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Examine better the Anomaly of Earth to Learn of what's Elsewhere

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Posted: 15:55 September 18, 2007

The documented anomaly sites upon this planet are prodigious. They consist of everything from an immense museum of relics from the past, present and future found in strata thousands of years old, to a network of passages and rooms carved out of the stone of the Grand Canyon with all sorts of inexplicable relics and battery salts that defy analysis.

The foremost questions of our time are ignored in order to avoid just how much and how far the mere presence of these anomalies question favored theories. Our proximity to a fusion star, the sun, and to the more graphic awareness of what its coronal mass ejections might do to earth challenges, nay rebukes, the much lesser concerns over meteor hits.

But just what might portend in the odd relationship between "objects" noticed within the sun's corona and how they seem to interact with solar flaring...

Is this the answer? Are we protected from coronal mass ejections by some form of Solar Energy farming?

Let's look even closer. Let's look at the human mind itself.

Just as Tesla knew even today's theories of electron flow were fiction and that electricity could be broadcasted in a way that defied it. So too, evidence exists that the mind can exist extraneous to the brain.

The evidence was obtained in an interesting way …not that anyone involved knew it, even could know it, unless they could disconnect from their mindsets long enough to deduce it.

It was either the Discovery Channel or PBS that cablecast a documentary about 7 years ago that had begun out of a quirk that happened while a UN promo video was being filmed.

A team had been dispatched to a tribal region of mid-North Africa to help in a crisis brought about by famine and disease. At one point, when the officer-in-charge, a colonel, had leaned over to examine something, the wind blew off his beret. His skull, as it was revealed, had sunken in creating a depression that left very little room for any brain above the stem. Yet here he was performing in the capacity of a man competent to all his tasks...and those demanding of the rank of a UN colonel. Not only that, but he was a North African native and obviously possessed of a gifted ability to handle many dialects.

A while later an anthropologist happened to see the film and the lack of any skullcap implant made him suspicious of the surgical methodology involved. He speculated on the prospect of this being a long sought example of trepanning, stone age brain surgery, surviving into the present. Upon learning more about the UN officer, he was approached and the officer confirmed his cranial operations were indeed performed by a shaman who served his tribe and a few others in his home region. The excitement was immediate. Soon after, a team was forming to visit this "witch doctor" to learn more of the very first evidence to emerge in centuries that trepanning had survived into the present era.

The team consisted of anthropologists, two brain surgeons, reporters and camera crew, about 15 people in all. And all of them excited no end to make the trek; all eager to be a part in something until now only studied from the remains of a mankind removed in time so distant in the past, they left no written record. At no time was it ever broached that the subject of all this interest, the UN officer himself, was an even bigger astounding one. Performing so adequately with virtually no cerebellum, no part of the brain left was associated with thought and memory!
No one thought to venture the slightest inquiry as to, how this could be?

But then, this proved to be only part of the quandary.

The Highland cultures of the African Bush retain little of the aboriginal traditions in anything like a traditionally true form today. Only the most remote, those whose distance from hospitals, from modern facilities of most any kind, force them to resort to measures so far removed from what the modern world has brought.

The African aborigine, like the Australian, has been taught how to memorize his entire lineage, tribal history and, apparently, medical techniques that not only can compete with those today but, as we shall see, can surpass them in ways unthinkable to the medicine of today.

As the group approaches the village where the shaman lives, various women began gathering. Their attitude and postures seemed to suggest pensive anticipation. Arms crossed, one in front, the shaman begins to approach one of the camera crew and wags a finger in his face. Translated by a guide her words reveal the source of her concern:

"You're not taking our healer…You're not to disturb him. My husband wouldn't work, beat me and the kids and drank himself into a stupor every day. Now he's a genius. He learned nine languages, took a bunch of tests and was commissioned in the United Nations. Just go home and leave him alone!"

Several of the other ladies approach, expressing similar claims. One shows her scalp.

"I fell and couldn't stop shaking. Now I'm fine and even remember things better. He's a good man. Leave him alone!"

After prolonged reassurances, the ladies relent and show the team to a large hut wherein is seated the highly regarded Stone Age practitioner. He chuckles about what everyone had to go through outside.

Amid the explanations it is learned that the local tribes still practice a form of ceremonial Warfare in which head wounds are common. In that remote region, even falls can be threatening since the region is too far from any medical help to be reached.

One of the brain surgeons asks, "How many operations have you performed?"

Without hesitation, the shaman assured of his exactness, replies: "2,138."

The brain surgeon says: "How many have died without recovery (mortality rate?)"

Shaman: "None, why would I lose anyone?"

