Monday, 25 April 2011

Andy Radford interviews James Horak on The Edge UK Studio, Talk Show

James Horak was born October 14th 1943 New Mexico. James reveals to us the objects in the Corona of the Sun photographed by NASA/ESA. James describes the EMVs (Electro Magnetic Vehicles) and explains Humanities Call on this Planet Now. Currently living in Fort Worth, Texas he was retired with full honours from the US Navy due to "unusual" circumstances arising from incidents with UFO's at Sassebo Harbour 1962. James is a contributor to various online forums offering explanations for anomaly and gives solutions for solving our current crisis here on Earth.The wealth and depth of information he freely shares can only be equated to a walking/talking history book.

Join me and Co Host, Torz Baron Copley, as we discuss EMVs and what drives them, UFOs, alien races, the state of our planet, New World Order. Is there a breathable atmosphere on Mars, did humans live there in our distant past? How much information has be hidden from us concerning our solar system and wider universe. Regardless of your thoughts and ideas about these subjects, I'm sure you'll enjoy this engrossing discussion.

EBN Reports is the show where Edge Reporters, listeners and viewers submit their opinions and articles. Broadcasted from the Edge's UK Studio and hosted by Andy Radford, this show starts at 6:00 PM EST (11:00 PM UK), every Sunday. Subjects include: environment, civil rights, human interest stories, spiritual matters, unexplained, pollution and health, music, poetry, politics and the corporate con.

Link to the Edge Television UK Studio:

Andy Radford has passed and the world is less richer. A marvelous host and always offering interesting commentary and a wealth of knowledge, his voice reflected both the quality of his character and intellect. The kindness in the way this man presented himself to others was wonderful.

James Horak

November 22, 2011


  1. Thank you for posting the interview. Not terribly impressed with the questions posed to James.

    So, I hope you will answer a few questions I wrote down while listening.

    1. What remarkable capabilities do we have that ET find interesting?
    2. I have very little capability to create global change, but it seems I will pay the price for the scumbag oligarchy. What is the price? Do I lose my memory? How can I separate from this disaster?
    3. Have our souls lived many lives here on Earth? If so, why can't I remember?
    4. Why am I intuitively aware that the universe is full of life, magic and opportunity, but completely unable to participate, understand or even truly know? I feel like a prisoner who can't even find the bars of the cage.
    5. I yearn deeply for unified consciousness and change. But I am painfully aware of my limited intelligence and ability. Is my capability limited biologically (as in DNA or something else?) because I have been tampered with? If yes, can I do anything to fix it?
    6. Is the Law of One material true?
    7. What is our true nature? In other words, are we "beings of light"? Souls from other planets come here to help? Prisoners?

  2. Well, we must give Andy time now, that he is familiar with me, to ask deeper questions such as yours. After all, he has an audience to consider and might have wanted to allow them more entrance into the discussion.
    Many ETs are interested in how this permutation of split consciousness might ultimately have helped to create an even more robust species (definitely, it is observed to have developed one more creative and many aspect.)
    Whatever comes to happen, knowledge increases options for survival and change. Share your richness of thought with others and don't be afraid to approach friends and neighbors with your thoughts and concerns. Wrap them with your concern.
    There are souls that have returned, from other places and those that are new. Everyone begins anew when they begin mortal cycle. It is as they develop and have experience that they can touch on a richness inside that strikes more easily with clarity others have not yet earned.
    You may have not come to terms with a resignation freeing you to accept conditions and still long for return before your mortal cycle is over.
    Extraneous environmental conditions make it virtually impossible to unify consciousness but with diligence you might even grow to possess more. Learn the principles that set apart split from unified consciousness and work to practice them in your life. Adepts have done so in the past and so might you.
    In what aspect do you refer to, The Law of One?
    The true nature of all sentient life is to grow with a power of expectation exceeding from one moment to the next, possibility. Don't betray to dichotomy by passing off models as this or that. You betray the complexities in-between.
    Your own kind betray you to confinement and quarantine from the rest of the Universe. You are intended as a child of the Universe and it's up to each to grow into that expectation. JCH

  3. To "Anonymous", The whole point of my interviews is to make space for the deeper questions that arise depending on the individual. Sorry if you felt that the questions were not to your liking, but the show did inspire you to ask them here. I can't please everyone all the time - LOL - life would be boring if I did. - Andy Radford

  4. Andy, you are a most gracious and probing host and made the interview very enjoyable. I sincerely meant, "any time" to your question, "would I return". Torz and I were both delighted with the outcome. JCH

  5. Thank you for the answers. I hope you will help me develop a few of them.

    The Law of one is:

    If you're not already familiar it isn't important.

