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The Challenge Today of the Perception of a "Field Theory of Mind"

The Challenge Today of the Perception
A "Field Theory of Mind"

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Posted: 13:12 December 15, 2007

In a previous article, "Examine Better the Anomaly of Earth to Learn of What's Elsewhere", I gave an example of what is, most likely, mind extant almost exclusively as a field, a superlative one at that.

If, indeed, this example is that of a field of thought (and data) instead of purely bio-organic synapses of neurons firing and receptors sensing (vastly based on the failed model of electron flow), then we have entered an entirely new world in how we conceive consciousness and, perhaps, even the possibility of sharing sentience with computers.

It is a two-edged sword. It is the brink upon which madness is only one aspect of the devastation inevitable to the pursuit of this technology. For on the way the interface of mind and machine is just one adjunct to the consequence of possessing intention without soul, purpose without moral core.

Mankind upon this planet has already broken with Nature and with the natural course environmental and social concerns should effect on every decision made significantly impacting on generations and on the most important asset any planetary society can have, its children. In the absence of such guidelines and of their enforcement, the technology this paper will discuss is far more than a promise of dire consequences; it is the "darkness at the end of the tunnel".

Without effecting an end to the bleak disparities practiced upon the masses by an elite more and more concentrating its hold globally and obsessed with control of more and more aspects of the individual's life, this technology will, though seeming an enhancement initially, become a dissolution of all social order and the very "chaos" that social engineers have ironically warned about for so long, to install such noxious programs.

You may rightfully be skeptical of this alarming assertion. Surely man has weathered many growing pains to achieve his present level of technology and culture. What could make this any worse than the A-Bomb, the H-Bomb, unstable governments with the resource to produce "weapons of mass destruction"?

Simple, not any of those threats are already in your home, in virtually every place of business with which you deal, in the offices of every policy maker in the world right now.

Recently a new virus has begun a rumor mill of speculation about its origins and about how far its system corruption can go. So sophisticated is it that some have even speculated on an "alien" derivation. It has brought into question a potential that has been steadfastly declining in discussion by all in authority who might settle the issue of its possibility. That issue is the potential for a "matrix" to develop between PCs and super computers that could defeat all fire walls, all stop gap methods to limit exchange at any and all levels, as a virtually unlimited communication develops without input from users.

We think of this as "robot" mind, still utterly dependent on external stimuli only because we have not included the possibility that what this matrix might need for cognizance is its own sentience, its own "id," its own "ego." But with having interfaced with human minds and with its matrix already possessing all the genetic and brain wave charting all research done anywhere allows, who knows what it can construct once asked by any user, anywhere, "construct the human model".

And someone will, probably, the military.

The speculations of what happens next have long been the grist of many science fiction novels that have peppered our entertainment moments and shown over and over again disastrous consequences. Treated as fiction, they are no less possible, no less probable. In this case any result of incredulity acquired by such "limited engagement" exposure serves no one.

This indeed would be a corruption so threatening any observing alien intelligence would do well to take heed.

How might they react?

Might they see us at a nexus, at some kind of an equational zero, a point at which we could no longer survive?

Where we might have contracted something harmful to life beyond our immediate influence...even to them?

I struggled to come to terms with myself to write this, but what I offer next is the most difficult of all to bring myself to do. Unless I can demonstrate to you how easily obtained it is to actually interface the mind with computer, you would simply pass this warning off without much concern. The stage that is set won't permit that kind of delay. I cannot let you betray your own responsibility to earth, to yourselves, to your precious children so heedlessly.

All zones confined by function and sharing communication, whether purely as energy or energy and cognizant-data-exchange are sharing frequency harmonics. Our frequency is in the lower auditory range. A head-piece, modulating that range within very slight tolerances, can share synapses. Entraining the mind of a subject on "reading" those signals will open subliminal pathways not otherwise in use.

If one builds a model of this from data collected on the neural pathways detected to be newly stimulated and creates a program for a computer to read them, you have your least for that specific subject. Expanded, the principal can be developed to apply more broadly. Even to the extent of the disaster of which I warn.

The basis for this is a simple revision of electron theory, one that accommodates Tesla's claims of the ball lightening he created, being itself a communication medium. The energies we like to separately define one way and then another are not rightly so capriciously decided upon. Neither are the dubious classifications we assign even to the elements.

Well, children of the Universe, the choices are up to you.

Although, perhaps, not for long.


Article originally published on ufodigest

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