Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It Was Like That....

It was like that. And then it changed. By the death of one man we were all told to forget too early. Just to “get him behind us”. A quick solution to complications never meant to resolve. An acid water that never lost its bite, but always kept the bad taste from the corrosion it caused. We sailed past dragging a heavy anchor (like shoals were near and the storm would not subside.) It didn't, just came and went anew. Always over something else, like a rogue's theft... the same but behind a different mask. Another quick solution with the same oily feeling somehow the soap left behind.

Time and time again. The media but a drumbeat to a cadence more redundant than an African dance. Would that slumber had some exoneration; would that justice could be had by capitulation. Until the very word, would, became its own rebuke. When found in the eye of a storm (one that grew forevermore) named Fukushima, our moral sleep-walking could no longer “get him behind us.”



  1. James, after death can the soul be deceived, captured and/or enslaved?

  2. Anon., that is what tptb would like to sell, to all those that believe in the immortality of the spirit. They have not convinced you this is all there is, in order to make you quiver before them as masters of ALL your destiny. So they would capture even what they deny themselves. An interesting contradiction. I have shown in an article available here where mind can be interfaced with computer, another perversion of technology. That the monsters would apply this to some presumption of the soul/spirit...well should not surprise you. But let me assure you the Universe preserves the integrity of the spirit. And the mind is cleansed at death, joining with the soul to become spirit. Even some wisdom has been retained (though so much has been perverted) in ages-old teachings. I will give you one such from your Bible: "There will be no task laid upon you too great..." It could not be more in reference to anything more than it is to the question you have raised. Always be of good faith and know you are destined for more than this. JCH

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