    If I had the ability to make a very small, free, completely simple energy device and I could give it to hundreds of people who could give it to hundreds more, and so on. Billions would have it within days. Tptb could not stop it and their death grip on the throat of humanity would break instantly because the majority would realize they don't need money or power from the grid. The majority would quickly become sovereign. We could completely ignore tptb and start learning how to be nice for a change. That's how an ET could help the savages because we cannot break the grip on our throats without some help.

    An undeniable, practical and reproducible event would stimulate a rapid rise in consciousness.

    Every person I know wants to change but they are very confused, severely oppressed and unfairly hopeless. If people knew, for example, there were benevolent ETs who thought of us as savages I think we would be motivated to change their opinion of us. People have to learn about this in a very clear, undeniable way.

    If souls also come from other places why are they/we connected to the fate of humans? In other words, wouldn't some of us be from those ET races? Why don't those ETs want to help their own kind trapped here on this hell planet?

    What if I don't want to go into one of these EMVs? For once I'd like to be able to make my own choices here on Earth and elsewhere!

    Thank you very much for having this conversation...

  6. Just in the scope of what is presented on this blog you will find all the answers to the questions you pose here. Most today have lost the ability to give close readings. This has been made evident to me all of the 13-14 years I've been online. Be diligent and you will discover answers to questions you've yet thought to ask, right here on this blog. JCH

  7. @ Anonymous

    Coming to Earth is about traveling away from our home to a foreign land. Some things seem familiar but most are strange until we get used to them, especially conditions which are unforgiving. Our real home is a place of Absolute Peace, Total Acceptance and Complete love. As souls separated from our home we can no longer assume these beautiful features will be present around us. On Earth we must learn to cope with intolerance, anger and sadness while searching for Joy and love. We must not lose our integrity along the way, sacrificing goodness for survival and aquiring attitudes either superior or inferior to those around us. We know that living in an imperfect world will help us to appreciate the true meaning of perfection. We ask for courage and humility before our journey into another life. As we grow in awareness so will the quality of our existence. This is how we are tested. Passing the test is our destiny.

  8. The spirit world is our true home.

  9. Thank you, Marduk, James and everyone....

  10. Dear James Horak,

    This might be irrelevant above topic. I don't know how to contact you by e-mail so I just write here.

    Have you come up with the Wingmakers material?

    This material is mixed responses on the net since the original website launched in 1998.
    There exists three parties surrounding this material.
    First party the original Wingmakers material is authentic and you can find the archive site of the original site.
    Second party is the current Wingmakers material on by James. He appeared out of nowhere when this site updated in 2000. Since then, he has been the master mind.
    Third one is skeptics and debunkers that the Wingmakers material is complete fabrication.

    To prevent the extinction the future humans - the Wingmakers - began to manipulate the timeline of humanity which means they travelled back to the past, installed time capsules on different sites on Earth, used it as trigger mechanism for adjustment of timeline so that they will avoid extinction.

    Al Bielek talked about the Wingmakers on his interview about supposedly time travel to year 2749.

    There is debunk site against also.

    What made me uneasy is based on this materials, human species on Earth will be gone around year 3,000 by an super advanced alien species called the Animus - synthetic life form that doesn't have soul.

    Future human society on Earth at least would still controlled by small group of people, according to Al Bielek human population came down to 300 millions by 22nd century.

    All the sources I've read humanity will survive and join the universal civilization if we will manage this period of time. Of course, I don't believe in ascension stuff.

    Well, the human race in the Wingmakers only have 1,000 years from now. The future is always uncertain but future humans are not in good situation.

    What I dislike mostly is human society will be controlled by handful of people under secrecy again, which has been the crash course of modern civilization.

    The future humans will likely have advanced science and technologies but concentration of power and secrecy always fails when it comes to fighting against survival.

    I appreciate for your sharing knowledge and insight.


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