Two questions arise here that, unsurprisingly, were never asked:

How can a man with no thinking part of his brain left not only survive but become a genius in the aftermath as well as other men, becoming better adjusted, better fathers, better husbands, better contributors to the community?

The other obvious question is:

How can complications otherwise incurred, not exist at all...especially removed from surgical techniques whose science is based on dealing with complications?

I have my own theories on that but let's stick to the issues at hand.

These questions are not asked. Why?
You know why…

Those that might ask them know they're not ready for the answers. They're already shaken by a few honest replies from the shaman.
Their minds are turned off out of an acquired incredulity they are taught is desirable. Just like to have a divided mind, one with a conscious mind constantly at war with its subconscious.

The fear that we will be caught dissembling is why we labor so hard and spend so many hours of each day suppressing the subconscious into not giving us away. And it will. Ever hear of Reverse Speech?

Our shaman does not teach his patients fear. Building in them a power of expectation, tens of thousands of years old (perhaps hundreds of thousands), they don't build any negative model of their outcome. So they don't have any.

The shaman goes the other way.

And, when the mind can, due to the severity involved, dislodge acquired "junk"… Just like a computer that has a file registry restored, it might rebuild better, perhaps, even astoundingly so.
As did our UN officer.

Do you think the brain surgeons learned anything?
If so, it was probably nothing more than they permitted.

In time, back at their O.R.s, it will become passed off as "undocumented," "unproven," "exaggerated," "misidentified," like another UFO whose clearly anomalous operation once noted will come to fade into oblivion when debunked as "perceptive delusion," something perhaps for which Homeland Security will one day have a treatment.

In mind-control it's called centering and humans do it all the time.
Like dreaming, it allows you to start each day if nothing significant happened the day before that might lead to starting out this day with undue distress.

Article originally published here:

A word about trepanning from James:

I want everyone to understand that trepanning, although societies exist that encourage otherwise, is for NEEDED surgery where injury and bone fragments needing to be removed are involved. The issue is how, when modern practitioners are operating, the worst outcome is what the patient is prepared for while in the stone age version among shamen, the best is...lending one's own power of expectation a role in recovery. JCH


  1. James, I've only recently stumbled across your messages and this blog, however I have been nothing but astounded and intrigued by everything you've said. I've always poked around researching ET life (which is inevitable, I've always thought that) and our universe, but nothing I've come across has ever struck me as being REAL. It's always had this element of unbelievability to it. But everything you've said so far, which should have made me turn away and scoff long ago, has made an inexplicable SENSE. It's odd. Also, there's really no disproving anything you've mentioned either. EMV's have proven far too consistent in photography to be written off as artifacting or some other excuse, and are remarkable things, I wish there was more to see of them. Another thing I've noticed is that many things you mention in passing, when looked into further, are deeply fascinating and lead to other mysteries and wonders. Like the brief mention of the crypts in the grand canyon, when I googled it, I discovered what's known as the code of the ancients, which shows that all major buildings and formations are placed with astounding mathematical precision relative to each other, and even to cosmic bodies! It's crazy. I'm disheartened to see how little there is on these astounding phenomenon; moonshafts as well. I saw an article saying they found the cave your great uncle(?) discovered one, but no news has come since then. I dunno, it's been very eye opening seeing all of this, if you've got some time shoot me an email,, i've got loads of questions haha.

  2. Max, it is for those like you that I came forward after so many years of relative silence. Hoping to strike clarity with people who had acquired their own frame of reference and had not given up, I finally had the images offering the evidence I needed with which to lay out a true cosmology of your solar system so that more lucid foundations could be laid to approach other impacting phenomena science here won't address. At this time these understandings are becoming more and more pivotal to man's survival on earth as an eons long pattern again begins to lead to extinction.
    At the beginning of a new cycle there is order, but as mysticism overtakes codes of decency, a useful device for despots to grab and sublimate themselves above others, a madness proceeds as the instruments of social engineering decline more and more to oppressive measure. War becomes the single most sought out device to secure the status quo and to protect privilege. Until all other concerns are neglected and ignored. And technology becomes its own nightmare. On historical scale time is short anywhere passed this point. It is my hope that this last time for mankind on this planet, the otherwise inevitable outcome can be averted and that what I see in man here, unique in itself, can be offered to a Universe that searches for just such promising variation.
    To that effect you have friends from outside watching now, some even have bought you more time.
    If you will, let's have our discussions on the forum Shuny has made for us here so that others can benefit from what I can see will be your intelligent inquiry. JCH

  3. orrighty, where are the forums?

  4. Scroll right up to the top of this page and look to the menu on the right. JCH


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