the scope of this solar system, specifically Earth. Do EBs reproduce or build additional EB copies of themselves? Is earth bound human technology sufficient to eliminate EBs from this solar system or should we expect ET to deal with them? If ET will deal with them, why are they having difficulty doing so, especially with their advanced level of technology?

  2. All very good questions. EBEs are not even clones, they are non-genetic, general tissue
    "organized" builds with computer terminals.
    Not sentient. Today, the secret technology or
    "second technology" may be making them. The question is, who is running their computer central?
    Indeed ET would get rid of them quickly were they not shielded in deep underground bases by
    the military. ET will not move against the people of this earth, but will bring down any
    EBE craft trying to escape this system that has no humans aboard.
    ETs have offered to rid the planet of them, just as former legislator McElroy has stated, but because ET will not offer technology in the bargain, government and military still falls in line with "doing business" with them, even at the cost of sacrificing people to their experiments, even their energy source.

  3. James, very interesting information. From your description it seems the EMVs are very active, task driven and extremely advanced, even by Et standards. Could you explain why EMVs cannot or will not eradicate the EBs, since they're such a problem for al sentient beings in the universe?

  4. It is with difficulty that I attempt to portray the consciousness of EMVs. Their sentience is like no other. Memory serves them differently and in them emotion is played like polarity with no betrayal to anger, no parameter tied to censorship. Appeals, yearnings, like the collective of all the souls they contain, come through the mind and THEN take on meaning. JCH


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