Tuesday, 12 April 2011

James Horak & Angeltorz - Insights from an Outsider - 8 - March 31.2011

James Horak and Angeltorz in an online conversation.

Topics discussed are always varied with James. All very important and relevant to what is happening globally around us now...

I rarely conduct a formal type interview with James as that is not how we work. We are good friends, topics vary from moment to moment and the conversation flows as it does with two people who know each other very well.

At the beginning of this conversation my 15 yr old lad, Cameron was sat listening to James and I talk as all of my children do if the subject is suitable. As I have stated before, James has become a member of my extended family, giving advice and information they just wouldn't hear elsewhere.


  1. Well I'm extremely surprised to find this interview and hear it for the first time tonight. I had no knowledge of this.

  2. This is an extremly good interview. The NWO will

    just roll along until we start to take out the

    leaders, of course. I wonder why the veterans

    dont react. They have the skill and they have

    really been betrayed.


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